Alpha and Omega

Omega's mother died when she was five years old, leaving her daughter to be put in an adoption home. Now Omega has returned to her birth town to finish high school, little does she know her destiny is waiting for her there, and that it just might kill her.


5. Explanation

Omega's P.O.V It took about three seconds after he left for me to freak out, and I mean really freak out. "What the hell just happened?! Somebody had better tell me right now what just went down and crash landed because I am about to start questioning my sanity!" I yelled. I saw Alpha flinch at my loud voice and the desperation he must have heard in it. The others didn't seem too happy either, well tough freaking luck.

"Omega this isn't something I can just blurt out." Alpha sighed and my rage rose into overdrive. Oh that was just funny, he couldn't just blurt it? Well then what the hell had he just done, forget blurting it out, we were way past thay phase.

"Oh, you have driven about twenty miles past blurting out and are about to enter outright bluntville." I said and everyone gave me strange looks, I realised that I was talking funny, I always did when I was stressed and this was very stressful. "Alpha please, just tell me, I can't not go crazy without some sort of explanation." I pleaded, letting my voice hitch in a sob. This got him moving, he took me in his arms and crushed me close to his chest. After a moment of fake sobbing he relented. He drew me away from the cround we had and took me to another clearing not too far away.

"Listen to me Omega, this is going to sound crazy and you know what? It is crazy, it's what a crazy person would say but I promise you it is the truth, I would never lie to you." He declared and I felt hopeful, no lies sounded great to me. He took one long sigh before continuing on. "Dou you remember any of your time here before you moved to parise, remember anyone who might know who are?" He asked and I frowned, suddenly a flash caught in my mind and there was an image. Two young children playing as their mothers watched them silently with smiles as bright as the sun on their faces. The children were a boy and a girl, roughly the same age, the girl had dirty blond hair and the boy had black hair like a raven's wing. They had hair like ours, that was when I realised it was us, us and our mothers. Tears suddenly welled up in my eyes at the memory of us, of my mother. I nodded and his eyes softened. "Well then you remember who it is don't you, little wolf? You remember me and more importantly you remember her, you remember who and what we are." It all came back at once, it hurt so bad and I wanted to scream in pain. I felt the sting of tears in my eyes and the dryness as they raced down my cheek, I wasn't ready for this. I wish I hadn't remembered, I didn't want the pain that came with the memories. Alpha just held me as I cried and whispered words of comfort, I loved it, he was my mate and I relished in the feeling of his compassion for me. " I love you Alpha." I hadn't meant to let the words out but they slipped past my tongue. I looked up, blushing furiously and stared at him with hooded eyes. My heart thudded faster in my chest as he smiled with a joy that if it were a light would destroy all darkness. " I love you too, my little wolf." His lips came down on mine and there was no resistance. I might have needed help understanding who I was, but I needed no explanation for this.

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