Love at first sight

Nicole and Pearl have just finished their exams , they go to the beach to have some fun. what they don't know is they meet a famous boy band ( one direction ). will they find love? or will things get in the way? can they handle their new lives?
read and find out


18. Party time.


The next day we woke up on the couch, i rubbed my eyes and got my to go make some breakfast. I made Pancakes with jam and cream. Yum pearl yelled walking in the kitchen , she sat on  the bench watching me cook.

We sat at the living room table and ate together. She scoffed her pancakes down and wanted more. I shook my head and laughed at her. She had jam running down her hands and all over her face. 

She rushed up stairs while i was cleaning up , she jumped in the shower. Typical i said to myself as i had to clean everything up. I rolled my eyes and carried on cleaning up. By the time she had finished in the bathroom i had finish cleaning up. I gave her  a glare and laughed as i walked up stairs and had a shower. 

I washed my hair with my strawberry shampoo and washed my body down with my vanilla bean body wash. I loved the way it made me smell. I wrapped my hair up in a towel and wrapped a towel around my body before walking out the door and down to the kitchen to get my phone. I had 3 messages and 1 missed call. All from Niall, the messages read 1) Morning babe , miss you lots 2) Whats your plans for today? when can we come back? Harry's missing Pearl. 3)Hello babe you there?   

I guess i missed me to , i looked up to see Pearl smiling at me, She had her phone in her hand. She showed me a text from Harry , Morning hun, missed you last night xx see you later 

I smiled at her making my way up the stairs to get ready for tonight. I picked out a white dress that half the back was cut out and in the missing back there was 3 bows tied in the middle. With the dress i wore some white heels. I chucked on some sweatpants and a hoddie while getting the place ready. Pearl wore the same thing. We cleaned the whole house up , put the Alcohol in the fridge and got the BBQ ready. We hung fairy lights up outside and around the deck. Pearl got the small fire ready on the deck. She put chairs around the fire and came back inside. We had invited all the boys friends. 

The party started at 8:00pm it was only 6:30pm. God i hate waiting Pearl yelled. Should we stared getting ready then i said looking at her smiling. We ran up stairs and put our clothes on. I put my dress and heels on. Pearl came in my room wearing black high-waster jeans with a black singlet on and a see through blue 3/4 top tucked in and her blue heels. We would all ways get ready together in my room. 

I pulled out my Make-up box and opened it up. On the dresser. Pearl sat down in my chair and i did her make-up and hair. I applied a small amount of foundation on her and but blue eye shadow on her eyes. Her Dark brown hair straightened, it reached half way down her back. 

She did my hair and make-up , she curled my blonde and brown hair and pined it to the side , so half was curled down my shoulder and the other half pined so it was on the side, She did smokey eye on me. 

We looked in the mirror and took a few pictures PARTY TIME she yelled. We laughed and laughed. It was now 8:00pm , you poured pearl a drink of vodka mix and waited for people to come around. 


Ding dong , the door bell rang. I ran over and answered it. It was Olly , Ed ,Josh , Danny and Ant. I welcomed them in my house and poured them a drink. I showed them around and showed them the keg. 

We waited for a few more people turned up before telling the boys to come around. I turned the lights off and waited to see the lights of the car. 

everyone hid behind the couches and rooms, Me and Pearl sat on the couch and smiled at each other. 

We heard the car pull up and the doors shutting, we giggled as we heard the foot steps coming to the front door. 

The door slowly opened ,

Um Nicole , Pearl were are you Liam said slightly worried.

Louis turned the lights on and everyone jumped out and yelled SURPRISE 

Harry and Niall almost jumped right out of their pants. Everyone laughed and went back to dancing and talking. 

Me and Pearl ran over to Niall and Harry and gave them big hugs, then we hugged Liam ,Louis and Zayn.

we pulled them in and shut the door. I poured them a drink each and took Niall's hand and pulled him outside, I could see Pearl laughing with harry, Louis was talking to Olly , zayn was talking to Danny and Liam was taking to some other the other people here. 

Me and Niall stood outside looking at the moon talking. I could see him looking at me from the corner of my eye. I turned to face him, he picked me up and i wrapped my legs around his waist. He slowly placed me on the table and started kissing me passionately. He was slowly moving his hand up and down my leg. My hands tangled in his hair, this moment couldn't get any better.  


We must of been outside for a while , when we went back inside everyone was drunk, really drunk. Pearl  was running around the house in her underwear followed by harry who was naked , fully naked . 

I turned and face Niall who was looking at me. We laughed, i shook my head and sighed.

I poured me and Niall some shots , we shot them down and laughed every time we had a funny face.  we were having so much fun, we didn't realize we were so drunk. we laughed and laughed at each other.

I ran upstairs and run into my room followed my Niall , i grabbed my bikinis and stared undressing in front of Niall. His jaw dropped as i pulled my panties down. I smiled at him and slipped my bikini bottoms on before taking my bra off. I asked Niall if he could tie the back up. 

we ran down stairs and up into the Jacuzzi. I turned the jets on full and jumped in next to Niall. Not long after we jumped in Harry and Pearl came running in. The jumped in the Jacuzzi with us , harry had his boxers on now.

All four of us were very drunk. We laughed and laughed the whole time we were in the Jacuzzi. Niall pulled me out and pulled me upstairs into my room. He pulled me against him and started hooking up with me. 

I'm going to miss you a lot Nicole , i think i'm starting to fall for you.

I felt a lump in my throat form and tears forming in my eyes.

I dont want you to go Niall , im going to miss you so much.

I dont know why but i was crying , Niall just hugged me , at this point things stared getting really heated up.  I threw him on the bed and took my bikini off. I pulled his boxers off and slowly grinned on him.  

He rolled me over so i was on the bottom and slowly kissed my body, He made his way down and placed his fingers inside of me. I let out a little moan and he came back up and kissed me.

He slipped it in and moved up and down slowly, still kissing me. As he went faster i started Moaning louder and louder. I rolled him on the bottom and i made my way to the top. I was going faster and harder, he let out Moans and groans. He went back on top to finish off. i was screaming and moaning, which made him go deeper. He reached his climax and kissed me before pulling out.

He wrapped his arms around me me before we both fell asleep. 

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