Love at first sight

Nicole and Pearl have just finished their exams , they go to the beach to have some fun. what they don't know is they meet a famous boy band ( one direction ). will they find love? or will things get in the way? can they handle their new lives?
read and find out


52. road trip

" NICOLE ...."

"nicole . Nicole...."

" Wake up , babe we're here. "

I slowly opened my eyes to see Niall looking down at me. He had his blue snap back on , grey skinny jeans on and a white tank top. I closed my eyes and rubbed them. When i reopened them Niall was smiling at me, He kissed me gently and helped me sit up. 

"Your up sleepy head " Pearl said looking back at me from the drivers seat. 

"Where are we " i said looking out the window. Pearl was driving somewhere,i was in the back with Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam. Harry was in the front seat with pearl looking as confused as me.

" Look " Pearl said pointing at the sky tower. " Are we driving to Nelson " i asked kinda pissed off. 

" Yep " Zayn said looking out the window with his head resting on his hand on the window sill.

"Great " i asked doing the same thing as Zayn was on the window next to me. Niall wrapped his arm around me and kissed me on the cheek. 

After driving for about 8 hours now i was getting bored. I looked around and everyone looked bored , even Harry. " I'm hungry " Niall moaned. I looked at him and smiled. " I need to pee " i said getting all jumpy. I knew pearl wouldn't stop so i had to make something up. And we don't really need to listen to Niall moaning about how hungry he was. We were in Wellington now. " can we stop for the night " Louis said hanging over the seat to pearl. 

She looked behind her and saw us all looking at her with puppy eyes. " Fine " she said turning into a hotel. "Yay " everyone cheered. We all piled out of the van and ran inside of the hotel. Its 9:46pm. I went up to the front desk and talked to the lady. " Yes hi can i book 3 rooms. Two with one king bed and one with threes beds. " They lady looked at me and smiled. " I'm sorry all we've got is the penthouse suit, which has five kind sized beds, five rooms and an en-suit in each room" I looked at the lady and smile. " We'll take it "i said handing over my card. The lady had a big smile on her face and gave me my card back and gave me the pin thing.

I turned around to see the boys soaking wet and had our bags. Pearl was soaking wet as well but not as wet. I smiled at them and showed them the room card. 

The lady took us to our room and let us look around. " Okay boys go pick your rooms and have a shower " i said looking at them all smiling. " Niall get us a good room " i yelled grabbing our bags.

Everything went silent , I looked at Pearl and she had the same worried face as me.We ran into the rooms and all the boys were looking out their windows looking at the view.

 I walked over to Niall and smacked his bum, i got on my tippy toes and whispered in his ear. " Babe lets have a shower " i whispered. His eyes widened and he grabbed my hand pulling me into the shower. I turned the shower on warm while Niall got undressed. He came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. I slowly took my dress off and stood there in just my underwear.

Niall's eyes lit up, he had a big grin on his face. He came closer and slowly pulled my underwear down leaving me naked. He picked me up wrapping my legs around his torso, Our foreheads touched as we looked into each-others eyes. He slowly walked into the free-falling shower. 

He had pined me up against the shower wall, grinding and kissing me hard. His erection growing, i could feel it on my leg. " I want you now " he whispered in my ear. He slammed it into me making me scream in pleasure, He was so big it hurt, but after about 30 seconds the pain turned into pleasure.

He hit my G-spot over and over again, each time id scream and moan in pleasure. I could see Niall was about to reach his climax, " faster " i whispered " Harder " i yelled , his eyes were big his smile was huge. He closed his eyes and slammed it into me hard before reaching his climax.

He looked tired , we stayed in the shower for another 10 minuets. We held each other clean our body's. we had a soap fight as well. I could see myself with Niall for the rest of my life.The way he looked after me when i was sick, every time i walked in the room he would smile and blush.

We got out of the shower and wrapped ourselfs in a towel. I had that funny feeling again in my tummy, like i was going to spew. I looked in the mirror and my face was pale. " Fuck " i said grabbing a hair tie, tying my hair up and opening the toilet lid. Niall stood there looking at me. The lump in my throat grew bigger. 

I keeled on the ground in front of the toilet. " What are you doing babe, are you okay " Niall said standing there looking at me. I was about to say something when my mouth filled with vomit, it poured into the toilet, My eyes were watering. I didn't want Niall to see me like this. I tried to push him away but he just sat down next to me rubbing my back. " Get it all out Hun " he said patting my back.

When i was finished he grabbed a wet facecloth and wiped my face. I was so lucky to have him. I could barley walk or move so he picked me up and carried me to our room. Everyone looked at us funny. I hid my face in Niall's chest as we walked past everyone. He put me into bed and put one of  his tops on me. 

" I'm fine " i said looking up at him, " No babe, your sick "He said getting into bed with me laying next to me. Niall lay there playing with my hair making sure i was okay." Niall , " in said looking up at him " yeah babe ", " i'm hungry, can you call room service " i said holding my tummy as it rumbled.

He just looked at me. He shook his head and laughed. " Pizza , cookies , milk oh and some cake " i yelled as Niall went to the living room to ring room service.


It took about half an hour for them to ring me my food. I don't know why i was so hungry. Niall brought in the food and sat on the bed watching me eat. I got up to go use the bathroom when i realized. I knocked over my toilet bag, some tampon's fell out. I quickly got my phone out and texted Pearl. 

To Pearl : I think i'm pregnant

From pearl : What!!!!! do you need me to get you some test?

To pearl : yes please and make it quick.

i waited in the bathroom for about 10 minuets. I was scared i was pregnant. I was pacing around the room think.  I heard a knock on the door " who is it " i yelled , " Pearl , hurry up and open the door " i ran over and let her in. I could see Niall wasn't on the bed anymore.

Pearl stayed in the bathroom while i took the test. I quickly peed on the stick and waited five minuets to see my result. 

Pearl and i looked at each other when the timer went off. I grabbed the test and closed my eyes. i steadied  my breathing and turned over the test.

A tear ran down my face as i saw the pink positive sign. I looked up at pearl and and she had a blank expression on her face. " Shit , Nicole , what are you going to do" She said sitting next to me on the bath. " Well i guess i have to tell him " i said not knowing what to say.

" okay then , i'll leave you to think about what to say " Pearl said leaving the bathroom.



Niall's P.O.V 

I was sitting in the living room with the boys when Pearl came out of the bathroom. Something was wrong, i could feel it. The way she looked at me, it was like fear. Nicole hadn't came out yet. Had i done something wrong. 

I got interrupted in my thought by Liam , " Mate , whats up " i just looked at him not knowing what to say , i decided to shrug my shoulders. 

We all sat there watching the movie on tv, Cast away. It was suck a sick movie. Louis and Liam sat next to me on the sofa, Zayn sat on the lazy boy sitting with his legs hanging off the side, and Pearl and harry sat on each other on the other lazy boy. 

I heard the door open and shut, i looked at Pearl who was looking up. I turned around to see Nicole with tear streaks on her face.  

" Um , Niall can i speak with you ' she said quietly looking down at the ground. I followed her outside eon the deck. She had something in her hand, but i couldn't see what it was. " Nicole, your scaring me " i said looking into her red eyes. I could tell she had been crying. " i- i'm pregnant " She said looking at me, now with tear's in her eyes. she's Pregnant , that's what kept going over in my head. " Are you sure " i asked rubbing my head.   She opened her hand and gave me the pregnancy test.

It had a positive pink sign on it. " Your dad's going to kill me " i said pulling her in for a hug, hugging her tight. That made her laugh a bit. I slipped the test in my back pocket and grabbed her hand walking back inside. 

Everyone looked at us, Pearl looked at Nicole and  gave her a look , Nicole smiled and nodded her head."  I guess Pearl knows " i said to Nicole. She turned around and kissed me. 

I put Nicole to bed and kissed her goodnight. The boys would want to know what happening.

i sat back on the couch. I had my head in my hands rubbing my face.

" i'm going to be a dad " i said looking at everyone.

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