Love at first sight

Nicole and Pearl have just finished their exams , they go to the beach to have some fun. what they don't know is they meet a famous boy band ( one direction ). will they find love? or will things get in the way? can they handle their new lives?
read and find out


69. unbearable


Nicole's P.O.V 

i looked down to see red liquid running down my leg making a puddle on the floor. I felt a stabbing sensation in my tummy where pumpkin was. I started to hyperventilate, screaming grabbing my tummy every time it hurt.


Pearl's P.O.V

"what a night" i said to myself as i waited for Nicole to get back from the kitchen, when i heard her screaming . I quickly got off my seat and ran in to see what was wrong. i Slipped on something on the ground, i looked down to see i was covered in blood. " what the fuck " i said looking at it. Nicole screamed again making me look up at her. " Pearls somethings wrong " she said looking at one of her hands which was covered in blood, i quickly got up grabbing at car keys "come on let go ill help you in the car we're off to the hospital " i said putting one of her arms around my neck putting all her weight on me. I helped her into her seat and ran back around to my side.


I drove faster when she sounded like she was in so much pain, " Nicole calm down everything's going to be okay " i said trying to calm her down , she was crying and screaming. I didn't know if everything would be okay , i was just hoping it would be. She cant lose another baby, She got pregnant when we were 15. Her and Jamie were fuck buddys. Her and i were the only ones that knew, not even jamie. She lost it when she was 12 weeks pregnant. She only just started to get use to the fact she was, she was on her way to tell him when it happened. She was walking back to my car when a guy ran past and knocked her over , she hit her tummy hard. The guy didn't even stop to see if she was okay.


"Nicole stay in here and ill go get help" i said getting out of the car and running inside. I ran up to the front desk and luckly there was four doctors standing around " hurry i need your help my friends pregnant and is bleeding hard out " i said quickly. Their faces changed from laughing to real serious " mark grab that gurreny " one of the guys said, " follow me" i said running back outside to my car, Nicole was half way out the door screaming holding her tummy, " Nicole im doctor harrison, can you tell me how many weeks you are he said as the other doctors held her up, 
" i'm i'm 32weeks " she said , her voice was low and sounded short in breath. mark came running out with a nurse and the gurrney. They helped Nicole up on it and rushed her inside on it. I quickly moved the car into a parking spot. Blood was everywhere. 


I couldn't help but cry. I opened the glove-box and reached for the pack of smokes in there. I locked. the car and lit one up. i looked at my phone and rang lou , she'll answer hopefully.



Lou's P.O.V 


I just finished doing Harry's hair and he decided to ruff it up. " harry i've just done that " sorry lou " he said smiling at me. " boys it time " paul said coming in holding the door for them open. They all huddled together and did a goodluck cheer. where almost at the end of the tour now, they're preforming in Manchester Etihad stadium, not to far away from Nicole and the baby. 


My phone started to ring so i went over and see it was Pearl ringing, " hey darling " i said " lou its nicole, shes in hospital, shes bleeding " pearl said sounding like she was smoking. i dropped my phone and ran out to the side of the stage. they had only gone on. Paul looked at me really confused, i told him to come here quick. The boys seen me talking to him  and kept looking at me. I had tears running down my cheek. Paul went over to Niall and told him. He dropped his mmic and ran over to me. " can you drive me " he said gripping ontop my shoulders " yes " i siad starring at the boys. Everything was silent, paul was talking to the boys telling them . I turned around and ran towards the door.



Pearl's P.O.V

"What the fuck am i doing " i said to myself, i chucked the smoke down on the ground and ran inside. I found Nicole's room and ran in, i ran to her side and grabbed her hand. " whats wrong " i said looking at them all. "shes going into premature labor " the doctor on my right said. " Nicole im here, ive called lou and think they're on their way " i said placing my hand on her forehead moving the hair off her face. She looked up at me , she looked like she was so tired and not in pain anymore. I looked at her arm they had put a blood IV in her arm and gave her a  epidural. 


Zoe her midwife checked her "nicole your 4cm " she said taking her gloves off. She looked up at me with sadish eyes , " what if he doesn't make it " she said trying not to cry " you've got a wee way to go , he'll be here" i said hoping i was right. 


Nicole was almost asleep, she cant really cope with pain. I rang Lou about an our ago, " Nicole darling your 8cms now, not long to go" zoe said. I kept looking out the window to see if they were here. " i dont want to have this baby anymore " nicole said squeezing my hand tight, " bit late for that " i said laughing " where's niall " she said looking at the door and back to me, " he'll be here soon. the doctor came over to talk to us "a few more doctors are going to come in soon because your baby's going to be very small " she said sitting on the be, Nicole just nodded . 

Her contractions were getting closer and closer and i was getting more worried that Niall wouldn't  make it. " Nicole your going to feel like you wanna push soon , its okay to push " zoe said " what if i shit" nicole said looking at me, i tired so hard not to laugh. "you dont worry about that nicole, you just want that bloody thing out " i said laughing.


"niccccoooolllleee " i heard faintly " nicole " i heard again. i got off the bed and looked out the door " niall in here" i said as he ran towards the door. " nicole you need to push now " zoe said sitting at the bed putting gloves on. " no i cant it hurts to much " she said holding in the pain. I ran to her side and held her and and Niall ran to the other side, " babe you can do this " he said looking at her, "you made it " nicole said, " NICOLE PUSH " i yelled she pushed for about 10secsonds and stopped when the contraction stopped, she took a massive breath in and pushed again, squeezing our hands real tight, i looked over to Niall to see he was in some pain, i couldn't help but laugh, he let go of her hand and shook his, " she tough niall " i said laughing " its not time to make jokes, im trying to push something out here " Nicole said grabbing his hand again, " heads out " " and push " Niall gave it one more big push and out slipped pumpkin

"im so proud of you nicole " niall said kissing her forehead. " why isnt she crying " she said stressing out, no one said anything. They all huddled over her. after about 2minuets i heard a small cry. they put her in a little box like container and rushed her out of the room.


i hugged her and got a cloth to wipe her face down.  " i love you " she said looking at both of us. Niall kissed her on the lips, he was smiling hard out.


The doctors came in and changed her into a clean bed and a robe and moved her into another room. I texted the boys and told them they were uncles. i couldn't believe i was a aunty.


Nicole was in sleeping and niall stayed beside her, i went for a walk around to see if i could go in and see her. I stood outside the window looking at her. She was so tiny. I watched how the nurses took so much care with her. She just fitted on their hands. They had placed a little pink hat on her head. There was a little piece of paper that had 9:47pm 2.9lbs 15.0in. Wow she really was a tiny baby.


I walked back to the room and Nicole was still sleeping. Niall looked up at me and smiled " how is she " he said with a massive smile on his face. " how'd you know " i asked sitting down next to him. " had a feeling you went to see her " he said looking at me " i didn't go in i just stood outside and watched, shes 2.9lbs adn 15.0in " i said looking back at nicole. " im a dad " he said, he had his glasses on so he must of been crying. "Aubrey ella horan " Nicole said sitting up in bed " love it " Niall said kissing her, " have you been crying Nicole said taking his glasses off " hmmm noo " he said grabbing them back hiding his eyes again , we both cracked up laughing. 





A/N sorry this took so long to do, but here it is hope you like it :D

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