Love at first sight

Nicole and Pearl have just finished their exams , they go to the beach to have some fun. what they don't know is they meet a famous boy band ( one direction ). will they find love? or will things get in the way? can they handle their new lives?
read and find out


1. The Hospital



There i was laying in a hospital bed with a IV in my hand and a blood line in the other hand. I was in so much pain. I looked over to see Niall sitting on the chair sound a sleep, eyes puffy. his face was red and swollen. He had a cut lip and  had mud on his clothes. I wanted to get up but i couldn't move. why couldn't i move? I tried to move again, this time more harder than before. AHHHHHHHHHHH! i screamed. The pain hurt so much. Nicole! Niall shouted from across the room. He ran towards me as fast as he could before grabbing my hand. Whats wrong? he sounded slightly worried. I- i don't know , my legs are so sore. what happened?  before he could answer the doctor came in , Hello Nicole i'm doctor Thomas , do you know where you are? Um i'm in a hospital. That's good he said nodding his head. Can you tell me what happened? i said with a shaky voice. Well you in a very bad car crash, you were  in a very bad state last night when your Boyfriend looking over to Niall brought you in. He carried you , in the pouring rain to save you. I looked at Niall with tears in my eyes, you did that for me? He now had tears forming in his eyes , yes he said with a croaky voice. I could tell he had been crying , his eyes were red and puffy. Wait! Where's pearl? 

The doctor came over to me , he told me she was in intensive care. my eyes poured out with tears , my heart started to beat faster and faster. All of a sudden i felt dizzy and  passed out. The last thing i remembered was seeing Niall rush over to me.







4 Months earlier...


I was sitting in a room with all my other class mates finishing my last page of my exam. I got down to last paragraph i started writing, i looked over to see my best friend Pearl looking at me with excitement in her eyes. She had long brown layered hair, deep blue eyes. olive colour skin and few cute freckles on her rosey red cheeks, she was a crazy but outgoing chick. I smiled at her and finished my paper, I wrote the last word and ended with a full stop. The bell rang letting us know that time was up. we both rushed our papers to the supervisor and ran out of school so fast. Our bags in the back of my BMW convertible my father got me for my 17th birthday. We jumped in , I turned the ignition on and  blasted the music, making the car vibrate  before driving off to the airport. We were driving down the motorway with the roof off when what makes you beautiful beamed out of the speaker, me and Pearl looked at each other and laughed. One direction was one of our Favorite band. We sang all the way to the airport. This was Pearls first time on a plane , she looked kinder nervous, i looked at her with a reassuring smile before grabbing our  bags and running towards the entrance dragging pearl along with me.

This is going to be fun she said sarcastically as she grabbed her boarding pass out of my hand.

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