Love at first sight

Nicole and Pearl have just finished their exams , they go to the beach to have some fun. what they don't know is they meet a famous boy band ( one direction ). will they find love? or will things get in the way? can they handle their new lives?
read and find out


45. Broken

 I stormed down the hallway, tears streaming down my face. I heard doors opening and people walking out.  As i walked around the corner i slide down on the wall. My head in my  knees and my arms wrapped around my legs.



Louis P.O.V

I was watching a movie on the tv when Eleanor walked through the door. I got up and hugged her. " I missed you so much babe"  i said holding her tight. We held each other in our arms for which felt like hours.

" FUCK YOU HARRY " I heard coming from the hallway. I got up straight away, i knew what had happened, that slut was back again.  I ran into harry's room and saw harry and kate sitting in the room, harry had his head in his hands.

I grabbed harry's t-shirt and pulled him up. " Your a stupid jerk  you know that " i said with my fists clenched together. " stuff off " he snarled at me. " I told you not to do this and you go ahead and do it anyways, not thinking about how much pain you're going to cause poor Pearl" 

Harry just sat there, i stormed out of His room and walked down the hallway trying to find pearl. I heard sobbing coming from around the corner. It was pearl, sitting on the ground with her head buried in her knees. 

I sat down next to her rubbing her back. She lent in down next to me letting me cuddle her. " He's such a prick, why do i always have to pick the bad guys " she sobbed into my top. " I bloody told him not to do it but he didn't fuckin listen to me" i said to her. 

She lifted her head looking at me. Her eyes were red and puffy, she looked very tired. " You knew " she asked trying not to cry. " yeah but i tried stopping him " i said feeling bad " But you still knew and didn't tell me " she said getting up looking at me before storming off down the hallway into someones room slamming the door shut behind her. 


Pearl's P.O.V 

After Louis told me he knew i felt betrayed. I went into Niall and Nicoles room. My eyes were red and puffy, tired from the traveling. All i wanted to do was see my boyfriend ,  but i get this instead. 

Niall and Nicole were on the couch looking at each other. As i walked in the room Nicole got up and hugged me . " What happened babe " she whispered in my ear.

I shook my head as i didn't want to say it. " H-harry " i got out " What did harry do " Niall said standing next to me. " He cheated on me " The look on Nialls face looked like he was mad. He stormed out of the room so fast and shut the door behind him. Nicole cuddled me until i cried myself to sleep in her arms on the couch. 



Nicole's P.O.V 

I've never seen pearl like this before. I slowly moved from under her and grabbed a blanket and lay it on top of her. I walked out of the room shutting the door quietly. I heard all types of noises coming from Harry's room. I knew all the boys were in there.

I heard Louis yelled and Niall. I could hear Liam trying to calm them down but failing at it. I went down to the lobby to go get something from the shop for Pearl. There was so many screaming girls. When i walked past some would say hello but most would say horrible things. 

I got out in one piece. I made my way down to the nearest supermarket and went inside. Posters of the boys everywhere. I made my way down to the chocolate aisle, i grabbed a block of turkish delight, cookies and cream and passion fruit ice cream.

I went up to the counter and paid for the items. The guy was nice and kinda cute. I think his name is Adam. I walked out of the shop and walked back down to the hotel.  

The hotel still had heaps of screaming girls outside. One little girl got pushed to the back and all the older girls were telling her to go home. I went over to her and she smiled as i stood beside me. " Hello sweetie , who are you here with" i asked getting down to her height. " I'm here by myself Nicole " she said i knda blush as she knew my name. " Oh how old are you " i asked " seven " she replied.

I shook my head and grabbed her hand pulling her through the crowd into the lobby. She looked confused " we're going to call your mum to come pick you up, its really dangerous for you to be out there" i said getting into the elevator. '

 We got to my floor and got out of the elevator. We walked to my door and i let her in. She sat on the couch next to the one pearl was sitting on. I put the ice cream away and put the chocolate in the fridge. 

" What's your name sweetie " i asked " Hannah " she replied. " Okay Hannah , i'm just going next door to get Niall and i'll be right back." she nodded and i left.

I opened Harry's door and he was in tears. Louis was so mad so was Niall. Zayn sat there looking at harry , he looked really pissed off. Liam stood in the kitchen doorway looking at me. " Guys keep it down for a sec, i've got a little girl called Hannah in the room and i have to ring her mum to come and get her" They sat there looking at me not knowing what to do. I didn't even look at Harry but i could see he was looking at me. 

Niall got up and came over to me. He followed me to our room to come meet Hannah. When we got on the room she was still sitting on the same couch. When she saw Niall she got up and ran over to us.

" Hello, you must be Hannah " he said kneeling down to her height. She smiled and nodded." Okay Hannah , what's your mums number " he asked. She gave i'm her number and he rang her.  

Her mother came and picked her up, she looked so angry. 

" I can't believe Harry did that" he said hugging me. " Niall , don't forget you did this to me as well" He looked like he was going to cry. I kissed him passionately. " I love you Niall " i said. I think we hugged for about 30 minutes before Louis came storming in.  " What rong Louis " Pearl said sitting up on the couch. " That Prick , he's being such a cunt"  Pearl sat there on the couch just sitting there staring out of the window. 

" babe can you please go down stairs with Louis and book me and Pearl a room " i whispered in Nialls ear.  He nodded and got Louis and they both were gone.

I went into the fridge and got the chocolate out. I sat next to her by the window and gave her some. The door opened and the girls came in. It looks like they knew as well. " Hey " i said looking back at them. 

They sat down next to us and watched the girls down below. The day went so fast. "Lets go clubbing tonight " Pearl said getting up and walking to the kitchen. " Yes, what a good idea " Perrie said. " I guess we're going clubbing then " Danielle said " I'll just go tell Louis and the boys " Eleanor said. Pearl jumped into the shower.



Pearl's P.O.V 

as i locked the door to the bathroom and turned the shower on i slid down on the bathroom wall and burst into tears." How could Harry do this to me, i thought he loved me." i sobbed on the bathroom floor. " No , i'm better than this " i said to myself.

I got in the shower and shaved everything. " Its  time for a new me, Changes need to be made starting tomorrow, a new hairstyle is needed " I finished washing my hair and my body. I wrapped a towel around me and walked out. I walked into the living room where everybody was sitting. 

"Where the bags i said standing in front of everyone, "

" oh they're in our room" Nicole said standing up 

She took me to our room, we were standing outside the room when Harry came out of his room. His eyes red and puffy. " Pearl " i heard him say " I never meant to hurt you i love you, and i'm really sorry." I looked at Nicole and she had the door open  " Good bye Harry " i said walking into the room shutting the door. 

I opened my suitcase and pulled out a super slutty dress. It was black and had slits around the ribs showing my skin. I put makeup on and curled my hair. I put red lipstick on and put my black heels on and went back into Niall's room.

All the boys were there even Harry. The girls were ready and so were the boys. We got into the elevator and watched as the numbers of the levels ticked down.When we got to the lobby the girls were still there. 

They all said nasty things to me and the girls, but i didn't mind. We got into the jeep and paul drove us to the club.

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