Love at first sight

Nicole and Pearl have just finished their exams , they go to the beach to have some fun. what they don't know is they meet a famous boy band ( one direction ). will they find love? or will things get in the way? can they handle their new lives?
read and find out


37. passing out


I woke up to the feeling of someone touching my face. I opened my eyes and saw Jack standing over me smiling. I cringed and stood up trying to get away from him. He grabbed my arm and pulled me closer he forced his lips on mine. I pulled away, i pulled my hand out and slapped him. His eyes got even darker, he got an evil look on his face. I stepped away and then i felt it.

  His fist smashed into my face pushing me back. I felt my cheeks heating up as it swell. Tears poured from my eyes as he kept punching my face. I could hardly see . My eyes had swollen now.

I feel to the ground and he started kicking me until i pass out.   


I could feel him moving his hands up and down my legs. I cried as he raped me over and over. I didn't make a sound.

After he had finished he got up and left. He left me a plate of food every night. I didn't eat anything.  Its now been 1 week since he had taken me. He had beaten me until i pass out every night.  

  Niall's P.O.V 

Its been a week now. Where could he have taken her i whispered. Every night i would sleep in her bed cuddling with her pillow. I missed her smell, smile and her. It was hard enough that she was in a coma but now shes been taken.

I would cry myself to sleep every night  Even before she had been taken i would cry myself to sleep , having her not remembering us was hard.  I heard someone come in and sit next me me.

" Hey buddy, dinners cooked if you wanna come get some" It was Liam.

" I'm not hungry  i said facing him fake smiling.

 "Niall you need to eat, i know its hard times but your getting to thin you need to eat" he said rubbing my back.

" Liam how did you do it, you know when you and danielle broke up "

He took a deep breath and smiled at me "  time buddy, time " " do you think we'll ever find her" i said sitting up in bed

. " i'm not sure, we hope they find her soon" he said putting his arms around me   

Pearl's P.O.V

I hope they find that low life ceep and find Nicole as well i said to everyone at the dinner table. Liam was up stairs with Niall seeing if he was okay. Hes not doing well ,he  hasn't really came out of her room this whole time, hasn't eaten anything either.

I haven't seen him much but Liam tells us he's getting thin. The police haven't given up on her yet, its been a sleepless week. We had a fight before she left, i feel really bad, i need my best friend back i said looking down at my food. After the car crash and her getting a brain bleed, going into a coma things have been really hard. We all miss her.  

Jacks P.O.V

she hasn't eaten,  not once. I'd give her food when i leave and it would be there, where i left it when i get back. I walked into the room she was in, She was lying on the ground.

She never said anything even when we made love. She doesn't remember me at all. After that night we had sex at the party i knew from that point she was the one i would marry and she would be the mother of my children.

"Nicole, why haven't you eaten" i said sitting down next to her.

"I'm , i'm not hungry" she said in an almost whisper sounding really scared. 

"you need to eat to keep your strength" i said kissing her forehead. 

She moved away and looked to the broken windows. I hated when she did this. I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her back over, this time i saw the tears in her eyes. I laughed at how pety she look

. " Don't you cry you slut. It messes your pretty little face" i yelled at her.

She cringed and flinched. She put her hand up to her face and covered it. 

"Since i'm going to die here can i have one last phone call"      

She said with tears pouring down her face.     I looked at my phone and smiled at her. "sure babe" said throwing it at her hitting her face . I grabbed her chin and made her look at me " any funny business and your dead"        

Nicole's P.O.V

I carefully thought about what to say. I nodded to what he said.

I picked up the phone and started dialing a number it rang 5 times before someone answered.


Hello their sweet Irish accent answered.  

Niall's P.O.V

We were all sitting around the kitchen table. Liam dragged me down stairs. Everyone stopped and looked at me. I sat down on the stall next to pearl and Zayn.

I felt my phone vibrate, I picked it up and looked at it the number unknown

I answered anyways "Hello"  "Hi Niall" she said her voice so innocent and sweet " N-Nicole '

My heart was beating fast, i almost spewed up.

' Niall i love you, can  you tell everyone i love them as well" she said sounding so quiet and upset.

" i love you to, where are you?" i said grabbing my keys.

"Tell pearl remember when i first got my license and when we use to go driving" She sounded so distant

  " Nicole , where are you" i asked again. "good bye Niall"

and with that i heard the phone being cut off. I sank into my chair with tears in my eyes. 

" was that " pearl started , i cut her off and nodded "what did she say " pearl said getting up " she said she loves us and she told me to tell you something about you two going driving somewhere when she first got her license"i said going into the kitchen

 " I know where she is" pearl said   

  Pearl's P.O.V 

I picked my phone up and rang jamie. " The abandoned house thats where they are " i said before hanging up I called the police and told them as well. I grabbed my keys and ran outside to get into the car Followed by The boys.  Niall,zayn and liam came with me.  Louis,Harry and her father in the other car.    

Nicole's P.O.V 

it was cold and wet, i could hear the thunder banging outside. The roof leaked so i was getting wet. I haden eating in a week and a half now so i was passing out regularly  Jack still beat and raped my everynight. He took my crutches away so i couldn't walk.

I was cold ,

i was wet,

i was hungry.   

    Niall's P.O.V 

We pulled up at this house. It was surrounded by a corn field  We waited for the police to arrived before we went in. They came not so longer than when we got here.

 I couldn't take this anymore. I got out of the car and run up to the house. There he was sitting on a chair in the first room facing her. I couldn't see her , she was in the dark corner.

Jack stood up and faced me. Those cold dark eyes. I grabbed my fists and punched his face so hard. He fell to the ground, i grabbed him by his top and beat him.

I felt a hand on my shoulder it was jamie, he had all the boys with him. I let go of Jack and ran to get Nicole. I couldn't see her face but when i picked her up she screamed in pain. 

I carried her outside to where her dad was waiting for us. Her body lifeless. When we got outside i saw the bruises , her swollen face. It broke my heart to see her like this. Her clothes ripped and dirty. Nicole was cold and wet. She was thin. 


  I watched as the ambulance took her away.   

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