Love at first sight

Nicole and Pearl have just finished their exams , they go to the beach to have some fun. what they don't know is they meet a famous boy band ( one direction ). will they find love? or will things get in the way? can they handle their new lives?
read and find out


30. Vanilla


Pearl's P.O.V

We booked our tickets back to New Zealand. We were flying out tomorrow. The boys will be coming  few days latter. They delayed the concert for a bit until we get better. Niall wasn't himself lately ever since Nicole woke up he's been really quiet and not bubbly carefree Niall. Hes stayed in his room most of the day. Harry and I swapped rooms, So me and Nicole would share a room and Niall and Harry shared Niall's room.  He really misses her. Its hard on us all. I really hope she remembers us , i don't think i could handle her not remembering me. 


Zayn's P.O.V 

I'm really worried about Niall , he hasn't left his room much. Him and Harry have been talking lots. I can't wait to go to New Zealand and hopefully get her memory back. The sooner the better. 



Nicole's P.O.V 

I woke up and make my way into the kitchen to see Pearl  making breakfast. It smelt so good. Good morning she yelled out. I smiled and sat down. Pancakes and cream she placed in front of me. Yum i said placing fork fulls of pancakes in my mouth. I heard the door open and all the boys came in smiling. Harry went over to pearl and kissed her before sitting next to her. Niall sat down next to me then zayn beside him them louis and liam. They all dug in eating the pancakes pearl made. 

When Niall sat down next to me i got butterflies in my tummy. I've had this feeling before. I smiled at him and carried on eating. I could see in the corner of my eye every now and then Niall would look at me. Every Time i would smile and blush. I could see every time i smiled it made Niall smiled.

So Nicole he said looking at me , I smiled and looked at him. When he spoke his sweet irish accent was a melody in my ears. I couldn't help but smile. God i love your smile i said. When i realised what i said i covered my mouth. They all chuckled and Niall looked at the ground and blushed. I got up and put my plate and ran to my room slamming the door. I locked the door and went into the bathroom and turned the shower on.  

I sat on the floor crying. Why i screamed. Why can't i remember anything. 


Niall's P.O.V 

We were all sitting in the living room wondering why Nicole ran off to her room. Not long after she left we all heard her screaming. I ran to the door it was locked. I yelled her name out but not answer. Leave me alone she said. I could tell she was crying by the way she spoke. I sat down next to the door and just listened  to her sobs. It broke my heart seeing her like this.  

Nicole's P.O.V 

I got in the shower and washed all the tears away. I washed my body with Vanilla body wash, The smell reminded me of something. I got a flashback of me and Pearl getting ready to go clubbing. I couldn't help but smile. I got our of the shower and wrapped a towel around me.  Pearl i yelled from the top of my lungs.

She came running to the bathroom door. I unlocked it for her to come in. Nicole , Nicole what is it. I was still smiling. I remember something i said putting make-up on. 

ooohh what is it she said smiling with me. 

Smell that i said grabbing the bottle of vanilla shower gel. She smelled it and looked at me confused. Well do you remember the night we went clubbing i said smiling.   A big grin appeared on her face. Yes i remember that night she said smiling hard out. Well i remember getting ready with you. but thats it i said looking down. 

I half  smiled and walked out of the bathroom. I went into the bedroom that they had gave me. I grabbed a dress and slipped it on. I felt so bad i don't remember anyone or anything. I don't even remember my family or friends. I got a sick feeling in my tummy. I sat on the bed my my head in my hands. 

I felt the bed sink next to me and warm hands around my waist and on hand rubbing circles on my back. I looked up to see the blonde boy Niall sitting next to me on the bed. He had a little smile on his face but i knew he was concerned about me. He wiped the tears from my face ad hugged me. Everything about that hug felt right, like if done it before. The butterflies came back. 

Don't let go i whispered in his ear. 

I won't he whispered back

A tear of happiness rolled down my cheek. 

I wanted to kiss him bad , the way his eyes moved from my eyes to my lips while i was talking to him. 

Why can't i remember you i said looking into his eyes almost crying. 

I don't know , but you'll get your memory back , i promise he said putting one of his hands on my face rubbing his thumb up and down my cheek.

I heard footsteps coming towards the room followed by Pearl calling my name out. I got up from the bed and met pearl halfway down the hallway. Um Nicole you will need to pack soon she said smiling. Oh yes i said. 

I walked back to the room where Niall was asleep on my bed. He looked so cute when he slept, i decided to leave him sleeping. I grabbed a blanket from the cupboard, spreading over the sleeping Niall. 

I got on the ground and starting packing my bags. I wasn't really good at it but i tried my best. By the time i finished packing it was 6:30pm. I felt my tummy rumble. I got up and walked out ot the kitchen where everyone was sitting. They all looked at me and smiled. Liam waving at me. I smiled and shook my head giggling to myself. I walked into the kitchen to see if we had food. I looked in the fridge, no food. I looked in the pantry, no food. I walked out of the kitchen and looked at everyone. Zayn looked up at me , Vas happenin he said looking smug. I'm hungry i said like a little kid. They all laughed. Sssh i said putting one finger on my lips.  They all looked confused. Um Niall's sleeping on my bed i said walking over to the couch turning on the tv.  There was some cute animated movie on. I heard someone run over and sit next me me. I turned my head and looked to see Liam sitting there smiling. 

Whats this movie called i said looking at him.

Toy story 2 he said with a big grin on his face. 




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