My Dreamt Reality

No inspirational source for this one- just pure on-the-spot poetry but with very real emotion.
Hope you enjoy =)


1. My Dreamt Reality

An electricity passes between us as our eyes meet; his a light shade of blue far superior to the colour of ocean water and mine a dark hazel that almost makes my irises look black in the morning light.

The bed upon which we lay was not made for two but we make do seeing as we’re only small in size; we don’t mind the closeness of each other,

In fact we cherish it as most couples do.

To feel another so close to you is to feel secure, to feel comfortable, and to feel loved.

I am not used to waking up to another person in the same bed and so my body instinctively flinches in surprise, and I have to remind myself who this person is…my lover.

He laughs at my surprise- a full and genuine sound and contagious to nearly all others around him.

His fingers brush against my cheek and that smile fades into a look reminiscent of admiration,

Gently gripping his hand, I return the look and for that moment nothing else exists; just the two of us lying in a bed too small for the both of us.

He sits up against the bedstead and moves my head onto his chest.

The natural rhythm of his breath almost sending me off to sleep again, regardless of the morning sun seeping through the gaps in the curtains.

A shift in his body grabs my attention and I feel his lips press against my head; smiling with joy I raise my head to look up at him and see him grinning like a Cheshire cat.

Pushing myself up on bent elbows, I return his kiss…

And my eyes open back in my own bed,

Too small for two- only one occupying it.

Weary hazel eyes search the space for him; that face that has become so familiar to me and those eyes that comfort me…

But nowhere to be seen.

I catch a glimpse of him in the corner of my eye; turning frantically to see him, I realise the image is the fading of a dream.

A dream that I wish was reality but my mind conjures up this man without a name and tricks me into another life- a life of love, security and comfort.

Often I find myself telling myself that this is the dream and he is what’s real; kicking myself in futile attempts to awaken into the morning…

In my bed too small for two…

But we make do…

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