Love at first sight

Nicole and Pearl have just finished their exams , they go to the beach to have some fun. what they don't know is they meet a famous boy band ( one direction ). will they find love? or will things get in the way? can they handle their new lives?
read and find out


59. Finding a house



When i woke up this morning it was still freezing cold. Pearl was still next to me in bed and i didn't want to wake her up so i stayed in bed. Her lips were a light blue colour , she looked really cold. I slid out of the bed and quietly went into the other rooms to get all the blankets. I took all the blankets off the boys beds and brang them into my room and lay them on the bed. 


I grabbed my laptop and got back in bed. I looked for houses in London. I found a few that i liked. I looked ta Pearl who was just waking up, 

" morning sleepy head "  i said smiling at her. She's not really a morning person so she just made a funny noise and got out of bed. " Since when were there that many blankets on the bed " she said looking at the bed. " oh you looked really cold so i grabbed all the blankets off the boys beds "   i said smiling up at her. 


"Pearl , i found some really nice house " i said to her from the bed, " yeah, any open homes today " she yelled from the bathroom ,  " Yeah, we'll go check them out after we go winter shopping " i said shutting down the laptop and getting dressed.


When i looked out the kitchen window to see if it had stopped snowing i seen the power pole laying on the yard, " shit " i said looking for my phone. I quickly ran the people up to come fix it. " i cant believe that storm last night was that powerful " Pearl said munching on some toast next to me.  " Yeah , oh well you ready to go into town " " yep lets go "


As we drove into town we seen more power poles were knocked down and broken , " looks like we we're not the only ones who has no power " i said looking out the window of the car. The streets were swept from the road sweeper so we can get through the snow, " i cant wait for you to have your baby " Pearl said putting her hand on my belly. " Ohhh that reminds me can you come to my scan tomorrow " i asked hoping she would come , " yes , your a dork if you thought i wouldn't  come " she said laughing holding my hand , " and can you please video it so we can send it to the boys " i asked " yeah of course ".


we arrived at the mall and made it in the mall without any noticing us, " oh i invited the girls " i said smiling at pearl , " yay where are they meeting us " she said looking around " in the food court " i said  making my way over to them.  I gave them all a big hug, " so the boys told us the news Nicole " Perrie said putting her hand on my tummy smiling , " yeah " i said laughing a bit , " so where's the ring " Dani said looking at my hand " Dani , Liam said they have to keep a low profile because Niall doesn't want her to get hate" Eleanor said smiling at me. "oooohhh is that a strawberry milkshake " i said pointing to the drink in Danielle's hand " yeah you want some " she said handing over the drink. Everyone laughed as i drank the rest of her drink. " Hmm mm thanks that was so good " i said giving her back the empty milkshake cup.



We looked in almost every shop looking for clothes. All of us had bags and bags fulled with new clothes. We walked past a baby shop and stopped outside " Can we " pearl said walking in, its like a magnet to all women.  " What do you think it is " Perrie said walking over to the girl section " i wouldn't have a clue but what ever it is  ill love it anyways " i said picking up little onsies. " We go for a scan tomorrow " Pearl said looking in the same stuff as Eleanor was.  " That sounds fun ," Danielle said  .




After we went shopping the girls came with us to look at the houses we could go to. Every house we went to there was always something Pearl or i didn't like. "Too small " "ugly " " to close to the neighbors". every house we look at was horrible. We had looked at all the houses but one. We drove up a long drive way on a hill to get to this house. My jaw dropped when i seen what it looked like. 


It was massive, it was stone on the outside, Double garage, four bedrooms , four bathrooms , a big living room, massive kitchen and a big dining room area.  On the top floor there were two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Each room had a bathroom in it, " Mine " i said to Pearl when i came out of the bathroom. The bathroom had light blue tiles on the floor and halfway up the wall, The shower was a free falling shower in the corner with a frosty glass wall in front of it. There was a mans and a woman's toilet in the other corner . There was a double sink against the wall with a massive mirror above it. 

" i love it " i said to pearl who was amazed 


Pearl's room was almost the same as mine. But a different  layout of the bathroom and where the deck was. Her bathroom was a creamy yellow colour. she had all the same things but in different places. There was an office/study room up stairs as well. I the down stairs rooms weren't as big as the up stairs rooms.  The bigger room out of the two had a open seating window. The room was painted a light grey colour , a off white colour. In the kitchen there was a massive oven , it was gas on top and had two doors that open for the oven. " well i think we'll take it " i said to the man who was showing us around. I looked at pearl was was shocked i wanted it. 

" Nicole are you sure " Pearl said looking at me and the others. " Yes i'm sure this place is amazing " i said really loud. " Okay , we'll take it" Pearl said holding her hand up. 


" do you know what this means " i said to pearl, " Um no " " we get to go furniture shopping " i screamed getting really excited. Pearl rolled her eyes and shook her head at me. 



When we got home i couldn't wait to tell Niall about our new house. I ran to my laptop and logged into skype. He wasn't on.  " damm it " i said to myself shutting my laptop lid. I wondered down stairs to see pearl cooking dinner. "Hmmmm smells yum what is it " i asked standing behind her watching her cook. " stuffed Chicken breast with pesto  pasta and a olive oil dressing " she said , " is it ready yet because i want that now " i said licking my lips. " yeah hold up big mumma " she said laughing her head off.  " not funny " i said fake crying " Dont be silly , come on dinners ready " pearl said taking the plates into the living room.


After i pack away all my new clothes away i went into the bathroom and had a shower. The hot water massaged my back as i stood under the water. All i could think  about was my life, my baby , my dad. I thought about when i died and seen my mother and Jamie and how they said everything was going to be okay. But it isnt......

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