Love at first sight

Nicole and Pearl have just finished their exams , they go to the beach to have some fun. what they don't know is they meet a famous boy band ( one direction ). will they find love? or will things get in the way? can they handle their new lives?
read and find out


55. Christmas day



When i woke up i was so excited. I looked over to see Niall still fast asleep. " Get up " i yelled as i smacked his bum getting off the bed. I waited for him to say something but all i got was a funny sounding noise. " I give up ' i said getting my clothes from my draws. I looked around my room before i closed the door to the bathroom and saw the others passed out on my floor with blankets. 


" I wonder how drunk they got after i went to bed last night " i mumbled to myself shutting the door. I took my clothes off and turned the water on, i stood in front of the mirror looking at myself. I couldn't help but laugh. I turned to the side and noticed my baby bump. its not that big but now i can see it. I stood there for about 5 minuets looking at my belly before i got in the shower. 


I found myself singing a Christmas song.



" Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer,

had a very shiny nose,

and if you ever saw him,

you would say it glows "  I giggled when i herd it echo through the bathroom. 


" Then one foggy Christmas eve,

Santa came to say 

Rudolph with your nose so bright 

won't you guide my sleigh tonight " Niall sang getting in the shower behind me. " Bloody heel Niall , you made me jump " i said washing the shampoo out of my hair.

I had my back to Niall and he was pressed against mine.

" I love you " he whispered in my ear while kissing my neck leaving little love bites. I dropped the cloth on the bottom of the shower. Niall made me feel like i was the only girl in the world. " N -- Niall " i moaned but  He didn't stop, " Niall we cant " " not here anyway, later tonight " i said getting out of his grip. I turned to face him, he looked sad but i didn't want to gross everyone out. 

" not fair " he said with his head still down I kissed him on the forehead before getting out and getting changed. I wore a white dress with pink flowers on it with my white toms and a Santa hat. I could see in the mirror behind me Niall was watching me, " What " i said looking at him grinning. " Your just so beautiful " He said standing up coming towards me. I turned around to finish doing my make-up, i felt his hands around my waist and on my belly, he rested his chin on my shoulder and watched me do my make-up.


Niall's P.O.V


Today i was going to purpose to Nicole, I loved her so much. As i watched her do her make-up i got butterflies just thinking about being married to her. Yesterday when Troy took me into his office i asked if i could take Nicole's hand in marriage and  he gave me his blessing. I'm going to purpose at lunch time.

 I could see in the mirror she was watching me thinking i quickly pulled a funny face which made her laugh.



Pearl's P.O.V 


I woke up to the sound of Nicole and Niall laughing in the bathroom, I didn't want to think about what they were doing in there. My head was pounding, How much did i drink last night i asked myself sitting up on the floor. " Why are we on the floor " i yelled waking everyone up. They all had there hands on there eyes with there eyes closed hard. " Sorry " i said quietly 

 I felt the blanket next to me rise, and a very naked Harry stood in front of me , " MMMMMM" i hummed " Harry " i heard Nicole shouting from the bathroom door. He quickly grabbed the blanket and wrapped it around hid waist. " Come on guys get up its Christmas " Nicole said walking over everyone's body's kicking them slightly.



Nicole's P.O.V

As me and Niall walked down stairs i could smell breakfast cooking, Bacon , eggs , hash-browns , sausages, tomatoes and spaghetti on toast. "YUM " i yelled so everyone could here me. 

As soon as Niall smelt the food he ran to the kitchen , i followed him licking my lips " Merry Christmas daddy " i said kissing my dads cheek grabbing a plate and piling food on it. " Merry Christmas  darling " he said smiling at me and Niall.   And that is when i knew something was up, " Yeah Merry Christmas Troy " Niall said walking past him.


" Whats going on in here " i heard Pearl say from the kitchen island , " Merry Christmas  Pearl " dad said hugging her. She was like my sister and dads other daughter. She would even joke around with dad when he was pissed off with us for doing stuff to his cars or office.

 By the time i reached the dining room table and sat down all the boys were downstairs with plate fulls of food, " Merry Christmas " they all sang to us. 

" Oh I have something to tell you " Dad said pointing to me and Pearl , I put my knife and fork down and turned and faced dad , Pearl did the same.

"Well " Pearl said looking at him ,

" I have a Girlfriend and her name is Kristen, and she'll be here in 2 minuets " He said shocking us all.   

" WHAT " i almost screamed standing up, Pearl looked as angry as i was. We both looked at each other before looking back at dad who sat looking at us with a confused look on his face. 


Niall grabbed my hand and pulled me down sitting me down next to him in my chair. Harry did the same to Pearl. Then i heard it the door bell rang. I knew who it was and i didn't want to meet her. Dad got up and almost ran to the door. I heard a lady's voice, she sounded fake. I looked at Pearl and rolled my eyes. " This will be fun " Pearl said to me as i grinned at her. 


" Behave " Harry and Niall said at the same time looking at us. Louis , Liam and Zayn couldn't stop looking at us , confused as hell.


Then she walked through the door. I looked at Pearl who looked at me, i smiled and gave her the look. She had straight blonde hair that went down to the middle of her back, deep blue eyes, She was skinny ,,, to skinny. She wore tight red dress that made her boobs fall out of her top, It came just below her upper thigh. The second i seen her i knew. The way she clung on to my fathers arm as they entered the room , She wanted nothing but his money.


" Hi my name  is Kristen " she said looking at us all. " And you must be Pearl and Nicole " she said looking at us both. Her voice was fake as. " I've heard so much about you Nicole " she said grabbing my hand. " Well I've heard nothing about you " I said fake smiling at her then looking at Pearl. 


" Nicole " Niall said looking at me. " what its true, this is the first time I've heard about her" i said looking back at her.


" Oh my , is this the famous One Direction " she said looking at the boys with her eyes wide and her ugly smile planted across her fake face. " Yes they are, " Pearl said looking at her. 

As i watched she sat on my dads lap while he sat at the table. She laughed at every joke he said and everything one of the boys said. 

" So Kristen, " i started as everyone looked at me waiting for what i was going to say. Pearl looked very interested in what i was about to say. " You ever been married before " i asked already knowing the answer. " Well yes i have, but they all ended. I guess i never found the right man, until i met your father " She said kissing him on the lips. I felt my tummy turn. 

" How many " i asked knowing there would be about 3. " I've been married four times " she said looking pleased in her self. " How old are you " i asked louder than my last question. " Nicole that enough " Dad spoke looking me deep in my eyes. " no, no its okay. I'm 25 " she said looking at dad


" Well I've lost my appetite " I said getting up taking my plate to the kitchen followed by Pearl and the Boys." Well that was uncalled for Nicole " Niall said sounding annoyed. " I don't like her , not at all " i said turning around facing Niall. I knew he was pissed but i really didn't care. Harry and Niall walked outside together, both as pissed off as each other. 


After 10 minuets of not talking to Niall i felt like i should say sorry to him. Him and Harry sat on the deck chairs looking out to the sea. I went over and sat on his lap. " I'm sorry babe " i said resting my forehead on his, it gave me comfort. " Its okay hun , its hard seeing you dad with a girl other than your mother " he said kissing me deeply.

" i love you Niall " i said hugging him deeply . 

" I love you too my beautiful princess " 

We sat on the chairs for half an hour before Zayn came out for a cigarette, He sat on the chair opposite us looking at us smiling. " I knew from the first time you two seen each other yo were meant to be " he said taking another puff. It didn't annoy me as  much as it use to when i seen Zayn smoking, i guess i was use to it.


Pearl and Harry came around the corner holding hands looking happy as ever, " Really " i said laughing. No matter where we were they all ways had sex. " oh its time to open the presents now " Harry said hurrying  off with pearl to the tree. 


Niall's P.O.V 

This was it , when Troy called out the names on the presents Nicole would open her tiny box and see her ring. It was the same ring as her father gave to her mother when he purposed to her. Nobody knew about this but me and troy. 

As we all gathered around the tree i got more nervous. My hands started to get wet and i was getting hot.


All the presents were gone apart from one. A ting box waiting under the tree. 


This is it.



Nicole's P.O.V 

Everyone was happy and laughing when they opened the presents. I could see Niall was nervous about something but i didn't know what. " Whats wrong " i whispered in his ear. He shook his head and kissed me. " To Nicole Love Niall " my dad read out from the tiny box wrapped in a silver wrapping paper he had in his hand.

 Dad handed me the present and smiled a big smile. I quickly took all the wrapping paper off, it was a little blue box. I had a tear in my eye when i open the box and saw my mothers wedding ring.... 

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