Love at first sight

Nicole and Pearl have just finished their exams , they go to the beach to have some fun. what they don't know is they meet a famous boy band ( one direction ). will they find love? or will things get in the way? can they handle their new lives?
read and find out


48. Not okay

I had to do something to stop this madness but i didn't know what to do.  I sat on the couch in the hotel room by myself i thought of all the things i could of done to stop this. " We should have never of came"   i heard a voice coming for the hallway.

I looked over to see pearl crying sitting outside her room. " I really don't know what to do about this Pearl " i said walking over to her sitting down next to her. " I know what you feel like , its horrible what he did to you. I wanted to kill Demi when i found out about Niall cheating on me " I said rubbing her back. 

" You don't know how this feels, you didn't walk in on them fucking " she shouted at me. 

I felt tears forming and the lump in my throat getting bigger. I quickly moved my head when the tear fell, " You know what Pearl, you can get fucked " i said getting up and running out of the room. 

"whatever " Pearl said getting up and going outside on the deck. I watched as she took a cigarette out of a packet and lighting it up. 

I decided to go over to Harry's room to talk to him.  I knocked on his door but no answer, the door was unlocked , the door creaked open a bit. It was dark and smelt musty in here. " Harry " i said in a inside voice. No answer , I started to freak out, i seen a light on in his room , i felt butterflies in my tummy. I knew something was up. I ran into his room to see Harry lying on his floor. " HARRY " I screamed i ran over to him and fell on the ground next to him, i checked if he was breathing , just breathing.

I quickly rang 911 , Louis and Liam ran in. "HARRY " they both screamed." Stay here with him" i said   "Where are you going " Liam said sounding scared. "going to get the others" i said running out of the room. 

I ran into Zayn's room, everyone was in there " Its Harry " i said they looked at me with fear in their eyes. I ran back into harry's room to she the ambulance crew standing over harry. I noticed a small white box under harry's bed. 

I reached under and grabbed it. It had Kate pipers name on it. I looked in side of the small box. Pills lots and lots of pills. I didn't recognized the pills but i grabbed them and took them with me.

Harry was wheeled out to the ambulance wait for him down stairs. When the fans seen harry on the bed they all cried and backed away from him. Most of them were crying wondering what had happened.


We all watched as the ambulance took harry away, i looked over to Louis who had a tear in his eye. I walked over and gave him a massive hug. 

"Everything's going to be ok lou " i heard a voice coming from behind us say, It was a little girl aged maybe  7 or 8. Louis smiled and hugged her.

Paul pulled up in front of us in the van, " get in " he said opening the van door pointing at us. " Thanks Paul " i said sitting next to him in the front.



Harry's P.O.V

I woke up in the hospital with everyone around me with red puffy eyes. " w- what happened " i finely got out " my mouth was so dry all i wanted was water. " Well , the stupid hoe Katie has been drugging you mate " zayn said clenching his  fists.  


I couldn't think of who Katie was. 


I looked around the room , all the girls were here accepted from pearl. I took a sip of the water Louis handed me, " who's Katie and wheres Pearl " i Asked looking around the room at everyone. Everyone looked at each other and looked to the ground not knowing what to say. " Well come on , sit it out " i  said getting a weird feeling. 

"Well While you were high on the drugs Katie drugged you on you cheated on Pearl , "  Louis said then Nicole interpreted " then when me and the girls came to surprise the boys , she walked in on you and hoe "  I felt my heart sink , the lump in my throat form and tears running down my face. " i - i cheated on the woman i love " i said holding the sobs back.  " Harry things have changed , shes not the same girl anymore " Eleanor said walking over to me. " What , what do you mean " i asked getting even more worried.

"Well , shes cut her hair and got a new style and she started smoking "Nicole said sounding angry." Oh " i said felling like the biggest loser ever. " I'm kinda tired guys , so i'm going g to get some sleep " i said rolling over closing my eyes.



Nicole's P.O.V

The drive home was very quiet, Louis and Eleanor stayed at the hospital with harry, Liam Phoned the police and told them about what had happened. ow it was my turn to tell Pearl what happened.I knew she was going to be so angry and up set about this whole thing. 

They tightened the security so know one could even come onto the 12th floor, they had someone standing outside each of our rooms. No fans were allowed near the hotel. They postponed they concerts for the week. They boys weren't allowed to leave the hotel.  It was madness.

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