Love at first sight

Nicole and Pearl have just finished their exams , they go to the beach to have some fun. what they don't know is they meet a famous boy band ( one direction ). will they find love? or will things get in the way? can they handle their new lives?
read and find out


27. Concert


 We got back to the hotel room and waited for the boys.  They said they would be back before they had to go the the sound check. We sat on the couch and turned the t.v on. Some weird docamentry was on about whales. I wasn't paying much attenction to it. 

Pearl sat down next to me and started giggling to her self. I cocked my head to the right an looked at her. What in god's name are you giggling about i said smiling myself.

Um well who knew ,

Who knew what i said turning down the tv.

Who Knew we , yes us would be dating two of the most sexyest guys on earth , let alone them being in the biggest boyband in the world. 

I gritted my teeth and smiled at her. OMG i knew i almost yelled at her.

We heard footsteps and laughter outside the door. All the boys burst in the door laughing at something.

I got up out of my seat and walked over to Niall brushing my hand on his cheak while waslking past him Giving him a look while walking inot the bedroom.  I heard all the lads laughing and cheering.

Ooooh Niall's going to get someHarry yelled out.

HARRY! pearl shouted at him , Oh sorry he said.

I heard footsteps leaving and the door shutting. 

I lay on the bed wearing nothing but my lace bra and panties. Niall stood in the door way looking at me. I bit my lip and looked back at him. Your such a tease he said walking over to me shutting the door behind himself.

He climbed on top of me but still on his hands and knees Kissing me. His lips moved down from my neck leaving me moaning his name as he left love bites as he kissed me. His strong arms held me tight and locked on top of me. All our clothes spread all over the floor now. Our bodys rubbing against eachother. I was moaning his name even louder this time. His eyes flickered darker blue filed with lust. While rubbing my breasts our tounges played together, One of his hands slowly moved down my body, he stopped as he got to my thigh. He moved his lips away from mine and kissed my cheek bone, then my cheek , my jaw and then my neck. Niall i moned as he started sucking on my colar bone. He found my weak spot. As i felt the Niallizard getting tighter hid boner grew. His hand maded its way down rubbing me making me moan. i moved nmy hand to his back and dug my nails into him , not hard. I let out a loud moan as he pushed one finger in. He stuck another in moving them around in circles trying to find my g-spot leaving me breathless. My hands intwinged in his hair trying not to moan loud. He pulled his fingers out and looked up at me. Don't stop i begged which made him laugh. JUST FUCK ME HORAN  i scremed. A mixed feelings of pain and pleasure as he slid the full sized Nialllizard inside me making me gasp for air. YES i screamed loud. He slammed it in and out making me scream. OH MY GOD i screamed in pleasure.  N-Niall i moaned. I i im going to cum. Hold it he said looking deep into my eyes. I i cant , Not yet he said. He stoppede and looked at me. What do you think your doing mr horan i said. Don't fuckign stop keep going. I screamed as we both cumed . He pulled it out and kissed me on the head. He lay down beside me and we both tried catching our breath. 

He got out of bed and went to have a shower. I fell asleep while he was in there. I felt him kiss my forehead while saying goodbye. He now had a soundcheck. Then me and Pearl would be going ot their concert tonight.

I slept untill i felt the warm arm of Niall wrapping around my waist picking me up and carrying me somewhere. I put my arms around his neck and let him carry me. He placed me on the couch and and he walked away. I heard the water turn on and Niall came back and started taking my clothes off. He picked me up once againa and carried me to the bathroom.

Babe you need to wake up now he said kissing my lips. 

I opened my eyes and saw a beautiful Niall looking down at me smiling.

Thats better he said kissing me again.

He gently placed me in the bath and the hot water sourrounding me. He sat beside the bath and helped me wash myself. He raced out of the room and came back with a clean towel. I got out of the bath and stoos there trying to cover my body. Niall came over and pulled my hands away smiling. He wrapped the towel around me and we walked out to the kitchen.


Niall's P.O.V 

We walked into the kitchen to get something to eat. No noticeing who was in the living room. Nicole made us a hot chocolate and  we walked into the living room.

What the fuck she yelled dropping her drink hiding behind me.

I looked up to see The boys sitting there in the living room with big grins on their faces. oh um were sorry didn't realise you two were busy liam siad looking down at the table.  Nicole tugged the back of my top so i would turn around. I turned and faced her. She looked at me like she didn't kno what to do. I picked her up and carried her to the room.

Im so embarrassed she said looking into my eyes. 

I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her tight. Its alright , its only the boy i said putting a strand of hair behind her ear. She smiled and turned around to get changed. She wore Black jeans with rips going up at the front and one of my hoddies. She looked sexy in anything she wore. Shr grabbed my hand as we walked out int the living room.

 Hello she said in a hushed tone, they all smiled and said hello. 

Um nicole , were sorry we gave youa fright and we should have knocked before we came in Liam said looking at her smiling.

Its ok really , its not like you haven't seen me naked before she said smiling at me.

There was a knock on the door, i went over and answered it. Oh hey paul 

he stood there and smiled. You boys ready he said almost yelling. yep we'll meet you in the carport in 5 okay, and with that he was gone. 


Nicole's P.O.V

Ready to go Niall said walking in rubbing his neck. Everyone got up and started walking off. 

You coming love louis said as he was walking out the door. 

I smiled and followed them. I saw Pearl and run up to her. We looked at eachother and smiled. Our first 1D concert. We stayed close to the boys as we got down to the lobby, there was lots of screaming girls grabbing on to them and ripping their clothes. Me and pearl ran for the car and jumped in. 

We sat there and waited for the boys to come. The door slid open and they jumped in. Niall sat next to me and Harry sat next to pearl in front of us. Harry , Louis and Zayn in the very back. We set off to go to the concert, Girls chasing the van down the road, me and pearl looked at each other and cracked up laughing.


We got to the concert and we got told to go to the boys changing rooms. We waited in the changing rooms waiting for them. Paul came and got us taking us to the stage. We were really confused but followed him anyways. 

So we have some news to tell you guys Niall begain saying , 

Harry: These last couple of weeks has been the best in a while  

Niall; We've met two of the most wonderful people ever 

Harry looked over at paul and he put his tumbs up

Harry: and these two grils are very special to us 

they started walking around the stage, now the both of them sitting on the couch. I notcied Louis Zayn and Liam came towards us

Niall: we would all like you to meet them aswell.

They came off stage and grabbed us sitting us on Niall and Harrys laps.

Harry: this is Pearl my girlfriend. 

everyone screamed and cheered.

Niall: and this wonderful girl her is My girlfriend Nicole, he said kissing me on the cheak. 

They did the same. Liam put his mic up to his mouth. We would be very disapointed if you sent any hate to these wonderful girls he said winking at us. We smiled at got up and walked off stage. Paul took us back to the changing room. 

The boys finished and came into the room. Taking their clothes off. OK i said grabbing pearl and walking out of the room. Well just get changed in front of us then i said trying not to laugh. We're going to the car i yelled so they would hear us. 

We  walked out to find the van , but it wasn't here. What the fuck pearl mumbled. 

I felt someones arms pulling me away. I screamed i had no idea who it was.

Nicole its Niall i turned around and hugged him. you gave me such a fright. We walked over to another van and got in. This time i sat in the front with Niall driving, Pearl and harry in the seat behind us. 

The drive home was quiet , no one really said anything.

We stopped at the red light and waited for it to change green. The car behind us didn't stop in time and crashhed into the back of the van, spinning us around to the middle of the road sideways. Is everyone ok Liam yelled from the back, I looked around to see if everyopne was ok.

I looked at Niall his face pail while. his eyes focused on me. I saw bright lights lighting up his face as he sat there.

I felt mybody being jerked to the side. The car in the air rolling. It felt like everything went slowmotion. I saw pearl fly past me going threw the window screen. 


We now upside down on the road. 

The rain hitting the car makign the road wet. 

I said Pearl laying on the road , not moving. 


I saw lights and heard people's voices. I couldn't make out what they were saying . I heard my name being called out but i couldn't move or say anything. 

Shes in here I heard another yell. 

Pearl i finely got out.

The last thing i remeber seeing is a bright light shinning in my eyes...





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