Love at first sight

Nicole and Pearl have just finished their exams , they go to the beach to have some fun. what they don't know is they meet a famous boy band ( one direction ). will they find love? or will things get in the way? can they handle their new lives?
read and find out


58. Frozen



It was sad going back to the house without the boys. It was to big for just me and Pearl. I put my bags into mine and Niall's room. I sat on the bed and looked around the room, " what  a mess " i said to myself looking at the mess we left before we went on tour. 


I could hear Pearl laughing at something in the kitchen. I made my way down to the to see on the ground laughing hard, She had tears coming out of her eyes. " What are you laughing about " i said looking at how funny she looked, She tried saying something but nothing came out, "o-o-- outside " she said trying to hold it in. I went over to the window and looked out the window.


My mouth dropped to the ground and i couldn't help the laughter explode in me. On the washing line my undies and bras i forgot to bring in before we left were frozen on the line, they had ice hanging from them. It was snowing pretty hard outside so i wasn't going to get them just yet.  " I think ill wait until it stops snowing before ill try go get them" i said to pearl who stood next to me. " hmmm im hungry " i said walking to the pantry. 


I opened the pantry doors and looked inside, " No food " i said looking at pearl " Nope " she said extending the "p". " What about in the fridge " I said walking over there. " already tried that , there's no food in house " pearl said sitting on the counter looking at me. " Man its cold in here as well ". " Well go light the fire and ill go get some warm clothes for us to wear to go get food. " i said walking out of the kitchen. " Okay ,  but we might need to order some more fire wood because we don't have much " Pearl yelled from the fire, " Okay , stock the fire up so when we get back the house will be warm " i yelled from the top of the stairs.


I put some dark blue denim jean on with my goose down puffa jacket and some boots on. I walked down to the lounge where pearl was. " Fire looks good " i said smiling at her, " well i kinda use all the fire wood we had " she said looking down at her feet trying not to laugh.

' Its okay we'll get some in the morning " i said chucking her her puffa jacket and boots. I went out side and looked at the drive way, " SHIT " I yelled looking back at pearl. She came out and looked at the driveway. " Okay the shovels are in the garage , we gotta do this fast its cold out here. " i said walking back inside. I grabbed some gloves and shovels. i handed Pearl some gloves and we shoveled the drive way so we could get out. 


Thank god this jacket hid my baby bump. We ran into the super market to get out of the snow. It was snowing really hard now. I could see lots of teenagers eyeing me and pearl up, " Don't worry about them Nicole " pearl said smiling at me. By the time we reached the counter our trolly was over flowing. I felt my phone ring in my pocket, i quickly answered when i seen my dads ID picture came up. " Hey dad whats up " " Nicole , the owner of the house just rang up and you have two week to move out of the beach house " "What why " " they're going to makeover the house hunny , im sorry  " " no , no its okay dad we'll find another house" i said before hanging up the phone " Have we been kicked out " Pearl said looking sad " well dad said the owner are renovating the house, and we have 2weeks to move out " i said pushing the trolly out to the car. " 2weeks , they give us 2 weeks to move out " pearl said angrily putting the food in the boot of the jeep.


" can we get anymore bad luck " pearl said as we pulled up to our soon not to be our house. " Ill put the food in the fridge and pantry while you look for houses " i said opening the boot. " I better go tell Niall as well " i said getting my phone out of my pocket dialing his number.




 Niall's P.O.V 


" I miss them already " Louis wined as we sat on the edge of the stage we were preforming on tomorrow night. " Yeah me too lou " Zayn said hugging him. " Hows the hand Zayn " Liam said sitting down next to him. " Still sore but i care bare the pain "  He said looking at me. 


I felt my phone vibrate  in my pocket, then all of a sudden i felt sick in the stomach " somethings wrong" i said , all the boys looked at me as i answered my phone it was Nicole. She sounded like something was wrong " Hey babe " " Nicole" Louis yelled getting up running over to me , " Niall "  Nicole said sounding sad " Whats wrong  babe , are you okay ". 


Louis's P.O.V


Nicole and Pearl were like my little sisters and when i head Niall say somethings wrong before he answered his call i knew something was wrong. " Hey babe " Niall said , i knew it was Nicole , i felt sick knowing something was wrong with them. " Niall , put it on loud speaker so i know they're okay " i said standing next to him. 

He put it on loud speak so we all could hear, " Hey boys , dad rang me about half an hour ago and told me we have two weeks to move out " Nicole said, "Are you serious " Liam said sounding angry " Yep, so Pearl upstairs looking for a new house" She said , " i cant believe they did this " Niall said handing the phone to me, he was more than angry. " Nicole we gotta go , um keep us updated " i said hanging up. 



Nicole's P.O.V 


well they took that bad i thought to myself putting away the food. The house was warmish but still really cold. I looked in the lounge and seen the fire was nearly out, i heard pearl scream from her room. I rushed up there to see her wrapped in a towel standing in her bathroom. " No hot water " she studded. " yeah and the fire out as well " i said walking into her room finding her some warm things to wear. " i think we need to go winter shopping tomorrow Pearl , we have no winter clothes " i said looking up at her shivering. I gave her some winter oneise with some thick wool socks dad gave me. Better i asked , she slightly nodded at me. " Put those slippers on and come down stairs ill make you hot chocolate " i said walking out of her room.


I looked around in the kitchen for a hot water bottle for Pearl. I found a pink on and fulled it up with hot water. She sat on the couch with a massive woolly blanket wrapped around her. I giggled to myself as i handed over her drink and hot water bottle. " today has been one of the worst days ever , i don't think  it can get any worst " Pearl said taking a sip out of her cup. " great you just jinks it" i said looking at her " did not " she said. 


everything went black , the lights and power went out, " wanna bet " i said giving pearl the evils even know she couldn't see me. " Ill go get some candles " Pearl said getting off the couch using her phone for a light. " top draw in my bathroom you'll find some " i said giggling to myself. 


" What the Fuck " i heard pearl yell form my room. i could hear her coming back down the stairs and walking over to me. " why are there condoms in that draw  she said sounding very disgusted. " well when a girl and a boy like ea " " NICOLE " she yelled interrupting me. I  couldn't help but laugh at her. She lit the candles all around the room. We sat there and watched the candle burn. We sat there until the last orange glow left the room as candle burnt all down. 


It was now 12:30am , the snow was falling heavily and the power was out. The was nothing else to do but go to bed. " Good night Pearl " i said walking up the stairs, i heard her footsteps follow mine but finishing when she gt to her door " night " she said shutting her door. I climbed into bed and shivered as the coldness surrounded  me. 


I got my phone out and went on twitter, i seen Louis tweeted me and Pearl " Miss you guys " i smiled and looked at all the tweets. I heard footsteps and my door open " Nicole " Pearl said quietly " Yeah " i answered her foot steps got faster and she ran to the other side of my bed. I moved over so i was touching her. Our warmth kept each other warm. " Good night " i said closing my eyes " night cole " Pearl said back in return.

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