Love at first sight

Nicole and Pearl have just finished their exams , they go to the beach to have some fun. what they don't know is they meet a famous boy band ( one direction ). will they find love? or will things get in the way? can they handle their new lives?
read and find out


50. Elevator


3 weeks later...


Harry and Pearl were back together and happy. The tour is back on and everyone is getting on. Me and pearl went shopping almost everyday, christmas shopping. We had done so much shopping it wasn't funny. Louis would tag along every now and then.


shopaholics Niall called us. We're in Canada right now. Its snowing and it just looks beautiful.  Pearl and i don't see snow much because it doesn't snow in NZ.

Its December 4th , 21 days until Christmas. The boys are doing a few more concerts before Christmas before we head to New Zealand to spend time with mine and Pearls family's  Dad was so happy i told him i was coming home for Christmas

Even know it was freezing cold and snowing over here its sunny and hot in NZ. This would be the Boys first summer christmas, hot and sticky. After christmas day were going on a camping trip down the sounds. Not many people go down there so no paparazzi and cameras.




" Niall have you packed yet " i yelled from the ensuite,  Niall was hopeless when it came to packing. 

" Can you help me my beautiful princess " Niall said walking into the bathroom with a smile spread across his face.

I rolled my eyes and giggled to myself, i turned around to finish off doing my make-up when i felt big warm hand around my waste, " You know i love it when you giggle like that " Niall whispered in my ear while kissing my neck,  sucking on my color bone. 

I let out a moan in pleasure, " Niall " i said quietly , he just wouldn't stop. I got out of his grip and ran away from him laughing. I knew he could catch me but i knew he loved me doing this. Boys and their minds.

I was still wrapped in a towel from my shower and had to be careful it didn't fall down in front of the other boys. Harry and Pearl shared a room with Niall and I. It was good in a way we shared rooms. 

I quickly ran into our room and shut the door getting dressed fast, i looked to the ground to see Niall's things all over the floor. " NIALL JAMES HORAN, GET YOUR ASS IN HERE RIGHT NOW " i yelled from the bedroom from the top of my lungs.

I heard foot step slowly coming from the hallway, the door slowly creaked open. " you haven't even started packing Niall " i said sounding angry and pissed off.

" Can you please help my " Niall said sounding as innocent as he could.


I ended up packing his suitcase while he sat on the bed watching me.  " Go see if the boys are ready babe " i said looking up at Niall while i was zipping his suitcase shut.

" Okay "  he said getting up fast sounding happy. I shook my head and pulled the bags to the front door joining my many of bags.

I had got all my Christmas shopping done and all wrapped ready for under dads tree which the maids put up because me and Pearl weren't there. Everyday the boys have been pestering me about what i got everyone. It was hard keeping secrets from them all , Pearl would try bribe me into telling her what i got her. None of them have got it out of me just yet.


Next year will be the first year i wont be spending christmas with dad, its Niall's year next years  We're going to be spending it with his mum. I don't know what dad's going to do. I fell kinda bad but Niall missed out on seeing his family this year, so its only fair we go there next year. 


Mine and Niall's bags were packed so we were just waiting on Louis, Liam and Zayn  to pack their bags. I knew pearls bags would be backs because shes a neat person but she would be helping Harry.  The girls left when we arrived in Canada. It was sad to see them leave but they were spending christmas in London with their family's.


I grabbed the bags and put them outside the door beside pearls and harry's waiting for them to be taken down stairs. I knew the boys would all be in Liam's room, making a mess.

I wondered over there to see them all on the couch eating chips and pizza. Niall knew as soon as i walked in there he was in trouble, he got such a fright when i opened the door he hot up throwing the chips all  over the floor. 

" Um yeah so hurry up and finish packing your bags " Niall said slowly walking over to me kissing me on the cheek. 

The boys didn't say a thing , they just looked to the ground, no bags in sight. 

" SO. ..." i said in a angry tone. 

They all got up and ran into their rooms and packed their bags. I checked up on everyone making sure they were packing.

"Com'on boys , we cant miss this flight " i said getting worried as the time went on.

I went down to the lobby and waited for everyone to come down. Paul wasn't coming with us to NZ. We told him to stay home with his wife and his unborn baby. I couldn't wait for Paul's baby to come along, a mini Paul how cute. Me and Pearl plan on throwing a baby shower for her.

Lou , Tom and baby Lux had left early this morning, leaving to go back to London. Lux loved Christmas, I looked after her a couple of times when Lou and Tom got her christmas presents. She was such a  gorgeous baby.

Lou had given me the boy's presents to take with me. " My bags going to be waaaay over 23kgs " i said to myself getting worried of how much its going to cost.


"Finally " i yelled as everyone piled out of the elevator walking towards me. They all looked tired and not wanting to go. Pearl had a massive smile on her face and messy hair so did harry. " They took a different elevator then us " Niall whispered to me when he grabbed my hand and slid his fingers into to gaps of mine.

" EWWW" i shouted , they all looked at me and cracked up laughing. I was so disgusted in pearl.

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