Love at first sight

Nicole and Pearl have just finished their exams , they go to the beach to have some fun. what they don't know is they meet a famous boy band ( one direction ). will they find love? or will things get in the way? can they handle their new lives?
read and find out


44. shock

I was in shock that they both didn't know what lamb shanks were. I told them where the shank came from on the sheep and put extras on for them. Pearl sat there texting someone and talking to the girls.

Danielle and Eleanor looked interested in what i was doing. I got them to taste test all the sauces i put in. I put tinfoil over top of the dish i was cooking the lamb shanks in and put in the oven to cook. I poured the girls a wine and sat down outside on the deck watching the sun go down. 

No one said anything , but it was good and peaceful. As the last of the orange glow went behind the hill we made our way back in the house shutting the doors behind us. 

Pearl disappeared upstairs a while ago. " I think she's having a shower " Eleanor said sitting back down at the kitchen island on the stool. I opened the oven and checked the lamb, " Almost ready " i said smiling. 

I chopped up some potatoes and put them in a pot turning it on. I finely chopped the chives up and put them to the side u until the potatoes were cooked. 

Pearl came down stairs wrapped in a towel sniffing as she came into the kitchen " yum that smells so good "  I smiled at her as she sat down next to Eleanor and Danielle. 


The potatoes had finley cooked and they were ready to mash. I went into the fridge and got the milk and butter out. I cut about 25gms of butter and placed it in the drained pot of potatoes. The butter had melted so i poured in a little bit of milk mashing it as i went. I tipped the pile of chives in and mashed for a little longer. I put the mash on the middle of the plate and pulled the lamb shanks out of the oven. I took the tinfoil off. I placed one lamb shank on each pile of mashed potatoes and chives pouring some sauce on top. 

Pearl set the table before i came out of the kitchen with the plates of dinner. I placed the plates down in front of the three hungry girls waiting to eat.

Every bite Daniella had she would make a noise. I was a bit funny listening to her eating. She looked like she was really enjoying her meal. I finished and headed up to the shower. I turned the shower on and stood under the heat. I washed my hair with my special violet toning shampoo , it keeps my blonde stay blonde. I smelt like toffee. 

I got out of the shower dried myself down and put some shorts and Nialls top on. I walked downstairs and saw the girls looking at something on the laptop. I walked over and saw they were talking to the boys. I popped up in the background and yelled "HEY". Niall's face lit up.


We sat there talking for ages. Me and Niall didn't really talk much i was too busy staring into his eyes. I would blush every time he would catch me staring. It was getting really late in london. We said our goodbyes and shut the laptop down.

Eleanor slept in Louis bed, Danielle slept in Liam's bed.  I smiled every time i closed my eyes. I kept seeing Niall. I finally got to sleep about 10 minutes later.


I woke up to the smell of something burning. I hurried down stairs to see what was burning. Dani and El were cooking something. I quickly entered the kitchen and took the bacon out of the pan the had going. It was a little bit burnt, And when i mean a little i mean a lot. I shook my head at the laughing girls and carried on cooking for them. They looked like they had no idea what they were doing.


Later that day i was looking on the laptop looking at flights. I thought it would be nice if us five girls would surprise the boys. Eleanor rang perrie and told her what we were doing. I wasn't sure about perrie, seeing that she did cheat on zayn. But the past is the past.

I booked our tickets for tomorrow afternoon. I woke pearl up and told her the news. I didn't get much out of her as she doesn't like to be woken up. I went into my room and picked out two outfits one for today and one for tomorrow and packed my suitcase. This time leaving space for new clothes. 

We didn't do much that day. Danielle and Eleanor left to get packed. 


In the morning I put mine and Pearl's suitcase in the back of my jeep. I packed all the food in a box that would go off fast and put it in the front seat. I woke pearl up and told her to have a shower and brush her teeth. 

I waited about half an hour for pearl to get ready. We locked up and got in the car. 
" What's this for " pearl said holding the box of food up. " um i going to take it to the homeless shelter". Pearl looked really confused but nodded and looked out the window. 

We drove to Eleanor's places firsts picking her up. I helped her load her things in the back of the jeep. Pearl was a sleep in the front seat. " Shes normally not up at this time " i said to Eleanor, she just giggled and jumped in the back seat. She seemed very happy to be coming. 

The next stop is Danielle's house. she was sitting on her suitcase outside her house waiting. I tooted the horn at her. She jumped up and had a big smile on her face. 

I could tell she was excited to see Liam. I helped her put her bags in the back aswell and she jumped in next to Eleanor in the back. 

" So where's Perrie's house " i said turning down streets after streets. " Um turn down here and then her house is the one on the end of the street " Danielle said pointing where to go. 

I finally pulled up at a biggish house. She must have lived with someone else because the house looked too big just for one person. 

I tooted the horn and waited for her to come outside. I got out of the car and introduced myself. I helped her with her bags and got back in the car. It got really quiet in the car. I turned the radio on   I turned around to see them all smiling. I turned it up a bit louder and started singing. Pearl woke up and looked at me funny. " Oh perrie , this is Pearl " i said looking back at her smiling. Pearl turned her head over the chair and smiled. 


We arrived at the airport and got our boarding passes. A few people recognised who we were but just left us alone. We got on the plane and our long flight began. 


We flew all the way to the US. They were in Atlantic city New Jersey. The boys had told us where they were staying. We were so excited to see them. We had top be really sneaking about getting in the hotel without getting seen. We got seen by Paul  We quickly made a run for it, Hoping he wouldn't of recognised us. We were giggling so much that he found us hiding from him. 

" Oh hey girls " he said turning that frown upside down. " Hey Paul " we all said quietly

" what are you doing here " he asked looking confused. " Um we're surprising the boys " Eleanor said smiling." " Oh ok , just making sure you weren't fans." he said walking away. 

We walked back down the corridor looking for there rooms. 


Pearls P.O.V

after getting caught by Paul we were ready to see the boys. I missed Harry so much. I got to his door and waited outside. I took a deep breath in and opened the door. 

My jaw dropped 

Tears started to form in my eyes.

" FUCK YOU HARRY " i yelled running out of the door slamming it shut. 


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