The Telegram

On a rainy night in 1944, twenty-one year old Mari Lawrence receives the news that everyone dreads - their loved one has been killed in action. For Mari, it is her husband. After enduring shock and grief, Mari recalls the good times that they shared. And is grateful for the legacy that her husband left behind.

(For the legacy competition - exactly 1500 words)


3. The Legacy


I had no idea how he died or if I would ever see his body but then again, did I really want to? He was a royal air force pilot so he was probably gunned down. Where the remains of his body were was anyone's guess. It took me a while before I could think of my beautiful, brave Eric without choking on a sob. I still haven't completely gotten over his death, but there is one thing that reassures me: he died doing something that he loved.

A tiny, broken sound escaped from two small lungs. I slid out of bed and bent over the cradle in the corner of the bedroom. I gathered the tiny body into my arms and tickled James's small feet. Instantly, he stopped crying and began to laugh, which was such a beautiful sound.

“Somewhere, your daddy is watching us,” I smiled. “He is happy too.”

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