Love at first sight

Nicole and Pearl have just finished their exams , they go to the beach to have some fun. what they don't know is they meet a famous boy band ( one direction ). will they find love? or will things get in the way? can they handle their new lives?
read and find out


60. scan


" Miss Smith " the nurse said holding her clipboard up looking around the room. I looked at pearl and exhaled loudly, " i'm so nervous " i said walking into the room." You've got nothing to worry about " The nurse said looking at the paper work. Pearl sat on the seat beside the bed, she had the camera going already. " Well today is Nicole's first scan and we find out how many weeks she is and find out how many there are " Pearl said into the camera facing her, i couldn't help but laugh at her. I waved and smiled at the camera.


" alright then, i'm going to put this jelly on your tummy , now its going to be a little cold " the nurse said. " this is Nicole's nurse, and her name is kathy " Pearl said into the camera and pointing it at me.  "and this is your baby " Pearl pointed the camera at the tv that had a image of the baby on it.


I could see on the T.V  a little person. "By the looks of your baby your 10 weeks pregnant sweetheart " kathy said moving the thing around my belly. "Wow i didn't know i was that far along " i said confused. " Must be the milk mans " Pearl said laughing her head off making the camera shake around a bit. " haha now funny " i said making funny faces in the camera. 


Kathy gave me lots of pamphlets about antenatal classes and mothers groups, and  took some pictures of the scan and gave them to me before we left the clinic. " next stop furniture shop " I said smiling getting into the car. " So are you excited " Pearl asked reading the pamphlets kathy gave me. " Well considering it was planed not really " i said trying to consecrated on the road. " do you even give a shit Nicole " see asked flicking through same pages, " not really " i said getting pissed off with all her question " are you being Fucking serious " pearl yelled putting down the pamphlets looking at me. 


I pulled the hand break up sopping the car in mid traffic, " excuse me , if you dont like it THEN FUCKING GET OUT OF MY CAR " i screamed angrily, i could feel my temper rise as she just sat there " FINE " she said grabbing her bag opening the door and getting out.  I was so pissed off with her i drove off.




Pearl's P.O.V


I cant believe she just did that. She kicked me out of the car in the snow and in traffic. I don't know if its just the hormones or what but its freezing cold outside.  I was on the high way and cars were driving around me. I quickly got off the road and went in the near by cafe. Once inside everyone looked at me. It was so warm inside, i can now warm up.  went up to the counter and ordered a coffee." ahh miss , why were you standing on the high way just a second ago " a older woman asked sitting next to me. " Long story, " i said trying to act nice. 


After talking to the old lady fro about an hour i thought id ring someone to come get me. I dialed her number and waited for her to answer. " Hello ," her sweet British accent answered , " El , can you come get me from that little cafe by the high way please " i asked hoping she would come get me. " Pearl? , um yeah sure of course wont be long" she said hanging up the phone. 


After about 20 minuets Eleanor showed up, I got out of my chair and quickly mad it over to her car waving good bye to the old lady i had been talking to. " Pearl what happened " Eleanor asked as i clicked my seat belt in. " Well Nicole being pregnant and all you kinda gotta watch what you say to her or you might get kicked out of her car in the middle of traffic " i said , now that i think of it, its a bit funny now. Eleanor looked like she was trying to keep her laughter in, " its okay you van laugh " i said laughing at her. " Is she really that bad " el said trying to make conservation, " Yes , just wait until you drop me home " i said laughing.



When we arrived home the door was wide open " Nicole " i yelled trying to find her, i could hear rustling coming from the kitchen , " nicole " i said questioningly. El was right behind me with a bat ready. " what are you up to " i said turning around looking at her weird, " what if it  isn't her " she said acting weird. 

When we turned the corner there Nicole was sitting on the kitchen floor eating cheese burgers from McD's. " What the hell Nicole " i said holding my hair out of my face " what im hungry as " she said smiling with pickle on her teeth. I could hear Eleanor giggling away to her self behind me , " shhhh" i said looking back at Nicole could lose it at any second, but thank god she didn't hear her. " alright i'm off then Eleanor said laughing on her way out.


" So what did you get up to today " Nicole asked me getting off the ground, "ummmm , went to a cafe and talked to some old lady " i said so confused, " ah what did you do " i asked  " well i was on my way to do something and forgot and got hungry so i got those " she said pointing to the ground. 


" so you keen to go furniture shopping tomorrow " Nicole asked with a massive smile on her face....








Hey guys sorry its really short and sorry my last chapters have been a little short ive been rushed doing them and ive got writers block at the moment ahhhhh! :)

Next chapter i write will be more exciting and longer. 

Please Like favorite and comment , i love to hear feedback and id love it if you want me to add things in this story , any thing you would like to happen , anything you would like me to mention as well , well i hope you enjoy :) 

love you <3 

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