Love at first sight

Nicole and Pearl have just finished their exams , they go to the beach to have some fun. what they don't know is they meet a famous boy band ( one direction ). will they find love? or will things get in the way? can they handle their new lives?
read and find out


63. Pumpkin


As me and Pearl sat in the car with crazy fans out side , we clung to each other. I felt my stomach turn, i forgot i hadn't had morning sickness yet. " fuck " i said looking around the car for something to spew in. " Whats wrong " Pearl said looking at me funny. I could feel the lump in my throat get bigger. The fans got louder and louder. They were screaming insults at us and saying all sorts. 

I could see flashing red and blue lights in the distance. " Thank god " i said still looking for a bag or something. I found a plastic bag on the back seat. "Im so sorry , " i said chucking in the bag, i felt pearls hand on my back rubbing and patting it. " Let it all out " she said running up and down. She took off her jersey and wiped my face for me, my mascara was running down my face and i had a little spew on my face, i was glad she was my best friend.


The screaming stopped when the cops came over and almost arrested a few, They even had to pull some way from the car and rang their parents. " Please tell me your not letting Pumpkin do that when it grows up " Pearl said looking at me , " you named my baby pumpkin " i asked trying no to laugh. " Well , we cant just call pumpkin it , that's just rude " She said 


I was about to say something but i go interrupted by the police officer knocking on the window, " Excuse me , are you two alright " she asked looking at us , " yeah thanks for your help " i said smiling at her " your welcome " she said walking off. 


Pearl started the car and drove off, " ew what do i do with this bag " i said holding it up hoping it wouldn't drip. " um , here " she said grabbing off me and chucking it out the window. I watched as it exploded out the window on the road. " I missed London when we were in NewZealand " Pearl said turning the radio on. " Yeah me too " i said looking out the window. "But now i miss them " she said sounding sad , " yeah same " i said rubbing pumpkin. 


We pulled up to our new house , " god i love this place " i said getting out of the car locking to door." Me too " she said almost running over to the door unlocking it, " I love that new home smell " i said shutting the door behind me. I went over and sat on the new couch pulling the blanket over me, " Whats on tv" pearl yelled from the kitchen , I flicked on the tv and flicked through the channels " ooohhh that dance show you like is on " i yelled back , " wow im right here , no need to yell " pearl said laughing sitting next to me on the couch. " i love this show " she said pulling her legs up on the couch, " i know you do , your always going on about it " i said rolling my eyes at her, " have you checked the emails yet " she asked eyes glued on the tv, " no , but i will for you " i said getting up walking to the office grabbing the laptop.


I was walking out of the office when something caught my eye. I walked back in and tuned the light back on , I picked up the photo frame and looked at the picture, the picture was when we first met the boys , maybe a week after we met them. Before any of us went out, we looked so happy. It was all of us , i was on Niall's back and Pearl was on Louis back , Zayn, Liam and Harry were on the sand looking up at the camera. One of my favorite memories. I took a picture of it and put it on twitter


 @NiallOfficial @Harry_styles @Louis_Tomlinson @Real_Liam_Payne @ZaynMalik Remember this xoxox 


i giggled and put the picture back down and went back into the lounge, I sat next to Pearl and logged into our email account , " OMG Pearl " i said getting really excited , " What " she said still not looking away from the tv , " You got it " i said smiling at her , " got what " she said finely looking away from the tv , " The studio " i said laughing at her , " fuck off i did , your just kidding right " she said grabbing the laptop off me looking at the email over and over. " I'm the new owner of the London dance studio" she said sounding very happy , I just shook my head and looked at the tv. I seen my screen light up on the coffee table , i picked it up and seen it was twitter, i clicked on the message, i smiled when i seen who replied to my tweet, 

@NiallOfficial @Collys816 Yes babe , one of my favorite memories x, miss you xoxox 


I couldn't help but smile some more, i love him so much, " Nicole , when are you and Niall going to get married " pearl asked still on the laptop." i dont know why is that " i said thinking about the whole marriage thing, " Just wondering " she said handing me back the laptop shutting it i looked at my phone and noticed it was 12"03am." okay , well im off to sleep now " i said getting off the couch going to my room. I logged into skype and left the laptop on the bed. I grabbed my towel from the end of the bed frame and headed to my bathroom. I loved the pressure of the shower water, it massaged my back as i stood under it. I used my favorite vanilla body wash and strawberry shampoo. 


I got dressed in my winter PJ's and went back into my room. I put the laptop on the bed side table and got into bed. I pulled the duvet cover up over my shoulders and fell asleep. 


I woke up to the sound of my skype going off. I rubbed my eyes and picked the laptop up and sit it on the bed in front of me. I looked at the time on the bottom of the laptop, 3:26am, i  smiled when i seen a sexy Irish man on my screen. " Hey babe " he said smiling at me , " hey " i said in a morning voice, " did i wake you hun " he asked looking like he was sorry , "yeah but it doesn't matter" i said smiling , " im just happy to see you " i said  blushing " me too , i miss you so much " he said looking serious " we miss you too " i smiling , " who " he asked looking confused, " me and pumpkin " i said giggling to myself. " pumpkin " he said again giggling as well , " yeah Pearls doing " i said smiling and shaking my head, " how did she get pumpkin " he asked getting interested " well tonight we went to the movies and after we got chased by your crazy fans, so we lock our selfs in the car and waited for the cops to arrive, and then i got morning sickness but it was at night , anyways she said Please tell me your not letting Pumpkin do that when it grows up " i said trying not to laugh , " im so sorry hun , im really sick of the fans " he said getting really angry , " niall , those fans love you and dont want to share you with us " i said trying to calm him down. " alright babe , i think i should yet you get some more sleep, love you and Pumpkin lots " he said waving at the camera " love you too " i said waving as well.


I shut the laptop and shifted back into the bed. " we love you pumpkin " i said rubbing my belly 

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