Alpha and Omega

Omega's mother died when she was five years old, leaving her daughter to be put in an adoption home. Now Omega has returned to her birth town to finish high school, little does she know her destiny is waiting for her there, and that it just might kill her.


2. New girl

Alpha's P.O.V

The halls seemed to be so much less crowded this morning, there was a strange sensation in the air. The smell of one of my kind laced the regular musky scent of the school corridors. For a moment I suspected it was my sister, Beta, but the scent wasn't hers and it was too far away considering Beta was standing right next to me. No, this wolf smelt like fresh apple juice and freshly cut grass, and like pack! I jerked my head backwards at the thought, it was impossible. So far there were five members of my pack, Beta and myself plus three subordinates, no Omega wolf or Alpha female. The Omega wolf could also be one of the Alpha pair sometimes but it was very rare, more often than not it was the Alpha female whom would also be the Omega in these rare situations. 

"Hey Alpha, did you hear? Some new kid from Paris is starting today." Beta announced, a smile on her face that promised trouble. Oh no, she did this to every new kid, frightened the life out of them as she talked about herself as though she were a wolf. Man, I love the girl but she goes too far sometimes. 

"Leave them alone Beta, I don't have time to apologise to some new kid just because you terrorise them. Do you smell that?" I said urgently, god that scent was driving me crazy! It smelt amazing but it was so damn unfamiliar and the fact that it carried pack scent made it even more intriguing. I know my pack, this scent doesn't belong to anyone in my pack, yet it does, it must. The scent drew closer and closer, as it did a girl I didn't recognise also headed closer towards me. As she past me and stopped at the locker next to mine the scent followed her. I snapped my head back to Beta and saw her eyes were wide with disbelief, I drew my eyes back to her, the unnamed girl. I raked my eyes over her arms and saw what I was looking for on her bare shoulders, on her left shoulder was the mark of the Omega wolf, and on her right shoulder was the mark of the Alpha female, my mate. I looked over her, my mate, she was average height and slim but not in an anorexic kind of way. Her hair was a natural bouncy dirty blond and it fell down to her waist in beautiful waves, her face was narrow like any female wolf's would be, she was stunning. I needed to talk to her, to at least know her name, I just had to. 

"Hi." I said as I shut my locker and turned to her. Her head snapped up to me in surprise, I got a perfect view of her beautiful green eyes, they were wide in uncertainty and surprise. "My name's  Alpha, I don't think I've seen you here before." I said in my most charming voice. 

"I'm Omega, nice to meet you. And I'm not surprised you haven't seen me before, I just moved here from Paris." Oh, I had a smart mouth on my hands. I was about to speak again when the class bell went and she hurried off, damn it! I needed to know more about her, I had to know my mate. I growled once under my breath as I hurried towards my class, leaving my totally confused sister behind to gawk at me in utter shock and confusion. 











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