Love at first sight

Nicole and Pearl have just finished their exams , they go to the beach to have some fun. what they don't know is they meet a famous boy band ( one direction ). will they find love? or will things get in the way? can they handle their new lives?
read and find out


43. lunch with the girls



We arrived at the cafe where we were meeting the girls. We sat down outside and a four seater table. We ordered a wine for each of us. 

The sun was out, it was a very nice day. We saw their car pull up and seen the girls getting out.

Dani had a really big smile on her face so did Eleanor. Me and Pearl got out of our seat walking over to met them. 

They gave us big hugs before we sat down. I couldn't stop smiling. " Oh we ordered a wine for us all " Pearl said smiling at them. She looked really nervous.

We talked about the boys almost the whole time. I could see a Paparazzi snapping pictures of us eating lunch.

I was getting really pissed off now. Eleanor turned around and asked them nicely to leave. They respected us and left after getting a few shots first. 

I looked at her and smiled thanking her. " Hey wanna catch a movie " Dani said smiling. I looked at pearl and she nodded her head. " Sure " i said getting up off my seat.

We drove to the movies, we hopped out of the cars and made our way over to the ticket booth.

" So what do you wanna see " Eleanor said holding the piece of paper with the movies on it. " Oooh ooh what about pitch perfect " pearl said jumping up and down. " Omg yes " Dani said joining pearl jumping up and down. Me and Eleanor looked at each other laughing at the two idiots. 


We got out popcorn and ice cream and headed towards our seats. We sat right at the back in the middle. We put our feet on the back of the sears and relaxed back watching the movie. Pearl laughed the whole way through the whole movie.

When we got out of the movies all the girls started smiling at coming over to us. It was weird for pearl and i. We're new at this , the whole dating a star thing. All the girls were asking for pictures of us with them. We just smiled and got in the pictures with them.

We ran to the car laughing. Eleanor and Dani followed us home. I unlocked the door and let them in. " Sorry about the mess " i said walking into the kitchen flipping on the jug. " Haha what mess " pearl said laughing on the couch. I made everyone a coffee and sat next to them outside on the deck chairs. Luckily there was four deck chairs.

"Man its hot " Pearl said taking off her top. " Yeah , anyone wanna go for a swim " i said getting up off the chair".  " Yes i would , but we have no bikinis " Dani said sitting up. "That's ok , we have heaps" pearl said getting up smiling. " Yeah come with us and we'll find you some to wear " i said walking back inside.


I walked up to my room pulling out my bikini draw. I waited for Dani and El to come in but they didn't. I walked back down the hallway and saw they were in Louis and Liams rooms. I smiled and went back to my room picking out two bikinis for them. I got a red and white spotty one for el and a orange one for Dani.

I knew dani and Liam had broke up but i knew they still loved  each other. They only broke up because Dani got bullied so much. They still hang out alot  I would often hear Liam sleep talking saying her name.

I gave them the bikinis and left them to get changed. I got changed into my purple tie dye ones. I walked into Pearls room she was wearing her blue spotty bikinis. She was holding harry s hoodie his favorite jack wills hoodie.


"You miss him ha " i said standing in the doorway.


" Yeah i do miss him , alot " pearl said sitting down on the bed holding the hoodie. " We'll see them soon,  time will just fly " i said getting off the bed walking out of the room walking towards the door.

Dani and El were waiting for us to hurry up. It was really hot here today. We were now waiting for Pearl " Hurry up you bloody slug " i yelled out. Pearl slowly made her way out of the room. " finally , " i said throwing my hands up in the air. We all laughed and made our way down the beach. 


  We sat our towels down on the sand and took our tops and shorts off. We ran into the water and dived in. We played around for a bit in the water before getting out and layed down on our towels tanning. I could feel eyes on me but i didn't want to sit up and have a look around.


  We decided to go inside and have a shower to get the salt off our skin.  We let Dani and El have a shower first before us. I showed them how to use the shower and showed them where the towels were.   I went back downstairs and pearl was sitting on the bench eating my chips. "Oi "i yelled giving her a fright. She jumped off the bench so fast. I bent over and cracked up laughing , my ribs started to hurt.   


" stop laughing its not funny " pearl said putting my food back in the pantry. " what's for dinner , i'm hungry " pearl said getting back into the bench.

 " I'm not sure " i said opening the pantry and fridge to have a look.  I opened the freezer and saw pearls favorite Lamb shanks.  "These " i said holding them up in front of her eyes. Her eyes widened and a big smile grew on her face. " Yes , i love your lamb shanks "  


I smashed the lamb shanks in a oven try adding some of my special marinade on top. I put them in the oven and put the timer on for 10 minutes so i could turn them over so they wouldn't get burnt.   " ooh what's smells good " i heard Eleanor say from the stairs. " Lamb shanks " i yelled from the kitchen.


 " what's Lamb shanks " she said standing next to Pearl on the other side of the kitchen island. Me and Pearl looked at each other and looked very confused.


 " You don't no what lamb shanks are " pearl said looking at Eleanor  " um no " she said looking at both of us.  " Its part of the lambs leg " Pearl said    " oh , what does it taste like " Dani said standing next to Pearl on the other side.  

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