Love at first sight

Nicole and Pearl have just finished their exams , they go to the beach to have some fun. what they don't know is they meet a famous boy band ( one direction ). will they find love? or will things get in the way? can they handle their new lives?
read and find out


34. Home


We arrived in the New Zealand airport 30 hours and 25 minutes later. My butt was so sore. I turned to pearl who looked knackered, so where to from here i said trying to smile.

Um your dad's going to pick us up, i'll tell you when i see him.

We walked around and picked our bags up from the pick up point. There he is Pearl said pointing at a short brown haired tallish man standing at the doors. His eyes puffy and red. He looked like he was crying, but i understand. When your daughter forgets everything you would be a bit upset.


He came closer to us smiling.

Hello girls he said looking at us both.

He looked at me long, hello Nicole he said with a tear in his eyes.

Hello dad i said fake smiling.

Do you remember me he said trying to not cry. No sorry i said. 

  Should we get going then Pearl said starting to walk off. We made our way to My father jeep. It was black with tinted black windows. I hoped in the front seat and pearl in the back. Dad hoped in the driving seat and started the engine. He turned the radio on and started humming. I heard Pearl singing as well. The song was  catchy, i found myself singing along as well. You don't know you're beautiful , ooh oh oh and thats what makes you beautiful.  

I heard pearl and dad giggling about something, what i said shooting her a look.

nothing she said smiling out the window.

we arrived at this massive house, it was a light colour brick house. We're home dad yelled getting out of the jeep locking it after him. 

we walked into this house, it was massive inside. I saw pearl heading up the stairs with her bags, i quickly grabbed my bags and followed her. She opened a door into a room. I followed  her in. Wow i said looking around. She sat her bags down on the ground next to the bed. 

Who's room this is i said smiling

um its ours she said laughing.

I lay on the bed and it felt so right. She was standing in the wardrobe , i walked in there to say something. I got this weird as feeling. I closed my eyes and i got flashbacks. Pearl and i when we were young in school, every party we ever went to. I remembered everything about her.







Pearl's P.O.V 

I went into the wardrobe to put some of my clothes away, Nicole came in to tell me something. She stood there looking dead. I waved my hand in front of her face. A smile grew on her face. I stood there looking at her really confused. 

She wrapped her arms around me, i remember you she whispered in my ear. I hugged her back tight. I can't believe this i said holding her. 


Later that night we were sitting around the table eating dinner that her  dad cooked us. Nicole sat there and gobbled it all done. You always loved my meals her dad said smiling at her. Right he said standing up to take his plate up to the bench , i;m going to be in my office if you need me he said smiling as he walked out the door.

I went into the lounge and turned on t.v. There was a video in the player. It was paused , i pushed play it  was when Nicole was little. Her mum was there too. I heard a sniff coming from the doorway  i turned to see Nicole in tear.



Nicole's P.O.V

As i stood there watching a video pearl was watching the memories of my family came back. My mother was there. she looked really young.  I ran to my dads office to see him looking at his ipad. Dad i said looking at him from the door. He looked up at me and i smiled. Dad i remember a big grin grew on his face. I love you dad i said hugging him. 



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