Love at first sight

Nicole and Pearl have just finished their exams , they go to the beach to have some fun. what they don't know is they meet a famous boy band ( one direction ). will they find love? or will things get in the way? can they handle their new lives?
read and find out


24. Nightmare




As we drove off to the airport, hand in hand with Niall i looked out the window watching the Young animals playing in the feilds of green. Pearl and Harry kepted looking at each other and smiling.

You okay babe Niall whispered in my ear. I nodded and smiled beofre kissing him on his lips making him smile halfway through which made me smile as well.

Get a room Louis yelled from the front seat making a funny face. We all burst into laughter. Me and Niall staired into each others eyes most of the way to the airport.

Your eyes i said looking deep into them

What about them he asked looking at me confused.

There're so beautiful i said almost in a whisper. He looked at me and he blushed. I bit my lip as he looked to his feet. He was so cute whwn he got embbarsed.

We finely arrived at the airport. Fans everywhere screaming. I'll never get use to this Zayn said looking out the window at the screaming girls. Niall grabbed my hand which was resting on my thigh. I looked into his eyes and said " Its okay babe , i'm here for you " i smiled as i felt his hand losen. His fingers fitted perfectly in the gaps between my finger intwined together.


As we walked throught the airport lead by paul some of the girls looked at me and pearl funny. We both ignored them and carried on walking. We stayed close to the boys and made sure not to leave them. We got lead to an empty room filled with chairs.

We sat down for about 5minuets before paul and some other guy came and got us.

It's time to go Liam said looking at us and smiling. I took a deep breath and grabbed my handbag and got up to walked out the door paul was holding for us. we smiled at paul as we walked past him.

We got on the plane first class. I sat next to Niall and Pearl sat next to Harry. Louis and Liam and Zayn and Paul sitting next to each other. This is going to be a long flight i whispered to myself.

Niall looked at me and gaved me a look and i just smiled and looked out the window as we took off.


I was standing in a dark aly way by myself in the pouring rain. I heard a gun shoot and i turned around to see what had happenend. As the body hit the wet ground it made a thud. I stood there and watched the life leave the eyes that lay on the now dead body. She wore a tight black dress and a black bazer. She looked inportant. I ran over to the body laying on the ground. I turned her over to see if i knew who she was. Then it hit me. I feel to the ground. The cold rain hit my body and made me shake. My misscara running down my face. As pealr's body lay in her own blood on the wet concret. I screamed as i lay her head in my lap. I sat there in the rain holding her body rocking back and forth.

Nicole.... I looked up no one. Nicole i heard again. this time my body getting ripped away...

I openend my eyes and looked up at the worried faces looking at me. I rubbed my wet eyes and was confused to why they were wet. What happened i finely spoke sitting up in my chair.

You were shaking and mumbling things in your sleep. You yelled out pearls name to. Niall said holding my hand. What was your dream about Liam said kneeling down infrount of me. I looked around to see everyone looking at me.

Oh um i don't rembember. lies

I faked smiled at them and said i was fine. more lies

We got off the plane and got taken to out hotel. We got out of the car and walked into the lobby of the massive hotel. we grabbed our room card and all got in the elavotar. I watched as the numbers ticked faster as when went up the floors. Floor 34 room 1536. The elavotar door dinged as it openend. We all got out on this floor.

This is me Liam said stopping at his door. Louis stopped at the next door. Harry looked at Pearl and Smiled, Would you care to join me he said bowing down to her. She looked at me and i smiled to say it was ok for her to go with harry. He grabbed her hand and entered the room shuttting the door behind them. Zayn looked at us and looked worried as he was inbetween both me and Niall and Harry and Pearl. We both smiled at him as he walked in to his room.

Niall stopped at his door, he opened the door and pulled me in wrapping his hands around my waist. I shut the door with my foot as we dropped our hand lugage on the floor. Niall pushed me gently down on the couch. He climbed on top of me and started kissing me. He started on my lips then my jaw line down to my colar bone. I maoned in pleasure as my colar bone is my weak spot. Niall started unbottoning my top.

knock Knock Knock .......

I looked at Niall and we didn't make a sound.

Knock knock knock......

WHAT i yelled

Um Nicole i heard Pearl say, Um kinda busy in here i yelled out still kissing Niall.

I need to tell you something....

As i said before we're kinda busy i said in a now anger voice.

Fine then i was just to tell you the harry asked me out she said before storming off.

Now where were we Niall said in a sexy tone. I smiled at him and we started kissing, this time more harder. Niall Pulled my shorts down and my top off. I was laying there in my bra and panties. Niall was in just his boxers. I could fell his man hood harden on my leg. I smiled and looked into his eyes.


Knock Knock knock.......

WHAT i roared this time.

Oh um sorry to bother you I heard zayn speak quietly

What is it mate we're kinda busy in here Niall said looking down at me smiling.

Well perries done something and i dont know what to do , but your busy and i'll leave you to carry on.

Niall looked down at me. I rolled my eyes and grabbed his top to put on. I rolled out from underneath Niall and got up.

Wait Niall yelled to zayn. H e put on his pants and went to the door and opened it for zayn. I grabbed my shorts and put them on. I walked out the door and slammed it shut before walking to Liams room.

I knocked on his door waiting for him to answer. No answer

Liam i said loud enough for him to hear me. Hold on i heard him yell. I heard him shuffle around in the room before opening the door. I smiled at him as he let me in. Andy was sitting on the couch looking at me. I smiled as i sat down next to him.

You alright babe Laim said sitting down next to me.

I looked at him and faked smile , yeah im okay. Just me and Niall were having some time alone and we got interuppted twice.

Okay liam said lookign at me. He grabbed a movie and put it on. I sunggled into him as it was a scary movie. Everytime a scary park came up i would hide my face in Liams chest. After the movie i decided i need a drink. I got up and looked at Liam and Andy.

Right i'm going down for a drink you coming. They both shook their heads and i smiled before leaving.


Who was she i heard andy ask as i closed the door

Oh thats Niall's girlfriend Liam said.

I slowly made my way to Louis room and knocked on the door.




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