Alpha and Omega

Omega's mother died when she was five years old, leaving her daughter to be put in an adoption home. Now Omega has returned to her birth town to finish high school, little does she know her destiny is waiting for her there, and that it just might kill her.


9. As my love lay dying

Alpha's P.O.V

Panic and pain coursed through me, Omega's blood flowed onto my paw when I tried to stop the bleeding. A dark laugh came from behind me and I turned around, my snarl was vicious and threatening and I think I saw Lucas flinch though I couldn't be sure. 

"I wouldn't try that if I were you," Lucas announced as I crouched into my attack position. "Killing me would bring about her death. So unless you want to watch your mate sicken and die I suggest you let me live. I also suggest you calm yourself and your wolf enough to talk to me." Lucas threatened, or was it  threat? Honestly, I wasn't sure. What did it matter anyway, Omega was dying, Lucas had confirmed that much. It took time but soon enough I was human, the chill of the snow settled on my skin, making me shiver. I could only imagine how cold Omega would be. Lucas met my death stare and smirked at me, rage flooded my system at the sight of blood around his mouth, blood that was not an animals and not his own but the blood of my mate. I could barley hold my wolf back. 

"Enough Lucas, You are lucky I haven't already ripped your throat out and laughed. Tell me how to save her!" My words game out as snarling and growls but he understood and an expression I thought would never appear on his face showed, regret. Did he regret hurting my mate? Well if he didn't he soon would, he would pay for harming my mate. 

"Omega is a very rare kind of wolf, though I'm sure you knew that. A double wolf. A wolf who stands for two places in their pack, and with rarity comes many weaknesses. The bite of an alpha from a different pack is like a poison to them, it works through their system and shuts down their organs, the worst part is that it happens slowly. It can take months for her to die." Lucas explained, his words clouded by sadness. Why was he sad, if she died Lucas would get what he wanted, unless that wasn't what he wanted...

"I don't need an explanation I need a cure. Tell me how to save her!" I demanded, panic crept into my voice as tears came to my eyes. Please, god if you are listening please, let me save her. 

"There is a tree, it resides in a place called Avalon. The sap from the tree cures almost anything, it is the only thing that can save her." Lucas said, his eyes gleaming with the truth. I probably shouldn't have trusted him but what else could I do, Omega was dying. 

"You better not be lying to me about this Lucas, because if you are I swear I will rip out your intestines and feed them to my pack." I warned with a growl. Then I walked over to Omega and phased. I managed to lift her onto my back and soon we were heading home. 


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