Love at first sight

Nicole and Pearl have just finished their exams , they go to the beach to have some fun. what they don't know is they meet a famous boy band ( one direction ). will they find love? or will things get in the way? can they handle their new lives?
read and find out


53. Grandad


Harry's P.O.V

After Niall told us Nicole was Pregnant everything went silent. I looked around the room and seen all the same confused faces. I looked at pearl who was sitting on my lap and she was smiling, 

"Your not pregnant too are you " i asked her , her face turn serious " No , why would you think that Mr styles " she said i shrugged my shoulders and looked back to Niall. 

He looked like he didn't know what to do. " Well congrats mate " Liam said patting him on his back , " Yeah congratulations daddy " Louis said standing up hugging Niall.

Me and Zayn looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders " Oh what the hell " i said getting up joining in on the hug, Zayn joined in as well. Pearl was on the couch clapping and cheering.

"im going to be an aunty " she cheered around the room


Niall's P.O.V 

everything was silent when i told them the news, Liam was the first to congratulate me. Pearl seemed to be happy to be happy to be an aunty. I can't believe i'm going to be a dad.

 I went to bed about 5 minuets later. Nicole was fast asleep , i kissed her on the forehead before cuddling  into her falling asleep.


Nicole's P.O.V 


I woke up Next to Niall in the hotel bed. I checked the time on my phone and it was only 6:13am. What am i going to do i thought to myself. my tummy rumbled, i quickly grabbed it rubbing it. Ok mummys going to fed you now i said running my tummy smiling.

I got up and went down to the lobby. The restaurant was opened so i sat at a table and ordered pancakes and bacon on toast.

It didn't take long for them to bring me my order. I gobbled it down and sat there with a full tummy. I checked my phone and it was now 6:30am. 

I slowly made my way back to the room. No one was up. I got in the shower and stood under the water thinning about things. by the time i got out of the shower someone was up. I got dressed and headed out to the kitchen. 

" Zayn, your up " i said walking over to him 

" Yes i am , good morning to you mummy " He said smiling ,

in a way i was glad they all knew, " morning " i said sitting on the couch

Zayn sat next to me smiling, i looked down at my tummy. I didn't look bigger but i felt massive. I placed my hand on my tummy rubbing it " Hello little monster , its you mum here and your uncle Zayn " Zayn looked at me smiling " i can't wait to be an uncle " He said placing a hand on my tummy.

For the next hour m,e and Zayn just talked and talked, He s like an older brother to me. Always looking out for me. " How many weeks do you think i am " i questioned Zayn , He looked at my tummy and back to my face, " I'd say around about 10weeks " " Should we do bets " i said getting excited. A big smile grew on his face as i grabbed a pen a paper from the table. 

I drew up a chart, Zayn's name was the first on the chart. " I think its time for everyone to get up now " i said getting off the couch. I ran into everyone's rooms jumping on the beds and yelling at them.

I quickly ordered breakfast and sat on the couch waiting for everyone to come sit down. half an hour later the food guy came to our room putting breakfast down on the table. " BREAKFAST IS READY " I yelled. Niall was first down sitting at the table digging in. " Babe how many weeks do you think i am " i said with the pen in my hand " Ermm , about 8 " he said looking at me confused. I laughed and showed him the chart sitting on his lap. 

Everyone had eaten and packed their bags. All right time to go i yelled pulling my bags behind me. We all piled into the van. I was driving and Niall was in the passenger seat. "ready " i asked starting the car. I really didn't care what they said we were going. " I can't wait to see dad " i said turning around looking at pearl, She had a smiled on her face. We haven't seen our families since   the car crash.

I drove onto the interislander and parked the van. We got out to explore. Niall and I went straight to the timezone. Niall won me a massive teddy bear. We played lots of games and won lots of things. Pearl and Harry came around the corner with sex hair and smiles on their faces." Omg Guys , do you have to have sex everywhere we go " I yelled at them. Niall quickly covered my mouth before i said anything else. They both looked at us laughing. 

Niall grabbed my hand and we ran away. It felt like we were kids again, 


Niall's P.O.V

I can't believe  was going to be a dad. Nicole was as excited as i was. "Ice cream " Nicole yelled running into a ice cream shop. She was worse with food than i am now. She got her favorite hokey pokey. Iv'e never had that before so i ordered it as well.

As soon as i tasted it i had to get more. " You like " Nicole said watching me lick it. I nodded licking it again. We finished the ice creams and walked around. Nicole was carrying her big teddy i won her. She looked so cute in that dress she was wearing. It was white, strapless and had little pink flowers on it.

Thousand Years- Christina Perri came on the radio. I grabbed Nicole's hand and spun her around. The sun light shun on her beautiful face making her hazel eyes glisten. I put my hand half way up, she copied what i did  and put her hand on mine, Her hand fits in mine like it was meant to be.  I put my other hand on her middle of her back, She rested her hand on my shoulder and her head on top of her hand. We danced in the sunlight until the song ended. 

AT this point i knew she was the one. The one i'm going to be spending the rest of my life with, The one i'm going to make a family with.  I had the ring in my suitcase but i was going to ask her father for permission first.

The ferry stopped and it was time to get off. We all hurried  back to the van and got in. I couldn't stop thinking about what to say to her father. 



I slowly approached Troy with the ring in my hand , sweat formed in my palms making them wet. " Um Mr smith can i ask you a question " i asked getting nervous " he pointed to his office. I followed him and watched as he sat in his chair looking at me. He had a hunting gun on the table, he grabbed his cloth and started to clean it. " So what is it you wanted it ask Niall " he said in his firm voice, " i erm would like to ask permission to ask your daughters hand in marriage " i said. He stopped  cleaning his gun and placed it on the table again. " You would like to ask my one and only child to be your wife " he said getting closer" Yes sir " i said standing back. " No , your not taking my daughter away from me , your never going to take her away from me, " he clocked his gun raised it at me. " NOOOOOOOO" i yelled 



I woke up to Nicole shaking me, i was wet and sticky. I looked around and saw everyone looking at me with worried faces. I looked out the window and realized we were here. " bad dream " i said laughing. Her father was walking towards the van. Nicole got out and ran over to him hugging him, Pearl did too. Her family came running out as well. 

The boys and i got all the bags and pulled them into the house. Troy had lunch all done waiting for us on the dinner table. Nicole ran to her chair patting the chair next to her for me. I watched as she piled to food onto her plate. Today was Christmas eve.

Its summer in New Zealand so it was very hot. We ate lunch and talked at the table. I looked at the time then back to Nicole , She got sick around 2:30pm , it was 2:26pm. " Um Nicole , can i speak to you for a second " i said walking towards the toilet. I grabbed a hair tie and a face cloth wetting it. She shut the door and looked at me funny , i grabbed the hair tie tying her hair up quick while she got on the ground getting ready. Right on time she spewed up. I grabbed the wet cloth and wiped her face down. She got up and flushed it toilet. She fixed her hair and washed her mouth out before kissing me.   

"Its time " i said getting nervous  


Nicole's P.O.V

As we walked out hand in hand i knew it was time to tell dad. He was in the kitchen getting a drink from the fridge. " Um dad " i said he turned around and smiled at me. " Yes my darling daughter " he said screwing the top of his beer off. 

" i'm pregnant, your going to be a granddad " i said with tears streaming down my face.  

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