Love at first sight

Nicole and Pearl have just finished their exams , they go to the beach to have some fun. what they don't know is they meet a famous boy band ( one direction ). will they find love? or will things get in the way? can they handle their new lives?
read and find out


2. Long flight


We boarded the plane and took our seats. This is going to be a long flight Pearl said before taking her seat.

We were flying from New Zealand to London, a 3day flight. The seat belt sign came on and the engine turned on. The plane took off and we were now on our way to London. Pearl looked really nervous , i grabbed her hand and told her smiled at her.

I sat on the window seat , i loved looking out at the ocean. My father was a fisherman. He drove one of the biggest boats in New Zealand. I never got to see him we would be away 2months at a time. I was his only daughter so when he was away he felt like he had to give me money.

Pearl came from a big family. she saw her mother and father every night. we've been friends since long as i could remember. Her mum was best friends with my mum before my mum passed away of cancer, So she was like a mother to me.

My father hired a nanny to live with me while he was away. I got lonely a lot. I would often call him but it wasn't the same. He would just put more money on my card and would tell me to go shopping.

Pearl would always come over to my place to get away from her 6 brothers. She didn't have a lot of things as she was the middle child. she stayed at my house almost every night. She even had her own part in my walk in wardrobe , we had matching robes with our names on them and same fluffy pink slippers. She was more then my best friend , she was my sister. we would always get pampered  and go to party's together she was the one who would always get hammered and end up in randoms beds, not knowing what had happened that night before. She would come over to my house and get showered and changed before going home. I was the sensible one you could say, we had so many good times together. She was amazing at dancing but would never show anyone but me. I don't know why though.

She was a sleep on my shoulder now. It was only 5hours into the flight, So i decided to watch the movie they had on. It was The lucky one. I loved this movie so much.

I closed my eyes for just a second , well it felt like a second ...


I woke up by Pearl shaking me. Wake up , Nicole wake up.  I opened my eyes and There pearl was smiling at me, were in New York. She looked really excited. She pulled me out of my seat before dragging me through the airport. We grabbed all the bags and headed to get a taxi.

Pearls eyes widened when she saw a limo approaching,  I looked at her before grabbing her hand and pulling her into the limo. we were staying in new York for 2nights. We pulled up to a big hotel and and checked in. The lady took us up to the penthouse suite.

Her mouth dropped and her eyes widened ,

What? i said with a jokingly voice .

I placed out bags in the rooms and opened the curtains to see the view. WOW we both said. we were both really tired so we headed to our rooms. 3 2 1 i whispered to myself standing at my door waiting for it. OH MY FUCKING GOD Pearl screamed at the top of her lungs. i rolled my eyes and shut the door and turned my lights off. I smiled as i crawled into bed.


I woke up at 12:15pm the next day. wow i must have been really tired. I put my robe and slippers on before walking to the kitchen. I made breakfast for me and Pearl. she must have smelt it as she slowly emerged from her room wearing her robe and fluffy pink slippers. She had messy bed hair , she tied it up in a  bun and  sat down at the table and we ate breakfast. So what are we going to do today? she asked slowly. 

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