Love at first sight

Nicole and Pearl have just finished their exams , they go to the beach to have some fun. what they don't know is they meet a famous boy band ( one direction ). will they find love? or will things get in the way? can they handle their new lives?
read and find out


15. Hangover

I woke up next to Pearl in my bed , Naked. The what fuck i said rubbing my head sitting up in bed. The sun was shinning through the opened curtains , I squinted before quickly grabbed my sun glasses from the side table draw, I lay down stretching my arms and legs. My head was pounding, worst hangover ever! I woke Pearl up, FUCK OFF she yelled as i tired waking her up.

I Handed her some glasses and told her to wake up. She sat up in the bed rubbing her head. We both were naked covered in sand. What the fuck happened last night i said rubbing my eyes this time. She shrugged her shoulders and got up. I quickly handed her a baggy top and put one on myself before walking down the stairs. The stairs were all wet, What the pearl said holding on the railing. we got down the stairs in one piece and headed to the kitchen to get water.

The boys were sitting in the living room watching a movie, Why is that so loud i said holding my hand up to my ears, Sorry Liam said in quite tone, They all were smiling at us. I walked to the kitchen where pearl stood looking outside, she was pointed to the beach. I stood next to her and looked to where she was pointing, There on the beach was our clothes from last night laying on the beach , our undies and everything. Oh My God i  said as my jaw drop. I grabbed a 1.5L bottle of water and walked into the living room. I sat on Niall's lap. What happened last night i said looking over to Pearl who was sitting on Harry's lap.

well what was the last you remember darling, Niall said looking at my with his beautiful eyes.  Um having shoots in the club with you boys, is that it zayn said trying not to laugh. Well the lights were on but nobody's home i said. You guys made my night Louis said laughing. Oh god what did we do Pearl said hanging her head down.


Well Last  night you two had a few drink , and when he says a few he means lots Louis added, And you guys were having a good time and some guys came up to you trying to take you home. But you defended yourself Liam said smiling. You came back to the table and had another shoot each. So that's when they went to go to the toilet Liam said looking at us. And when they came out... Louis cut him off , some chicks were talking to harry and Niall and you went over to talked to them , well it didn't end like that Zayn added laughing. They would leave us alone and you two were getting pretty angry at them, then they started calling you sluts and that's when you lost control. Nicole was on top of one chick punching her, you were on the other chicks back pulling her hair Harry said looking at us. So that's when Harry and Niall pulled you two away and threw you over their shoulders and put you in the car. You were still yelling at them even know we were outside Nicole Louis said smiling at me. And when we got in the car you were whispering to each other and giggling, Louis and i thought it was really funny but Harry , Niall and Liam didn't Zayn said giggling to himself. When we got home , that's when you decided to strip down naked and go swimming. Louis and Zayn were laughing on the ground. So me Liam And harry were trying to catch you. You were laughing at us trying to get you to put some clothes on Niall said looking at me , i awkwardly smiled at him. Then you passed out on the sand , well that's what we thought. Liam said in a serious tone. We put you to bed and sat down to watch tv , Louis and Zayn were still  laughing about it when you ran down the stairs Naked again and run into the water, And then started down sand angels Harry said trying to contain his laughter. Louis and Zayn were cheering you on and then you passed out for good. So that's why we're all sandy Pearl said putting her hands up in the air laughing.

Oh my god i'm so sorry , We get a bit crazy when we're drunk and i guess we were a bit to drunk i said. Its ok babe , you were drunk and out of control Niall said , Lets go for a walk he said pulling me up and walking outside. We walked hand in hand down the beach. We sat down and watched the couples walk past. I smiled at the thought of that will be me one day. I could see Niall looking at me smiling.  I turned and faced him. He put his hands on my face Your really beautiful you know that he said before kissing me. 

We hooked up on the beach for hours it felt. I looked at my phone it was 6:00pm. wow we've been out here for hours. He looked at me and smiled again. We sat and watched the sunset , its really beautiful i said looking into the bright orange glow coming down from the sky.

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