Shy love

Hi I'm Dylan. I'm not te most confident person. I never really talk. My parents are strict on studdies. Tey want me to be a lawyer. But I just want to dance. I love to do ballet. It's my life. I get accepted into an arts school but I know my parents won't let me go. I have to take the biggest risk of my life and tell them I'm going to study law. Theres one problem... It's in London. Who knows what my dad will do to me if he finds out.


3. Face my fears

please?' he asks again. I didn't answer. 'I'm sorry I...I can't... I can't not in front  of people' I back out and run back to the room. 'wait! Dylan!' he takes my hand. 'I'm sorry Louis I cant do it. There will be so many people and I am so shy.' I try to turn back around but his grip tightens. I start crying in fear. I drop to the ground and bury my head in my hands. I remember back home. I don't want to go back. My phone rings. My ringtone is stronger by Kelly Clarkson. I look at the ID still crying. I freeze looking at the screen. 'Dylan is everything ok?' he asks. I drop my phone and get up and run away. 'Dylan!' it's mr mason. 'my arm... He hurt... I need to...' I start sobbing. 'Dylan? It's ok... You can dance with them... Your fantastic' he sys. 'no... I can't... People will look at me. What if I mess up?' Jacob comes running to me and hugs me. 'dee Louis looking for u' he says. Mr mason  whispers something to Jacob and he runs off.

A few minutes later mr mason leaves and I go up to the room. Jacob walks in and Louis soon after. 'I'm sorry Louis... I just felt...' he cuts me off. 'no hey... I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to lay it on you like that. You don't have to dance if you don't want to.' 'no I will' I say. His face is surprised. 'u sure?' I nod. He sits next to me. 'so why are you here?' e asks. I shake my head. 'you can tell me' a few minutes later I say 'my dad abuses me. He doesn't want me to dance. You better get ready for tonight.' I change the subject.'yeah I'll see you later. Can you come backstage?' 
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