Love at first sight

Nicole and Pearl have just finished their exams , they go to the beach to have some fun. what they don't know is they meet a famous boy band ( one direction ). will they find love? or will things get in the way? can they handle their new lives?
read and find out


13. Carnival



I woke up in bed with Niall's arms around, i must have fallen a sleep last night ion the couch i thought to myself. I looked over to see Niall sleeping still, he looked like an  angel sleeping. I left him sleeping because i felt bad waking him up. I slowly made my way to the kitchen to make breakfast. I cooked up a big breakfast for everyone. They sleep here most nights , i guess they just don't wanna go home.

It was 10:35am and i was waiting down stairs for everyone to wake up. I had enough waiting so i walked up stairs and ran into every room jumping on all the beds waking everyone up Breakfast I yelled from the top of my lungs before running down to the living room table. Everyone slowly came down the stairs rubbing their hands and eyes.

They all sat at the table and dug into the breakfast i had cooked them. Pearl and Harry slowly made their was down the stairs and into the living room. We all looked at them and laughed. 

So what are we going to do today Pearl asked , we all shook our heads not knowing what to day.How about we go to the carnival down the road today Zayn said getting all excited. Everyone agreed on that idea.

The boys finely decided to go home and get ready. I went up stairs and had a shower, i washed my hair with my strawberry shampoo and washed my body with a vanilla body wash. I wrapped a towel around my hair and told Pearl she could jump in the shower now as i was out of mine. 

I wore a white tank top and light denim high-waster ripped shorts , i curled my hair a bit, not to much. I lightly applied some make-up and put on some summer saddles. Pearl come out of the bathroom wearing a light blue tank top that was longer at the back and shorter at the front it showed her thin waist and her bellybutton off. She had her bellybutton pierced and had  a dream catcher ring in that i brought her for 17th last year.  She also wore darker denim shorts. She straightened her hair and put a little make-up on as well.

We were meeting the boy outside the carnival and we'll walk in together. When we got there the boys were standing outside waiting for us. Niall was wearing a blue tank top with some light blue shorts , Harry had black jeans and a dark grey V neck top and his Bennie , Zayn wore a white top and a blue and black jacket over top and tan colour pants , Louis wore a stripy rad and white top with his black skinny jeans , Liam wore a red top and blue jeans.

We made our way over to the boys , greeting each boy with a kiss on the cheek before walking in. Niall had my hand and Harry held Pearls. Niall brought our tickets and we ran off to do our own thing. Niall pulled me on to each ride with him. 

It was 12:45pm i was getting petty hungry and i could tell would be as well. We ran over to a hotdog stand and ordered  a hotdog each. Niall got sauce all down his top ,  he looked at me and pretended to cry, it was pretty funny watching Niall eat and try not to get more sauce on himself. Later on me and Niall played a game when you shoot water into a clowns mouth and the balloon on top blows up. He won of course , he won a big teddy bear and gave it to me. It was 6:00pm it was time to go , we met everyone back at the cars and drove back my my place.

Niall carried the big teddy in to my room and sat it down on my bed. We were sitting on my bed kissing when Louis came in, He came running over and sat on Niall, Get dressed we're going to that new club  Merah he said in excitement. I  quickly put on a short red dress and put my red heels on before running out the door hand in hand with Niall.



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