Love at first sight

Nicole and Pearl have just finished their exams , they go to the beach to have some fun. what they don't know is they meet a famous boy band ( one direction ). will they find love? or will things get in the way? can they handle their new lives?
read and find out


67. Hurt




I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing, I quickly picked it up when i seen Niall's picture pop up on my screen." hey babe " i said answering really excited " Hey hun " Niall replied " guess what " i said sitting down on the couch, " what " he asked sounding happy," i'm 20 weeks today" i said smiling " yes my love you are, send me a picture then " he said " okay hold on, oh my belly's now 26 cm's " i said getting off the couch walking to my room. I stood in the mirror just in my undies and bra, CLICK my phone made a sound. "There sent " i said pulling my top over my head. "wow babe your getting big now " Niall said yawning " yeah i guess, hey ill let you go now your tired babe , night " i said hanging up the phone placing it back on the bed.


i hated being so big, i'm not use to it. Trying to hide it is even harder, Pearl doesn't let me out of the house much, which is kinda cool because i get to wear my engagement ring around. Its so beautiful. Niall's parents were a bit upset when we told the them i was having a baby , but once we told them we were getting married as well they were happy. We decided we'll get married after pumpkin is born.


Pearl and i have been getting less and less hate, which is good, the boys seems to be happier now. "Man i hate being home alone " i said to myself walking down the stairs looking around trying to find something to do, I've cleaned the house top to bottom, spotless.



Pearl's P.O.V


I loved my dance studio, Danielle loved it as well, we rang dance classes to all age groups. Today i was doing ballet with 13 year olds. A couple of my students have said they've been seeing a man hanging around the studio lately , even some of the mothers have seen him.

"Alright girls come in " i said gesturing them to come stand around, " A few people have come to me with a issue. There has been a man seen hanging around the studio lately, so i won't everyone to stick together, i'll be staying here until all of you have gone home safe, please don't go by yourself  please take a friendFirst pi with you " i said standing in front of them all. They all looked so confused, but all nodded.

"Okay girls time for exercise " i said going over on to the wooden floor " Okay first À la seconde " i said standing in front of them again, " ready 5,6,   5,6 ,7,8, " I said turning with them , 1 , 2 ,3 ,4 ,5 ,6 ,8 " i counted turning , They all looked tired now, "Okay back to the bar, First position, Hold your body straight breath in stand straight " i said showing them myself. "We did a few plié before warming down.

I waited until the last girl went with her mother. I dialed Nicole's number  to see if we needed anything while i was in town.


Nicole's P.O.V

I sat on the couch staring outside when i heard my hone ringing, " Hello " i said still looking outside, " Hey do we need anything in town " she asked sounding like she was walking out of a door " Um ill have a look , i said opening the fridge door, yeah Milk , ooohhh can you please get my some chocolate please Pumpkins needs it, been craving it all day " i said licking my lips "Okay..... " Pearl started to say but it sounded like she dropped the phone.

I could faintly hear her screaming , My heart started to race and i felt sick i needed to find my best friend before it was to late.

There was no car at home, pearl doesn't like em driving so she sold the other car. I looked over to the neighbors house and noticed that their car was in the drive way. I quickly pulled some shoes on and grabbed my phone before running through the garden , well trying to run. I quickly rang Niall and waited for his answer.....



Harry's P.O.V


We were all sitting in the tour van when Niall's phone started to ring,  He smiled like a idiot. I knew it was Nicole. I wonder what Pearls doing, probably dancing. I actually think i love her, i miss her so much geezz im excited just thinking about her.

I had a weird feeling in my stomach, like something was wrong.

I watched as Niall's face turned from Happy to worried and terrified. It almost looked like he was about to cry. "Okay find her ring us back when you do , " Niall said sounded scared, Then i knew it wasn't Nicole, It was Pearl who was in trouble. " Harry , somethings happened to Pearl, " Niall said moving closer to me. My eyes teared up and my heart started to race "Get me to London , i need to be there " I said crying my eyes out. 


 Nicole's P.O.V 


I stole the car and took off down the road, My neighbors were waving and yelling at me angrily yelling i was a crazy pregnant  bitch, Oh well i have better things to think about. I think i forgot to drive , i was all over the road. I was driving through red lights and all, i was about 10 minutes from the dance studio, i was still driving like a mad lady, well like me. 

My heart started racing faster and faster each ally way i past, "Where the fuck are you " i said getting out of the car not even caring about where i parked it. 

I could faintly hear a scream, I stopped where i was and listened to where it was coming from. As i got closer to the sound everything went quiet.

I ran and ran past every ally way, "PEARL" i screamed , i had tears streaming down my face. I ran past one ally way and spotted her, As i ran closer to her i seen the cuts, her clothes ripped up and everything. I knelled down next to her , she pushed me ways screaming  " Pearl its Nicole your safe now " i said looking at her, i could tell she was in so much pain. She had her hand on her stomach, i slowly pulled it away and seen the blood pouring out. "FUCK " i said helping her up " Okay Pearl we gotta get to the car and you'll be fine i said trying to keep her calm.


She passed out half way through me dragging her to the car. Once i was in the car i dialed Niall's number and put it on loud speaker, "Niall i found her and i'm on my way to the hospital " i said driving through the streets, 'Nicole its Harry , whats happened " he said sound scared, " Um I'm not sure yet ill keep in touch , gotta go trying to drive " i said hanging up ,I lied . 

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