Love at first sight

Nicole and Pearl have just finished their exams , they go to the beach to have some fun. what they don't know is they meet a famous boy band ( one direction ). will they find love? or will things get in the way? can they handle their new lives?
read and find out


25. Drinks with Lou bear


    I waited outside for Louis to answer the door. I turned around to walk away, then i heard the door open.  Nicole I turned around to see louis standing in the door looking at me. Hey love whats up he said smiling at me. Hey lou , i was going down to have some drinks you keen, i said smiling. Louis looked at me and gave me a cheeky grin before running out and giving me a hug. You kn ow me so well love don't you he said locking his door. I smiled and looked at him. Race ya i said running dopwn the hall.  Lou and i laughing our head off at eachother. I ran down to the bar and got there first. Louis not long after me. I sat down at the bar on the bar stool.  Sex on the beach i said to the bartender , he smiled at me and poured my drink. I'll have a beer louis said from beside me.  After i finished my drink i yelled out SHOTS . Louis looked at me and laughed.  I ordered 10shots. I brought them to the table and sat down.   Me and louis did a few shots of vodka together while yelling out shot everytime we did one. We had a few laughs.      Pearl's P.O.V   Harry and i were walking down the hall holding hands. We were going to get something from the bar. I heard SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS. I was praying it wasn't Nicole.  Then we heard a loud laugh coming from the bar.   OH NO i said , Harry looked at me confused. We walked in to the bar seeing Nicole standing on the table dance and yelling out SHOTS. louis was standing up laughing at Nicole trying to hold her top down as she was trying top take it off.  Lou Bear she said laughing. NICOLE GET DOWN FROM THERE i yelled at her.  She stopped what she was doing. PEARL come have some shots with me she said jumping up and down on the table. I shook my head in disaponintment.  HAZZA come join me babe she yelled out. Nicole get down from there. She pushed her bottom lip out and got down. Yes mother she said stumbling off the table. She came over to me and Harry "i love you guys, your're my bestfriends" she slured Ok time for bed i said to her. She looked at me with eyes as cold as ice. NO she yelled before running off. Harry looked at  me , And i thought you were bad. He shook his head and laughed. Hey im not the one who woke up naked on the coffee table am i. i said laughing. No he said with his head down in shame. LOU BEAR she yelled form the hall, come find me. We all ran after her. She jumped into the eleavotor and shut the door. we got to the elavotor just as it was shutting. She was standing looking through the crack waving at us. Shit i said palm fisting my head. We watched as the number at the top of the elavotor tick to where she was going.  When we got to the floor she got off at she was no where to be seen. We all split up trying to find her.    Niall's P.O.V  i was sitting in my hotel room waiting, wondering where Nicole was. I heard Mooing sounds coming from down the hall. I ignored it the first time but when it happened the second time i went ot look out my door. I poked my head out the door and saw a very drunk Nicole wondering down the hall.  Nicole i said loud enough for her to hear me. She stopped where she was and looked at me. Shit I heard her say, She turned around and ran down the hall and around the coner. I ran after her but when i got to the coner she was over Louis shoulder scream LOU BEAR PUT ME DOWN. She laughed everytime she said Lou bear.   Louis P.O.V I was following the mooing sounds coming from down the hall. I heard fott steps running towards me. Nicole stopped and looked at me, she tried to run away but i grabbed her by her top , gottcha you little shit i said throwing her over my shoulder.  Lou bear put me down she screamed. Right then i saw Niall running towards me. All yours buddy I said to Niall.  Lou put me down im going to puke, no your not , you'll run away again i said laughing to myself. Louuuuuuuuu i heard a splat on the ground. My top stuck to my back and the warm spew spread over my back. I stopped walked and looked at Niall. He looked so sorry. Thank god his room was a few meters away from us. We walked into their room and i placed her on the bed. I took my t-shirt off and walked out into the hall. Oooooh sexy body  I turned around to see Pearl looking and laughing at me. I poked my tounge out and carried on walking.    Niall's P.O.V I sat down on the couch and turned on t.v. Nialler i heard coming from the bedroom. I got up to see if she was ok. She was standing beside the door with her finger in her mouth giggling. I went in the room. Nicole its time for bed. But i dont want to go to sleep she said poking her bottom lip out at me. I sat down on the bed and patted to spot next to me. She ran over and got into the bed. I pulled the blankets over her. She pulled her hand out and rubbed against my thigh. I grabbed her hand and placed it on the bed. No babe not now, your a bit wasted my sweetheart. You should got to sleep and maybe in the morning we could. She smiled and puit her head on the pillow.  I got up to go watch tv.  Niall she said in a almost whisper.  Yes my darling i said looking at her.  Plase dont leave me, i love you. I smiled at her and lay back down beside her stroking her hair. I kissed her forehead before she fell asleep.   In the morning i woke um early so i decided ot take a shower. I heared the door shut. I got out of the shower and looked around the room to see who was here. No one , i walked into the bedroom. Nicole was no where to be seen. I yelled her name out but no answer.   Harry's P.O.V  Me and Pearl were laying in bed looking into eachothers eyes. What are you doing today she said biteing her lip. We have a signing at noon then we have soundcheck at 3. We heard the door open and shut. We both looked at each other and i sort of sat up to get out of bed. I heard foot steps running to the room. Nicole came running in the room and she jumped on the bed. I love you guys so much she said before passing out inbetween us. Pearl looked at me then cracked up laughing .  I heard a knock on the door. I got up and answered the door , still naked. Niall was standing in the doorway with a towel around his waist.  Hmm yes Niall , i think you lost something.  haha yes i think i have. Pearl came out of the room and stood next to me. Haha you need a leash for her buddy she said laughing to herself. He went into the room and picked her up in his arms and carried her into their room. He came back to our room and asked if Pearl would be able to look after her when we go to the signing , she rolled her eyes and sighed as she said yes.     Pearl's P.O.V    As i sat in their emtpy hotel room waiting for Nicole to wake up. I heard foot steps and Nicole came out looking the same as before. Get i said pointing to the bathroom.  She looked at me like what the fuck. GET IN THE FUCKING SHOWER RIGHT NOW AND SOBAR THE FUCK UP. I yelled at her again. This time she listened to me.  She got dressed in black highwaster shorts and Niall's baby blue tank top. she chucked her sunnys on and her summer sandles on. She jumped into the jeep and we drove off to starbucks.
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