Love at first sight

Nicole and Pearl have just finished their exams , they go to the beach to have some fun. what they don't know is they meet a famous boy band ( one direction ). will they find love? or will things get in the way? can they handle their new lives?
read and find out


21. Finding out.

 Pearl's P.O.V 

The whole trip home Nicole was silent, she didn't say a word. I'm getting a bit worried now. She hasn't eating since we left. I still don't know what happened to make her wanna go home. She slept most of the way home. She smashed her phone before we left. 

We finely made it home after a 30hour and 25min plane trip. My butts so sore, i cant wait to go home and see my family. We got a taxi and we were on our way home. We pulled up outside Nicole's house and she ran inside and slammed her door before running up to her room. I rolled my eyes ad grabbed our bags.

I put the bags inside of the door and made my way up the stairs. I opened her bedroom door and sat next to her on her bed. She lay flat face on her bed crying, i rubbed circles on her back while she sobbed into her pillow.

I called the nanny up and got her to rub circles on her back while i went down stairs and made us a hot chocolate with little marshmallows in it. Her favorite. 

I rushed back up stairs and told the nanny she can go and i'll take care of her. Nicole sat up with puffy red eyes and her eye liner running down her face. I handed her the drink and her face lit up. She grabbed the drink and sipped away at it. 

I took a deep breath and asked her the question 

So what happened i asked 

She looked at me and gave me a fake smile ,

Nothing she said trying to convince me, i didn't believe her but i left it. 


The time difference was really different now, when we were sleeping they would be just waking up. In a way it was good Because Nicole didn't want to talk to any of them.



A few nights later i was on the phone to Harry, he had told me they have done a few concerts and met lots of lovely people.

Harry: Niall's been acting weird lately 

Me: how?

Harry: He hasn't been here much and when he is he's tired and he goes to his room straight away.

Me: well i haven't told you something ,,,

Harry: um what are you talking about.

Me: well were not in London anymore. 

Harry: Where are you?

Me: In New Zealand, we left 2weeks ago.

Harry: oh um why?

Me: I have no idea , Nicole was feeling low so i took her out for ice cream and when we got back she was on the laptop and she threw it on the ground and ran up top her room, she was packing her bags and crying. So i went to back my suitcase and i came back and her phone was smashed on the ground.

Harry: What has Niall done? He's been a jerk to us as well.

Me: I don't I'll go ask her again and i'll ring you back, don't say anything to the boys ok?

Harry: Okay , ring back soon.


I hung up the phone and went into Nicole's room, she was still under her covers sobbing, i lifted them up and got a whiff of something.

Poo whats that stink?

Well i haven't had a shower or brushed me teeth in days.

ew you dirty bitch go have a shower and brush them teeth and then come talk to me.



Nicole's P.O.V

i was laying in bed and Pearl comes over, she looked like she wanted something. she barged in to my room lifted my blankets and almost passed out. I jumped in the shower and brushed my teeth, i walked out wrapped in a towel and sat down next to her. I fake smiled and looked at her,

so what do you want? i asked almost sounding pissed off.

What happened Back in London? and don't lie to me again.

well i began , when you found me in the bathroom i had been getting so much hate that day and i couldn't take it no longer so i took the knife and i was going to do it then you ran through the door. 

That doesn't explain why we had to leave ,

Can you let me fucking finish. i said getting up off the bed 

well after we got ice cream i went on twitter and i was clicking on photos of Niall as i was missing him. well i came across this photo. 

i grabbed my laptop and pulled up the picture of Niall leading Demi into a hotel room and Demi leaving his hotel room with sex hair half he clothes on and holding her shoes in her hands. 

Pearl looked at me with synthetic eyes, that doesn't mean he... i cut her off

So that's when i rang him to see what was going on. No one picked up for ages so i just about hung up when she answered the phone. That's when i go really angry and threw my phone on the ground and it smashed.

With that Pearl got up and hugged me before leaving my room and she headed down stairs.



Harry's P.O.V 

I was sitting on the couch next to Louis and Niall , i was getting more and more pissed off. Louis could tell i was because i didn't talk much. Niall said something and i got up to leave, That's when my Phone rang.

A picture of Pearl came up on the screen , i smiled as i saw her beautiful smile pop up. I almost missed the call because i was distracted by her.


Hey , um you might need to look on twitter ae.

um why?

well turns out he's been fucking cheating on Nicole with Demi.

What the fuck, i told him to stay away from that bitch.

She saw picture of them going init a hotel room and her coming out with sex hair and hardly any clothes and her shoes in her hands. That's when she called him and she answered his phone. out of breath.

I was furious i clenched my teeth together and clenched me teeth together. I had my phone in one hand and i stormed into the living room where Niall was sitting happy, Louis was sitting on the arm chair and he saw me storming in , he looked at me and stood up....  

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