Love at first sight

Nicole and Pearl have just finished their exams , they go to the beach to have some fun. what they don't know is they meet a famous boy band ( one direction ). will they find love? or will things get in the way? can they handle their new lives?
read and find out


46. Clubbing!!!

As soon as we pulled up at the club i opened the door of the van and jumped out. Nicole followed me closely with Niall on her arm. 

"Pearl, wait for us " i heard Louis call.

I didn't care what they said i was going inside with or without them. Inside the club was stuffy and hot. I scanned the room for any hot boys. I spotted one sitting up at the bar talking with some chick. I looked at his fingers to see if there was a ring, no ring. 

I walked over and ordered a drink. I could see he was watching me. I had some drink and made it to the dance floor, i noticed Nicole looking at me and looking pissed off , she knew actually what i was doing. 

They all sat down at a booth by the bar. Harry's little slag was here. She looked at me and shot me an evil smirk. 

I carried on slut dancing. I felt two warm big hands on my hips. I grinded all over him. I felt his erection grow on my back. 

He was much taller than me. I turned around and faced him. He smiled , he leaned over to me and whispered in my ear, " Come on babe , lets get out of here"

I smiled and grabbed his hand and he lead me to his car.It was a big black truck.

We drove off , his hand on my leg rubbing up and down. We arrived at his house it was small but not to small. Inside was kinda flash. He pulled me up the stairs and into his room. He must of had flat mates because there was a few rooms in his flat. 

He turned the lights off and lit a candle. He sat on his bed patting the space next to him gently.   I looked at him and smiled. I stood in front of him. I pulled my dress off , i now was standing there in just my bra and undies. 

I walked over to him and sat on his legs facing him. I put my hands on his face and kissed him. He leaned back and landed on the bed. 

I grabbed his top and pulled it over his head exposing his bare chest. I grinded all over him. I felt his excretion grow again. I looked up at him and smiled. I went down and pulled his jeans off. 

He unclipped my bra and pulled my undies down. He rolled me over so he was on top. He got up and went into his draw. He pulled out a condom, his boxers slid down and he slid on the condom. He came back over and lay on top of me, grinding all over. 

I felt him smashing it into me, i gasped for air. He was big, to big. It hurt a lot. After we finished he fell asleep, i didn't really enjoy that but next time it'll be better. I don't even know his name. I grabbed my things and left. 

I walked all the way back to the hotel room. It was 5am. The street lights on, cars zooming past everywhere. I slowly opened the room door and slid in. I checked my phone i had 5 txts and 3 missed calls. All from Nicole and Louis.

I went into the kitchen and placed my handbag on the kitchen counter. I made myself a coffee and sat outside on the deck looking over the city. I saw girls camping outside the entrance of the hotel. I sat on the balcony chair and drank my coffee. 

I heard a door open from the room beside ours. I looked and waited for the person to come out. Zayn walked out in just a towel. He has a cigarette box in his hand and a lighter in the other . He looked over to me and smiled. I smiles and took a sip. He grabbed a cig out and lit it inhaling the smoke. I watched as he did this, 

" um Zayn , can i have one " i said looking at him, He smiled and grabbed one out of his packet and handed me one.  "Thanks " i said smiling at him. I took his lighter and lit it up. I inhaled deeply letting the smoke full my  lungs before exhaling.

" You done this before" Zayn said climbing over the railing sitting next to me." Um no but my father smokes and i've watched him many times " Zayn nodded and looked out to the city. " So why are you up so early " i said looking at zayn inhaling the smoke again, " Well i haven't really slept much, you know with Perrie here and all " i looked at Zayn and my eyes widened " um to much info " i said looking away. " Oh oh , no not like that. I just can't stop watching her sleeping " zayn said laughing to himself. " Why are you up Pearl " he said looking my way. "Um i've only just got home " i said still looking out to the city. " Oh did you go home with that guy you were dancing with " he asked not facing me. " Um yeah " i said looking down.

"Anyways Zayn i have to go and have a shower and get ready to go into town." i said getting up dropping the blanket i wrapped around myself walking back into the room, " oh thanks zayn for the smoke i yelled shutting the door.

 I jumped into the shower and washed my body hard. I was getting my hair cut today at 7:30am, then off to get some new clothes for my new style.  

I got changed into a short dress and grabbed my coat and left. I  walked down the street  to the hair dresses, i had the first appointment of the day it still wasn't open. I walked across the road to a gas station and brought a box of cigarettes, a candy bar and a lighter. I saw a poster of the boys in the station, i felt anger grow over me when i seen harry and i in the paper next to the counter. 

"That will be $30 " the guy said, i handed the guy the money and went out side lighting up a smoke and inhaling in the smoke. I coughed a bit this time but it didn't stop me. I don't know how long i sat there on the side of the road for but when i looked up i saw that the hair dressers were open.

As i walked into the shop the lady smiled and pointed me to the seat. " wow what lovely long hair you have" she said playing with it. " Thanks " i said blankly. " What would you like done with it " she said bringing over the cutters. " I want it fully blonde ,a side fringe and cut it short and wispy " i said looking in the mirror . 

She started doing me hair , it took over two hours to do , she turned me around and showed me in the mirror my new hair cut." Thanks " i said giving her the money and walking outside the shop. I went not the nearest punk shop and brought lots of jeans dresses and tops.

It was 11:30am now, i was getting a bit hungry and wanted to get a drink. I walked past a pub and looked inside. I went in and ordered a grass of wine and a plate of chips.

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