Love at first sight

Nicole and Pearl have just finished their exams , they go to the beach to have some fun. what they don't know is they meet a famous boy band ( one direction ). will they find love? or will things get in the way? can they handle their new lives?
read and find out


62. new house



After we had moved into our new house things got better , i guess. We had brought all new furniture for the house and it looked so good. Pearl had painted the walls and ceilings. Down in the games room she painted it blue pokadot. It looked so cool.  I am now 14weeks pregnant 4 more weeks and i can find out what i'm having. Pearl cant wait to go baby shopping. 


" Pearl ........... im bored " i yelled from the couch , i waited for a reply but i didn't get one. I walked around the house looking for her. as i walked past the study i seen her looking on the laptop. " Whatcha doing " i said approaching her, " Just looking at a dance studio " Pearl said looking at me , " omg pearl you should so go for it " i said getting really excited , " i don't know " she said looking really nervous, " pearl buy it , you'll be a great dancer and i know someone else who can dance and can do another class " i said smiling away at her , i could see the temptations spread across her face. 


Pearl was an amazing dancer, everyday she would be dancing and singing. She loved to dance. And when she wasn't dancing i knew something was up.  I could see the excitement on her face as she clicked on the mouse, " got it " she said getting up off the chair jumping up and down. I couldn't help but smile at her,


"can we skype the boys yet " Pearl moaned looking at me , " we can have a look if one of them are on " i said grabbing the laptop logging into my skype. No one was on so i shut down the laptop and put it back on the desk , " they're busy with the Take Me Home tour Pearl , " i said walking out of the room going to the kitchen making me a sandwich. " What the fuxk is that smell " i said getting on my hands and knees looking on the floor. " i dont know what your talking about " pearl ad sitting on the bench. 


I searched the whole kitchen and found a piece of fruit stuck under the fridge pearl must have dropped. I picked it up and put it in bin washing my hands after. " your so disgusting , pick up after yourself " i said grabbing my sandwich taking a bite. I watched as she walked into the living room with a packet of pork crackling , " p   e   a   r  l ......." i said leaning closer to her, she looked at me and smiled " here " she said handing over a handful of pork crackling. I finished my sandwich and scoffed the pork crackling down. " Got any more " i asked grabbing her packet tipping it upside down Nothing tipped out , "awwwwww " i said looking at pearl with puppy eyes. " ill be back soon , anything else princess " she said grabbing her wallet and coat, " Ice cream and chocolate,, oooohhh and passion fruit " i said licking my lips. " i'm surprised  your still hungry , ill be back soon. don't do anything stupid " she said shutting the door getting into the car. 


I went into the kitchen and cleaned up my mess, " hmm i feel like cupcakes " i said to myself turning on the oven. I got all the ingredients out and stated making the mixture. I felt my bladder tighten and had the sudden erg to pee. I quickly ran up stairs to my bathroom and peed. I looked in the mirror and fixed my hair. I could see in the background of the mirror the bath was there. " Oooh a bath would be nice " i said feeling like i have forgot something. I ran i nice temperature bath adding a lavender scented bubble bath to it. 

I set my ipod up on its dock on the sink, i played my relaxing playlist and lowered myself into the bath. I closed my eyes and relaxed, i thought about Niall, i cant believe i was pregnant with one of the boys from the biggest boy band, i was getting married and having a baby at age 18. 


After about 15 minuets later i heard Pearl arrive home, " Nicole , Nicole where are you " i heard her say shutting the door, " NICOLE WHAT THE FUCK, ARE YOU TRYING TO BURN THE HOUSE DOWN " She yelled sounding very angry, I could hear her foot steps getting louder and louder as she approached the bathroom. 


I sank down into the bath making myself as small as i could. " Nicole what were you thinking " she said sitting on the edge of the bath, " i totally forgot about it " i said half smiling " pregnancy brain " she asked laughing standing up " yeah " i said laughing. She handed me a towel as i got out of the bath. 



I sat at the dining room table as pearl severed up some ice cream, passion fruit and some crackling on the side. I logged on to twitter and looked through my mentions. " Oooh the boys are doing a twitcam , pearl come watch with me " i yelled out clicking on the link of the twitcam. 


We watched as Liam and Niall acted like idiots. Me and pearl couldn't hold in the laughter in, we both holding our sides. " And hes my  fiance " i said laughing harder. " We fell in love with idiots " pearl said trying not to laugh. 



After the twitcam Pearl and i decided to go to the movies. We picked Red Dawn, i had to waer something that didnt make me look pregnant. We took our seats and go comfy. I ate half of my popcorn waiting for the movie to start. " god i hate it when the make the previews like half an hour long " i said eating more popcorn. 

Pearl watched as i dipped my ice cream into my popcorn and putting it in my mouth. " HHMMMM " i said eating it , " omg your so weird " she said  laughing at me.


"Wow that movie was so good " pearl said " i told you it was good " i said eating some chocolate. It was dark and cold outside. As we were walking to the car i heard someone call mine and Pearls names out , when i turned around i seen about 4 teenage girls running after us. We quickly ran to the car and got in locking the door. " Stay away form our boys you ugly sluts " one yelled holding a knife up to the window. I grabbed Pearls hand holding it tight. " Why dies Niall want you , your so ugly and fat when he could have me , pretty and skinny " another said trying to open the door.


i turned to pearl " i'm scared " i said closing my eyes.

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