Alpha and Omega

Omega's mother died when she was five years old, leaving her daughter to be put in an adoption home. Now Omega has returned to her birth town to finish high school, little does she know her destiny is waiting for her there, and that it just might kill her.


6. Over thinking

Alpha's P.O.V

Omega paced up and down my father's study, she hadn't stopped for the past hour and I knew she was thinking about what Lucas had said. I was worried she would get ill if she didn't sit down but let her be, knowing she would just shrug me off, again. How did I get the one mate who had no thought about her own health.

"Omega if you don't sit down you will make yourself ill." I said for the eighth time in the last hour. Of course she flipped me of and continued her pacing. I had had enough, if she wasn't going to think about her health then I was. I bent down and picked her up by behind her knees and put her over my shoulder. Omega flailed and kicked, hit my back and tried to make me let got. Fat chance.

"Alpha you put me down right this second!" She demanded and she struggled more forcefully. At one point she managed to kick my ribs but I was careful not to show how much it hurt. I carried Omega to my room and locked the door before I dropped her down onto the bed. "What the hell Alpha?!" She yelled and I stopped her with a kiss. Soon she gave in and kissed me back, when we pulled away and pulled her against me. 

"Omega you were going to make yourself sick with tiredness, I know you are scared and worried but don't over thin this. You and the other females will be fine; I wont let Lucas touch and of you ok. Now get some sleep." I kissed her forehead before attempting to climb of the bed, Omega climbed under the thick quilt and then called out just as I went to walk out the door.

"Wait, can you stay here with me? I mean you must be tired too and this is your bed, you should rest here." She said in a whisper and I know she felt awkward saying anything. I saw the look in her eyes, one of fear and need so I climbed back into bed. After covering myself with the thick quilt I pulled her against my chest and kissed her hair. Omega fell asleep as I stroked her hair, soon after I fell asleep to the melody of her rhythmic, deep breathing. 

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