Love at first sight

Nicole and Pearl have just finished their exams , they go to the beach to have some fun. what they don't know is they meet a famous boy band ( one direction ). will they find love? or will things get in the way? can they handle their new lives?
read and find out


68. stolen car

Niall's P.O.V 

when Harry told us he was leaving we all got in the van and raced to the airport.We don't know what happened, but we all had a fair idea what did happen. There's some sick people out the i thought to myself as i watched as Paul drove faster as Harry told him to. 

I got my phone out and texted Nicole, "Hey babe , were on our way now. Hope shes okay xo love you " She didn't reply but that okay seeing as shes with pearl. 

" Hey Louis , I know its a bad time to ask but will you help me with a surprise for Nicole" I said to Louis sitting next to me " yeah sure mate " He said looking out the window. 

Were all worried about Pearl, she's like our little sister. No one wants this for anyone, And once it gets to the media its going to be worse for us But even worse for Pearl, What are the fans going to say, she's going to get so much hate its not funny. Were going to have to protect them so bad. 

I dialed the hospital worried as hell ,  " Hello London hospital " A lady on the end answered , " Hello this is Niall Horan from One Direction calling " " Oh yes how can i help you " " Um My girlfriend is bringing in Pearl Harry's girlfriend in , we don't know whats happened, but Pearl got in some trouble and may be in bad condition , Have they came in yet " " Um not yet sir , " "Okay good , i'm requesting that the minimum amount of people know about what happened to her, Its going to blow up in the media if paparazzi find out " " yes sir everything is confidential    " " Yes i know that , but we are famous and these girls get enough hate as it is , Please do as i ask , " " okay sir , ill try my best " and with that the line was cut.

" Hurry up Paul , i need to be with Pearl " Harry shouted at him. "Harry , Paul's doing all he can , we're all worried about her but you need to settle down" Liam said trying to calm him down. He sat there not saying anything at all.


Soon we were on the plan flying over London. Harry was getting antsy and couldn't stay still. The seat belt sign came on. "Finely " Harry said in a shitty again. " I wonder how much Paparazzi are there " Liam said looking out the window " None i hope " Zayn said looking over to Harry. " there's a van waiting for us at the airport " Paul explained to us putting his phone back in his pocket. I looked out the window of the plane and there were only a few fans waiting. " God damm it , how do they always find us " i said sitting up in my seat. 


Once the plane landed we all hurried to the van, The fans looked at us weird and yelled questions out , wondering why we're in London and why we looked tired and angry. Paul and the guards just told them to get back. 


Nicole's P.O.V 

Thank god there was no fans or media outside the hospital. Pearl was getting better now but she doesn't know Harry and The boys are coming. I have to stay strong for pearl. She wont eat anything or wont talk. 

When the doctor asked what happened she didn't say anything , they still did a rape kit. I've stayed by her side through this experience, Holding her hand. I small tear rolled down her cheek when they examined her. I could feel her pain, I've been through this before and she stood by me.  

Pearl was sleeping now , she must be so tired. I was tired to, being pregnant took the energy out of me. I lay my head on her bed and closed my eyes.


Half an hour later....

I heard foot steps coming in the room and someone crying, It was Harry. I lifted my head and put my finger up to my lips " shhhh , she's sleeping " i said getting up walking over to the door. He looked terrible. " she's not doing to good , she's not talking or eating. The doctors did a rape kit on her so she wont be pregnant" I said looking t\into Harry's red puffy eyes.  I looked behind him and seen the other boys, My heart raced when i seen Niall smiling at me.

I gave Harry a big hug before going back into the room, Pearl was awake. When she seen Harry she burst into tears. He raced to her side but she pushed him away, She lay on her side so no one could see her. The look on his face made my heart drop.

" Come on Lets give them some time together " i said to Liam, Zayn, Louis and Niall. I knew they would be tired and hungry so we went down to the cafeteria. I ordered coffees for them all and a few bowls of hot chips, I got a hot chocolate because i'm not allowed coffee. 

I took the number to our table and sat down , it was so empty in here. Thank god because it was getting really hot wearing these big jumpers.  I took my jumper off and sat there in my white t-shirt and black leggings  

. That's the one thing about being with a boy band , we get no privacy at all. As i sat in the canteen all i could think about was who could of done this, why her. Why my best friend. "The world is such a dangerous place " i said rubbing pumpkin , she kicked a little to let me know she was listening . "Hey , who are you talking to " i heard a sweet Irish accent say from beside me , i couldn't help but giggle to myself. " Forgot i wasn't alone " i said smiling turning to face him. " wow Nicole you're bug now " Louis said trying not to steer at my belly, "Louis " Liam said slapping his arm , " sorry " Louis said grabbing his arm rubbing it. " no , no its fine " i said smiling. After catching up with the boys our food had finely came out. The face the young girl made as she approached the table made me get nervous , What if she notices my belly, what if she sees the ring. Niall Noticed how nervous i was and grabbed my hand. She placed our food and drink's on the table and they all dug in. She stood there for a bit and looked at me. Not a bad look just a confused look looking down at my hand and back at me, she slowly made her way back to the kitchen.


10 minutes later...


I decided to go check my Facebook and twitter to see what everyone was up to. I had over 1000 friend requests on facebook , " Guess they found my facebook " i said laughing to myself. I looked through all my old friends from school. One of my closest friends Zoe got engaged to Jesse, oh god i remember in high school we use to think he was a sex god. I clicked on his facebook page a scrolled through his picture " Yep still a sex god " i said out loud without realizing. " What " they all said looking at me " Oh just this guy my friend from high school is engaged to. They all looked at me funny, Here ill show you a picture i said clicking on his profile picture. They just shook their heads and laughed at me. " But hes still not as hot as my man " i said kissing Niall's cheek " Thanks babe " he said smiling blushing a little. 

I couldn't help but think what would life be like if i was engaged to Niall Horan from one direction. Id probably still be with my ex Adam , even know he was one of my best friends it just didn't work out. I probably wouldn't be pregnant, wouldn't get any hate. id probably be clubbing every night  with Pearl or the other girls. Life would be perfect. 


I miss NZ, I  miss my friends, family, sun. 


We had finished the food and drinks and had made our way back to pearls room. Both hers and Harry's eyes were red and puffy. Harry quickly wiped the remanding tears off his face. " Have the neighbors rang about their car " Pearl said smiling "Ah noooooo " i said laughing. " I might  need to call the repair people though " i said rubbing the back of my neck, " What have you done " Liam said looking out the window. " Well you see , we only had one car and well pearl took it today and i had to find her so yeah " i said running my fingers through my hair " You stole a car" Louis said getting excited "haha yeah... kinda" "You go girl " zayn said high fiving me. 





Im now 32 weeks pregnant ( sorry for skipping ).

The doctor told me During this time Pumpkin sleeps most of the day. She  should weigh around  about 4 pounds. My uterus is getting to  too small for the her to move so that's why she hasn't been moving and kicking much. Shes still growing and her organs are continuing to mature. Zoe said shes going to be a little baby as i haven't put on much weight. 

Niall's coming home in like 2-3 weeks. They have some time off to have with their familys, lucky he'll be home around about the time i give birth.


Pearls all better now Her and Harry are still together skype every night. Perrie and Zayn are engaged now YAY!!! Liam and Dani broke up again and he was with some other bird but they're over to, thank god for that one, Louis and El are together still which is amazing!  My father had got married to Kristin in Vegas. Pearl and I were not happy at all. She has a little girl called Chloe who is 10. She's so spoiled. Bummer she got the guest room. Daddy still loves me , well i kinda told him if she got my room there wouldn't be an invite to the wedding or he wouldn't be able to see pumpkin, yes i know how selfish but im not having a brat taking my room. 


"Nicole , Zoes here " Pearl yelled form the bottom of the stairs "Okay ill be down soon " i said finishing off the french plait i was doing in my hair. My hair had grown so much since i was pregnant, was getting ready to cut it all off. It was past my bum. 


I slowly made my way down the stairs gripping onto the railing trying not to fall. " Morning Zoe " i said reaching the bottom step " Morning Nicole , Morning " she said with a big smile on her face. " So lets see how you've done with her room " " Well since then Niall had organized people to come around and do it up for a surprise for me  " i said feeling excited " But you wanna see the bassinet, We sold all of the stuff we ordered from babbies are us " Pearl said getting excited " Yeah Niall made us , but he let me pick the new bassinet " I said butting in. we slowly made our way up to mine and Nialls room. " There it is " Pearl said pointing to the bassinet in the corner  of the room.

"Aww isnt that cute " Zoe said going over to feel the fabric " Yeah Niall love it so thats why i picked it " i said smiling heading back down stairs. " im here to talk about you birth plan " "yes what about it " " well are you still sure on it " " yes i want a natural birth with Niall  by my side, Pearl is allowed in the room as well. I'll try water birth my cousin told me its relaxing so ill give it a go" " gezz you've got it all sorted it out dont you " Pearl said munching on a apple sitting on the couch arm. "Yep " i said giggling. " Ohh hold on ill skype Niall so he can be a part of this " i said getting my laptop clicking on skype. " Hey babe,Pearl oh and Zoe " Niall said waving at the camera. He was topless laying in his tour bus bed. " Are you on the road babe " i asked missing him so much " Yeah , waiting for gas " he said smiling " Anyways carry on zoe " i said looking at her.


She scanned my tummy and felt where pumpkin was. She wrote a few measurements down and left after half and hour. Niall had gone as well. All the boys including 5SOS joined in saying hi to us. " God them boys make me laugh " I said to pearl  who was still laughing at Micheal saying bonana really funny. The boys were tired and sick of traveling , Niall looked home sick and couldn't wait until he could come home.



Later that night ...


Pearls and i were sitting on the couch watching the Alan Carr chatty man on tv, We were cracking up " he's so funny " Pearl got out between laughs "hmmmm sure is " i said getting up walking to the kitchen. Something didn't feel right, My tummy got sore 

then i felt something run down my legs............






~Sorry this chapter took so long to write, ive been really busy and im lazy lol. 

OMG i seen 1D AND 5SOS live last week 10/10/13  so exciting! and now i have tonsillitis :/ oh well i very much enjoyed myself   <3 


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