Love at first sight

Nicole and Pearl have just finished their exams , they go to the beach to have some fun. what they don't know is they meet a famous boy band ( one direction ). will they find love? or will things get in the way? can they handle their new lives?
read and find out


54. The chase

Troy's P.O.V 

 As my only daughter told me she was pregnant i felt my heart sink. She was only 18 and she was ruining her life, 

"I'm going to kill you " i yelled at Niall chasing him around the kitchen island with the beer bottle in my hand.

i watched as Nicole's face turn into fear, tear pouring from her eyes. She opened her mouth to say something but nothing came out but screams.


Nicole's P.O.V


" Dad!!!! " I screamed Everyone stopped and looked at me even Niall. " Dad you need to understand, I love Niall and he loves me, he's not going anywhere " I finely got out. Niall looked at me with relief in his eyes as he caught his breath. Dad had tears in his eyes, "Dad I'm not your little girl anymore , I'm 18 now " I said hugging him tightly.


Pearls P.O.V

"Wow that was exciting " I said looking around the room, all the boys had rushed to the kitchen standing next to Niall and Nicole. My parents were looking at me funny, " what ??? , I'm not pregnant " my dad exhaled in relief. I was still laughing to myself. Harry looked at me and smiled.


Nicole's P.O.V

Dad took Niall on a walk into his office , now I was nervous. I turned to face Pearl she had the biggest smile on her face and she held her thumb up at me, " good job " she mouthed before laughed.

I had a weird feeling I was forgetting something as I walked past the Christmas tree. Something was missing, i got interrupted in my thoughts by Louis bumping into me. That's when i remembered.

" Sorry Nicole , i didn't mean to bump into you like that " he said looking sad. I knew how he was feeling , i use to go to school on my birthday and no one would remember.

" lou its ok i wasn't doing anything " i said giggling to myself, trying to think of something to say.

"Oh ok ,  but your Pregnant  " He said with a confused tone.

" Oh it should be alright " i said punching his arm playfully. 

I felt so bad , It was Louis birthday and we all forgot. It was all my fault, if i wasn't Pregnant we would have remembered his birthday and not fussed over me.


I told Louis i had to talk to pearl about girl thing to get away from him. I quickly found her on the kitchen bench with harry in between her legs, they were kissing passionately, eating each others faces. I cleared my throat making them part looking at me.  " We fucking forgot " i said walking to the fridge looking for  a bottle of water. 

" Forgot what " i asked loudly looking really confused. Something came over me and i yelled " Your fucking best friends Birthday " I quickly covered my mouth in shook in what i had just done. Harry and Pearl both looked at me not knowing what to say. " Crap " Harry said rubbing his head.

I looked at Pearl and she nodded her head getting off the bench grabbing her bag. " Right harry , your going to take Louis and the boys out for a drink so me and Pearl can get things ready and set things up. We'll bake the cake and get the food" I said grabbing my bag. Harry nodded his head smiling. " Oh and harry tell the others but don't let Lou know okay" I said looking at him seriously. " And if he does find out, No more sex for you " Pearl added 

The look on Harry's face when Pearl said that. He rushed out of them room calling out Liam and Zayn. I txtd Niall and told him what we were doing.


We got into the range drover and drove off. Pearl had already wrote a list of what to get by the time we got to the store. " This is going to be so much fun " Pearl said getting out of the car laughing to herself." Ok we need flour, eggs, baking powder , sugar , vanilla extract , vanilla beans , Milk , butter , icing sugar  and salt for the cake. and for dinner we need Two big chickens , Pumpkin , potatoes , yams , sweet potatoes , carrots oh and i know you don't like them but were getting Broccoli and cauliflower with cheese sauce" she said grabbing the trolley. 

"You know everything on that list sounded good until you said   Broccoli and cauliflower with cheese sauce, you know i hate them and i'm not eating them " i said putting some things in the trolley. 



We had almost got everything on the list now, every isle we went down Pearl had to pry things out of my hands that i grabbed. We walked past the condoms and i couldn't help but laugh " wont be needing these anymore " i said putting them back on the shelf " oh " pearl said turning around grabbing four boxes " but i do " she said laughing 


"Ooohhh yummy " i said grabbing a packed of honey roasted peanuts ripping open the packet taking a handful of peanuts shoving them in my mouth. I looked over to pearl who was giving me the evils " Nicole ! " she yelled. I gave her my card and walked back to the car. 


Pearl pushed the trolley to the car and loaded them in the back, i was still eating my nuts. " Give me some nuts " she said trying to get some. I quickly moved the bag and eat more " nah bitch these are mine " i said scoffing more down. " Give more some " she said trying to grab the bag again. " Okay " i said giving her a handful. " ,man i was craving these real bad " i said getting the last of the nuts in my mouth.


" Oh shit i forgot something " Pearl said doing a U turn right in the middle of the road while we had traffic behind us. We drove into the liquor land  carpark. " Can you come help me " she said getting out of the car grabbing her bag. " Oh txt harry and tell him they should leave now " She yelled from the shop door. 


To Harry :

Get Louis out of the house now , go out somewhere for a little bit , getting Alcohol now got all the food. 


From Harry:

Okay ,  we'll go to the pub. How far away are you?


To Harry:

10 minuets away, Is Niall and dad still talking? go around the back way so he doesn't see us.


From Harry:

Yeah hes not coming with us, ok if we get lost can you save us? 


To Harry : Okay thanks , yep will do 


I went into the shop looking for pearl, i found her in the bottle bit looking at vodka bottles."That one " i said pointing to the bottle with flowers all over it. She rolled her eyes and grabbed it. We went up to the counter and placed bottles down. " Can we please get two kegs of beer please " she asked the lady at the counter. She was a young girl she didn't look much older then us. She had long blonde hair with light brown highlights, Her eyes were light blue almost grey.  She wore the liquor land shirt and the shortest shorts I've ever seen. " Sure " she said scanning the vodka bottles and typing something in her keypad. " DO i know you " she asked looking at us funny. " Um not that i know " i said getting annoyed at that way she was looking at me. 

" nah im sure ive seen you before , like on tv or a book" she said looking through her computer. " Um can we just get the kegs " Pearl said trying to stay calm. " Your Harry styles Girlfriend " she said pointing at Pearl " And you Niall Horans girlfriend " pointing at me " Can we please get our kegs now " I said louder " She looked at me and gave me the evils, " Jerry " she yelled A tall man came out of the back room. " Can you get to beer kegs please " she said to him " Thanks " pearl said getting the bottles.


The guy loaded them in the bag seats. He winked at pearl before going back into the store " What the fuck " pearl said getting into the car shutting the doors and locking them.


We drove off making sure we don't drive by the boys. It felt like we were little kids trying to hid form our mums. We arrived home and saw the other car wasn't here so we could just bring everything up. Pearl started on the cake while i got dinner ready. I put the chicken and veges in the oven to cook and set up the table. 

I got the decorations out of the shopping bags and decorated the dining room, kitchen and living room. I was proud of myself when i stood back and saw my work.  

" Perfect " Niall whispered in my ear wile hugging me from behind. I turned around and planted a big fat kiss on his soft plump lips. I slowly pushed my fingers through his hair slightly playing with his hair. I pulled back and grabbed his hand pulling him up the stairs to my room. I heard Pearl yell my name out but i wasn't going to see what she wanted.

We helped each other undress. I pushed him on the bed, i was on my hands and knees my legs on either side of him. I hovered over him before kissing his passionately. I could feel he was hard already, He rolled me so he was on top, He teased me by rubbing his tip on my clit. " Dont tease me Mr Horan " i moaned in pleasure. He pushed his erection into me, i gasped in pleasure, he was so big he made a tear escape out of my eye, I dug my nails into his back making him go harder, The harder he went the harder i dug my nails into his back. We reached our climax and we screamed in pleasure. 

I was so tired, i tried getting up but my legs were weak.  Niall sat up in bed and laughed a little as i stumbled to the bathroom cleaning myself up. I got changed and walked downstairs leaving Niall sleeping on my bed. " Have fun " Pearl asked laughing to her self. " Oh um yeah i did " i said giving her a cheesy smile.

I checked to food and cake in the oven, The cake was almost ready and the veges were done. 



I took the cake out of the oven and placed it on a cooling rack on the bench. " Pearl can you check the chicken for me " i asked grabbing all the ingredients to do the icing. She got the chicken and veges out of the oven and placed it on the counter. " Yum i cant wait to eat all this " i said holding my tummy. 


To Harry : 

Dinners done everythings done , come home now 


From Harry 

Okay see you's soon 


Me , Pearl , Niall and Dad hid in the kitchen and turned all the lights off waiting for them to get home. I could hear my tummy rumbling " shhhhh " pearl said getting closer " ohh i think i can hear them " Niall said happily. Louis opened the door and we all jumped up and yelled surprise, The biggest smile grew on Louis face. " Thanks guys " he said hugging us all. 


We all sat at the tale eating the roast, talking and laughing altogether. After dinner everyone was pretty drunk , one keg was finished and the other half empty. Pearl had almost dunkin most of the vodka with Harry. I went into the kitchen and lit the candles, the cake was 3 layers on top of each other. It had  a big 21 on the smallest cake on the top. Dad carried it to the table, he was a bit pissed and wobbled a bit as he walk. 


Louis blew the candle out in one big puff, we all clapped and cheered and Harry pushed his head into the cake. 



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