Shy love

Hi I'm Dylan. I'm not te most confident person. I never really talk. My parents are strict on studdies. Tey want me to be a lawyer. But I just want to dance. I love to do ballet. It's my life. I get accepted into an arts school but I know my parents won't let me go. I have to take the biggest risk of my life and tell them I'm going to study law. Theres one problem... It's in London. Who knows what my dad will do to me if he finds out.


5. *1 month later*

today jacob and i are moving into our new apartment. my dad hasnt come looking for me...yet. well he hasnt found me. the apartment is a couple of blocks away from louis and the boys. i pick up jacob and our two bags. i bought a car recently. its a shit one. but it is good enough to get us some places. my phone buzzes.

from boobear: hi love, the boys and i are at the apartment and it looks real cool. see you soon. love you xx

i dont know why louis put his number in my phone as boobear. i gotta change it to louis. jacob really likes the boys. i think he likes having five brothers. having to look after a baby id hard. but he is almost one now so it is getting easier.

to boobear: love you too babe, jacob and i will be there is a few minutes xx

from boobear: great but i love you more xx

to boobear: but i love you

from boobear: no i love you way more <3 xx

to boobear: i could go all day lou

from boobear: get your ass here now and we'll see ;)

i roll my eyes and start driving to the apartment.

*a/n sorry this is really boring i need ideas for this fanfic... im lost... help me?*

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