Love at first sight

Nicole and Pearl have just finished their exams , they go to the beach to have some fun. what they don't know is they meet a famous boy band ( one direction ). will they find love? or will things get in the way? can they handle their new lives?
read and find out


66. Boy or Girl



Today was the day we were finding out what pumpkin was, Pearl has been so excited this last week.  I was now 18weeks pregnant, i was just showing. My baby bump stuck out a little bit. I always seemed to wear poo catchers and hoodies. Niall and I both decided we wouldn't tell any of the fans  that we were having a baby or getting married, We would just wait until after pumpkin was born. After the Hospital my morning sickness stopped, i don't get it now so that's good.


" Hurry up Nicole Get out of the bathroom, we need to get going "  Pearl yelled from outside my bathroom door, " okay , okay im coming out now " i said opening the door walking out. I wore blue poo catches and a purple hoddie trying to hid the baby bump, " You ready yet " pearl said sitting on my bed " yeah lets go " i said putting my allstars on. Pearl rushed down stairs and grabbed the car keys.


She hasn't let me drive since that day she made me get out of the car. As i got in the car pearl turned the radio on, " rock me, rock me, Rock me yeah " started playing, Pearl looked at me and pissed her self laughing. " Man our boyfriends are talented " Pearl said smiling pulling out of the drive way. " yeah sure are, can you hear that pumpkin that's your daddy and his brothers " i said rubbing my belly."Awwww that so cute "Pearl said looking over at me. "What do you think it is" i said looking at her trying to listen to the GPS. " Um i think its a girl" she said smiling, " yeah , i don't wanna guess just in case its not what i thought and get disappointed" i said putting my feet up in the dash board, " Get your feet off there Nicole" Pearl yelled " shit sorry mum " i said laughing. 


After a 15 minute drive we reached the hospital. I put my hands in my hoddie pockets and walked inside. Pearl check me in while i took a seat in the waiting room. "Not long "Pearl said sitting down next to me.  " hope not im really hungry and need to pee so bad " i said looking through the book i had.


"Mrs Nicole Smith " the nurse said holding up a clip board. "Yep that's us " i said getting up, Pearl had the camera in her hand all ready recording. My Midwife Zoey was already in the room waiting for me, " hi " i said sitting on the bed. "hi Boys, here's Nicole finding out what pumpkin is " Pearl said into the camera


Zoey put the gel on mu tummy and turned the ultrasound machine on. " Okay you ready to find out what your having " She said smiling, i grabbed Pearls hand and nodded. She Put the CPU on my belly and moved it around. "There " she said pointing up at the tv. I seen Pumpkin, Pearl moved the camera to look at the screen. " Congrats, your having a Girl "Zoey said.


"yes , i knew it " Pearl said cheering into the camera. "Wow im having a girl " i said smiling, i had a small tear in my eye. "Would you like pictures " Zoey said playing on the computer, " ah yes please " i said smiling at Pearl.


"Yay, now we can go shopping for girl clothes " Pearl said getting all excited. " Your going to spoil my daughter,  " i said smiling at her. " Yep " she said getting into the jeep. " First stop Babies are us"  Pearl said pulling out of the hospital. " okay ill text the girls and see if they wanna come " i said looking at my phone. Pearl still had the camera going.


To Dani, Eleanor , Perrie : Hey im having a girl, don't tell the boys yet um just wondering if you wanna come baby shopping with me and pearl, we're going to Babies are us : 

"They said they'll meet us there " i said putting my phone away looking at the pictures. 


Once we arrived at the shop we looked around at all the cute dresses and outfits. "Nicole ,Look " Pearl said holding up this cute  dress, it was red with little black  dots on it with a bow around the waist " omg , how am i going to resist myself from buying everything in the shop " i said grabbing the dress putting it in the shopping trolley. " Control Cole , Control " Pearl said laughing " We'll buy just a few things because we have to sort out her room " i said picking up some teddy's chucking them in the trolley. " Yeah , just a few things " pearl said grabbing more things. 


"Hey " i heard Danielle say walking over to us. " Hey girls " i said hugging them all, "Wow Nicole Your getting big now " Perrie said placing her hands on my belly. " Yeah , when are you due " Eleanor asked smiling at me, " um im due in four months so in august , august the 12th " i said looking at the rack in front of me. " wow , i cant believe Your having a baby  Nicole " Danielle said.


After 2 hours of baby shopping we finely got up to the counter, i had ordered one pink and white bassinet with two sets of purple and white sheets and a pink and white stripy duvet cover for it. A white wood crib with light red and green matching sheets and duvet covers, a white changing table with a cream colour changing mat. It had draws in it that i could put nappy's and other clothes in it, and had two side flat draws you could pull out to put wipes on it. Brought lots of one piece suits, socks, dresses, hats  pants and jersey's. The guy at the counter look at us funny " is this your first " he said looking at me " um yeah, how'd you guess " i said laughing to myself, " you brought a lot of things " he said smiling helping us put all the bags in the trolley. " Yeah " i said smiling back  


After i payed for everything we all went back to mine and Pearls house. "Right where is her room going to be " Danielle said helping us bring the bags in side. " Um the spare room down stairs, its just got boxes in there at the moment " i said walking inside. " I guess we're moving the boxes as well " Pearl said walking inside with bags or stuff. " yeah " i said going into the kitchen making lunch for everyone, " Nicole you said you weren't going to buy heaps of stuff " Perrie said putting some of the bags down. " yeah well its hard not to" i said laughing. " Ohhhh can we skype the boys "Eleanor said coming into the kitchen sitting on the bench " yeah, you and Louis are so similar " Pearl said grabbing some  chicken pasta i made, "How" Eleanor asked looking at us weird, " Well you both sit on the bench in the same place" Pearl said again laughing.  


I ran upstairs and grabbed my laptop, i logged into Skype. I went back down stairs and placed the laptop on the kitchen counter ringing Niall. We all stood around waiting for him to answer, " Hey babe " i said as his face popped up on the screen. " Hey, OI BOY COME HERE" he yelled, everyone laughed as they all sounded like they couldn't be bothered coming over. There faces all lite up as they seen all of us. 

I left the room to find something, once in found it i went back in the room smiling. " Hey Niall do you think our daughter will look cute in this dress " i said holding up the red with black dots dress, the girls were all laughing, Niall just looked so confused. "I'm having a girl " Niall said looking so happy,  All the boys were jumping around cheering for us. "Love you Babe " I said smiling. 


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