Love at first sight

Nicole and Pearl have just finished their exams , they go to the beach to have some fun. what they don't know is they meet a famous boy band ( one direction ). will they find love? or will things get in the way? can they handle their new lives?
read and find out


14. Merah


It took us about 15mins to get to the club. Louis was really excited about going. When we pulled up and parked the car there was a big line waiting to get in. Um you do know there is a big line and  we're probably not going to get in till later right i said in a slightly pissed off tone. Niall just looked at me and laughed , don't worry babe he said jumping out of the car grabbing my hand and helping me out.

We walked straight up the front of the line and and walked straight in. I looked at Niall who was looking back at me smiling. we Found an empty booth and sat down in it. Niall and harry went to get us all shoots. I could see some chicks eyeing up them. I just looked at Pearl who had fire in her eyes , Its ok i said grabbing her hand and smiling at her.

The boys came over with about 5 rounds of vodka shoots. They sat down and we grabbed a shoot and put our glasses up and yelled CHEERS and skulked them back. Me and Pearl got a tipsy after our 4th shot , we had also ordered some blue drink that tasted very nice. We were dancing together on the dance floor having a really good time. We were shouting things not even knowing what we were saying.

Harry and Niall were watching us dancing and having a good time, a few guys came up to me and Pearl asking if we would go home with them and show them a good time. We just looked at each other and Laughed at them.  See those guys over there i said pointing to Niall and Harry , well they are our boyfriends and we will be going home with them and showing them a good time before walking back to the booth where Niall and Harry looked at us.

We get jerks like that all the time in New Zealand so we Know how  to take care of ourselfs   Pearl said looking proud of herself. I just smiled and Kissed Niall.

We had a couple more shoots with them and they got up to go to the toilet. When they came out of the loo those to chicks that were eyeing them up stooped them and started talking ot them , rubbing their arms and trying to get into them.  Me and Pearl got up and stormed over there, i tapped on the chicks shoulder that was all over Niall UM EXCUSE ME , WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING i yelled at her getting angrier and angrier.She just looked at me and and gave me a glare before going back to Niall who was looking a bit awkward. I saw her friend who was trying to get into Harry up in Pearls face. I SAID WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING i yelled once more time , she came up in my face and spat at me.

THAT'S IT , HOLD MY SHIT, i heard Pearl yell, she was ripping the chicks hair and punching her at the same time, I turned and faced the chick who just spat on me FUCK YOU i yelled before punching her in the face, Pearl was on the other chicks back pulling her hair and Harry was trying to pull Pearl off her , Meanwhile i was on the ground scrapping this chick out, i sat on her slapping her and doing all i could before Niall picked me up and threw me over his shoulder , was on Harry's shoulder. We both screamed and kicked trying to get down. zayn , Louis and Liam followed us out. Zayn and Louis were cheering us on. Those fucking bitches i said hanging over Nialls shoulder. 


They put us in the car and started driving us home , me and Pearl were whispering thing in each others ears and giggling, Zayn and Louis thought it was pretty funny that we were so drunk. When we got home the boys helped us out of the car, Lets go for a swim i said stripping off my clothes , Pearl doing the same thing, we started running down the beach naked laughing having a good time They boys running behind us trying to get us to put our clothes back on , Zayn and Louis were on the ground laughing. Liam was trying to catch us as well.

We were laughing and having lots of fun running up the beach naked, Pearl kept laughing at Harry trying to catch us. Everything was spinning , i looked at pearl was lying on the sand next to me. BOOM the lights turned out and we had  passed out on the beach Naked.



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