Love at first sight

Nicole and Pearl have just finished their exams , they go to the beach to have some fun. what they don't know is they meet a famous boy band ( one direction ). will they find love? or will things get in the way? can they handle their new lives?
read and find out


28. White light


There i was laying in a hospital bed with a IV in my hand and a blood line in the other hand. I was in so much pain. I looked over to see Niall sitting on the chair sound a sleep, eyes puffy. his face was red and swollen. He had a cut lip and  had mud on his clothes. I wanted to get up but i couldn't move. why couldn't i move? I tried to move again, this time more harder than before. AHHHHHHHHHHH! i screamed. The pain hurt so much. Nicole! Niall shouted from across the room. He ran towards me as fast as he could before grabbing my hand. Whats wrong? he sounded slightly worried. I- i don't know , my legs are so sore. what happened?  before he could answer the doctor came in , Hello Nicole i'm doctor Thomas , do you know where you are? Um i'm in a hospital. That's good he said nodding his head. Can you tell me what happened? i said with a shaky voice. Well you in a very bad car crash, you were  in a very bad state last night when your Boyfriend looking over to Niall brought you in. He carried you , in the pouring rain to save you. I looked at Niall with tears in my eyes, you did that for me? He now had tears forming in his eyes , yes he said with a croaky voice. I could tell he had been crying , his eyes were red and puffy. Wait! Where's pearl? 

The doctor came over to me , he told me she was in intensive care. my eyes poured out with tears , my heart started to beat faster and faster. All of a sudden i felt dizzy and  passed out. The last thing i remembered was seeing Niall rush over to me.


My life rushed over in my mind. My mum ,dad pearl, Niall. My birthdays , party's and everything in between.

Everything went black. A little white light moved across my view. I followed it. A big white door appeared in front of me.  I touched the door handle and it felt right to open it. I opened the door to see nothing but white.

A lady stood in front of me smiling. Hello Nicole she said putting her hand on my shoulder. I reckinised  her voice , but i didn't know her. She had long brown hair , brown eyes and dimples like me.

Where am i , i said feeling really confused

Your in your consciousness, like a dream but when you wake up you will not remember any of this.

I nodded my head 

So why am i here i asked again

your dying she said looking at me , not sad but not happy either more calm.

I'm dying, i felt tears building up in my eyes.

The lady put her hand on my shoulder and made me feel calm again. Her touch. We walked around this white room. I saw people who i knew. an old lady stood in front of me. Grandma i whispered, she smiled at me and walked away. I saw this boy, he was sitting under a tree, his black hair sweated over his face, his blue eyes made contact with mine. Jamie i said. He came running over to me and hugged me tight. He use to be in my class in middle school. He got beat to death by some older kids because he was gay.

I missed you so much i said not letting him go. I wanna take you some where Nicole he said grabbing my hand. I closed my eyes and when i opened them i was in the hospital again. I saw Pearl on a bed hardly alive doctors surrounding her. He took me to another room, the waiting room. All the boys crying. They all had blood on them. I saw Niall on the ground covered in blood. He was crying the hardest. he still was in his concert clothes. 

My head started hurting, i closed my eyes in pain and when i opened them we were back in the white place. I now laying on the ground in so much pain. I got up but my legs started hurting.All the people here gathered around me. That lady from before stood above me. Mum i yelled , she smiled and kissed me on the head. Its time my darling. For what i yelled. To go home she said in such a sweet tone. the way i remembered it. Everything started fading. She you again some day she whispered as the slowly drifted away.



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