Love at first sight

Nicole and Pearl have just finished their exams , they go to the beach to have some fun. what they don't know is they meet a famous boy band ( one direction ). will they find love? or will things get in the way? can they handle their new lives?
read and find out


23. how embarrassing.


I got hospital the next day. The boys came and picked me up.  When i got home i noticed lots and lots of bags were in my living room. 

What the hell i said looking at the bags. 

Oh didn't pearl tell you that your coming on tour with us Niall said wrapping his arms around my waist.

No, your lying i said turning around looking into his eyes.

They all laughed. I ran over and hugged them all. I missed you guys so much. The house was so tidy and quiet without you's there.

Harry laughed and looked at Louis they both laughed. 

I took the boys for a tour of my house as i know Pearl wouldn't have. They all looked amazed when it came to my room. Everything was either pink or white. I looked at them with their mouths wide open. What i said putting my hands out. Pearl and i looked at each other and laughed before hitting the Double King sized bed. We heard foot steps running towards us, We  almost got bounced off the bed.

We all laughed as they hit the bed. So when are  we laving i said trying to get out of the pile of boys on top of us. Tonight Louis said excitedly. I screamed and started packing some clothes. I walked to my wardrobe all my clothes had gone. 

What the fuck i said turning around. Where are all my clothes ,

Um we packed them already Zayn said standing up. 

I smiled at them and ran down stairs jumping into the indoor pool Followed by Pearl Harry, Niall, Louis , Zayn and Liam.  We decided to play volleyball. Me ,Niall ,Harry and Pearl on one team and Louis Zayn and Liam on the other. I jumped on Niall's shoulders and Pearl hopped on Harry's. 

Our team was in the lead, we were having so much fun. Every time harry and Pearl Hugged or high five Louis would pretend to be a little kids and slap the water to make him look angry.

We were all laughing when the door to the pool slammed open and a angry dad stood in the door way. I sunk into the water , how embarrassing. 

Nicole come here right now he said. The boys stood there looking at me. Pearl stood there to with her head down. You to Pearl.

She got out of the water so fast and we both walked towards dad. Good to see you dad i said looking at the ground. He shut the door of the pool house and we walked towards the kitchen where dad was making something to eat. Me and Pearl grabbed a sat at the island table and looked at the table trying to avoid eye contact with dad.

So why are you back so early he said looking at the both of us.

Um well i missed you and wanted to come back. i said fake smiling.

So why did i get a phone call that my only daughter was in Hospital and had 5 boys over at the house.

Well um i started , i was angry so i went to a party and got to drunk and so i decided to come home and it ended up raining and i was really cold and i must of fell asleep on the road then Jamie took me to the hospital.

Ok but that doesn't explain the five guys in my pool, he was looking into the pool room.

Liam looking at us worried he smiled at my dad. dad looked at us again.

So who are they.

Well That's Liam pointing to each boy , Louis the oldest, Zayn ,Harry pearl said excitedly and That's Niall i said looking at him smiling. 

Wait my dad said taking his phone out of his pocket looking at it. 

Are they these guys , playing What Makes You Beautiful.

Pearl and i looked at each other and smiled. Why yes it is sir 

Dad looked at Pearl and Smiled , You can call me Troy Pearl he said laughing.

Dad finished making what ever he was making and walked towards the pool. Me and Pearl looked at each other and ran after dad. He stood in the door looking at them. Liam got out quickly and came over to my dad. Hello sir i'm Liam Payne. 

Yes hello Liam he said shaking his hand and with that all the boys got out of the pool and shook his hand.

So Can i have a word with Harry and Niall he said looking at them. They Both looked at me and pearl and  followed my father out into the kitchen. 


Niall's P.O.V

Nicole's dad toke me and Harry into the kitchen to talk to us i guess. So who's dating my daughter he said looking at both of us. I raised my hand and said i do sir. 

Hmmm he said taking a sip of his beer. so you must be dating Pearl then he said pointing to harry. Um no we're just friends.

Hmmm right , he should looking at us both. Don't break their hearts or ill break you he said in a tough tone. We wont i said looking down at the table. Ok your free to go.

We quickly got out of the kitchen and ran to the pool. We jumped in so fast. I kissed Nicole and then i remembered something. I quickly got out of the pool and went back into the kitchen. Um sir i said clearing my throat. Yes he said raising his eye brow. Id like to ask your permission to take Nicole and Pearl on tour with us. 

Only if you stay in different rooms as the girls and keep your fella in your pants. Don't want a grandchild just yet. Okay sir in said smiling at him. I ran back to the pool and dived in. Nicole and Pearl were lying on their lilos. I swam under Nicole's and popped up by her face. Guess what i said excitedly. What she said looking at me. You two are allowed to come on tour with us i said smiling. She scrunched her nose at me and kissed me . But we have some rules to obey on. 

What rules she said looking at me.

You and pearl aren't allowed to sleep in the same room as us and well no sex.


Nicole's P.O.V 

WHAT i yelled

Niall covered my mouth and told me to be quiet. That's it i said getting off the lilo and got out of the pool. I marched straight into my dad's office and looked at him giving him the evils. What's this i hear about rules i said crossing my arms.

Hun you have to understand , its a father worst nightmare to lose their daughter. 

Dad i'll be fine. And anyways you cant stop me from having sex with him , i'm almost 18. He frowned at me as i walked out the door smiling away. I went back to the pool smiled at everyone. I walked away from the pool and started walking up to my room. They must of got my drift and followed me. 



We all got ready to get on tour. Me and Pearl got showered and got ready together. I put on Black high waster jeans a blue see through top and a white singlet one with blue heels and pearl chucked on light blue denim jeans on a longish peach colour top on with a brown belt and some ballet flats. We applied a little make-up on and did our hair. I slightly curled my hair and  pearl left hers to curl. 

We walked down the stairs to see my dad sitting in his arm chair and the boys on the four seater couch squashed up. Alright i said as we entered the lounge , ready to go i said smiling at the boys on the couch. They smiled and got up. 

I hugged my dad and said good bye. I dont know if we'll be back for a while i said smiling at him. 

I put more money in your bank if you need to get anything  while your away he said kissing my cheek. I smiled and left to get in the car , waving before getting in and shutting the door.

Bye dad i whispered as we drove off. 

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