Love at first sight

Nicole and Pearl have just finished their exams , they go to the beach to have some fun. what they don't know is they meet a famous boy band ( one direction ). will they find love? or will things get in the way? can they handle their new lives?
read and find out





~Hey guys KIWICOLE here :) , if you would like me to read any of your stories just email me, or tweet me @collys816 or leave a comment saying what you would like me to read :) 


im sorry i haven't been posting much, im in my fourth year at high school so its another big year for me so ive been concentrating  a lot more on school work. I promise you i will write every night and post when i can, im trying to make my chapters longer and more exciting. 


If you have any ideas or and stories just contact me and ill try my best :D


Love you all , <3





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