Love at first sight

Nicole and Pearl have just finished their exams , they go to the beach to have some fun. what they don't know is they meet a famous boy band ( one direction ). will they find love? or will things get in the way? can they handle their new lives?
read and find out


22. Bad choice


Louis P.O.V

Harry's been acting weird today, he was on the phone to Pearl earlier and when he came back he looked very angry. he sat next to Niall not saying a word. But he hasn't been acting as weird as Niall. yeah we know he Misses Nicole but he doesn't have to be a jerk to us about it. somethings going on and i'm going to find out.

Niall said something to harry and Harry stood up so fast like he was going to hit him. His phone start5ed going off , thank god i didn't harry hurting Niall. 

He looked at his phone and smiled as he walked off. 

I looked at Niall who was looking at me, What was that all about he asked me , i shrugged my shoulders and looked to the t.v again. 

Moments later harry and storming through the door with his fists clenched. I stood up as fast as i could to stop him from doing what i thought he was going to do.  He looked drunk with anger. He went over to Niall who was watching tv. 

Who the fuck do you think you are he screamed at Niall.  And with that he punched him straight in the face. 

LIAM ZAYN HELP i screamed 

They came running out to see my trying to hold harry back, Zayn ran over to Niall and held him back and Liam helped me hold harry back..

What the fuck wrong with you Niall Harry screamed, 

Nothing , why the fuck did you punch me.

You know what you fuckin did , how could you do that to Nicole, She loves you.

What are you talking about Harry Zayn said still holding Niall.

Well Niall tell them , tell them what you did.

Niall sat there in silence 

Fine if you wont tell them i will he yelled ,  He's been cheating on Nicole with Demi after we told him after to stay away from her. 

Zayn dropped his grip on Niall and stood next to me , Harry and Liam. we all were in disgust. How could you Niall i finely spoke up.

I was lonely and had no one to talk to, i miss Nicole so much.

So what you go cheat on her? Liam said looking very disappointed

I didn't know what i was doing , and she was the only one i could talk to.

Well thanks zayn said storming out of the room and slamming his door.

And thanks to you they left London and we properly wont see them again. 

Wait they're gone , where?

Why do you wanna know? so you can go break her heart all over again?

Niall burst into tears, we didn't show him any remorse and we all left the living room and went and sat with zayn in his room. 



Nicole's P.O.V

something felt different like a big loads been lifted off my chest. Today i actually wanted to get out and see my friends. I got changed into a white high waster skirt  a peach tank top and my white toms. i grabbed my bag and headed down stairs where Pearl  was sitting looking at her phone. When she saw me walking down the stairs she has a big smile on her face, we're going out i said looking at her.

She got up so fast and run towards me giving me a big hug. where she said finely letting me go.

Movies i said giving her a cheeky smile as i walked out the door.

We went and watched a chick flick and after we went out for lunch at our favorite cafe. I ordered a chicken pesto salad and Pearl ordered a chicken burger with fries.

Pearl looked worried, she looked down at her phone then back to me. What is it pearl i said wiping some food off my face. Um well i told Harry what Niall did and they kinda had a fight and Now Niall's gone missing. Hmm i said looking to the ground. You don't think he'll come here do you  i said sounding kinda worried. 

Um i actually don't know, i don't know him very well but if he did come he wont be hurting you anymore. 

We stayed in town for a while looking in some of the shops in town.

When we got home we started on dinner , Chicken macaroni yum my favorite i said licking my lips. We had a few laughs that night just being us. Pearl got a text and she looked at me after she looked at her text smiling away.
Do you feel like partying?

Hell yes i said jumping up out of my chair and running up the stairs followed my pearl. We got changed into some dresses and heels and left for the party. It was one of my best guy friends jamie's party. He was like a brother to me. We arrived at his house and knocked on the door. I headed foot steps walking towards the door and then the door opened. NICOLE!! Jamie shouted picking me up throwing me over his shoulder. I was laughing so hard. He put me down when we got inside, i missed you my little sis he said hugging me. Nicole i heard coming from the kitchen, then all the boys came running over giving me a massive hug. I thought you weren't coming back for ages. Shit happened i said grabbing a drink out of Kyle's hand. I skulked it back.

five cups of beers later i was dancing on the table half naked. All the boys cheering me on. Pearl wasn't getting as drunk as me , her and Harry had a thing so she didn't want to get drunk and sleep with any guy here. She changed her life since she met Harry.

Meanwhile i was dancing with all the guys here. i didn't care if Niall was here watching me, i hate him. H e broke my heart. I did a few shots with this guy called jack. we hit it off. We grinned on each other while dancing. Everything went fast that night.

The next thing i knew i was in bed with Jack having sex. It was the worst mistake I've ever made. He kicked me out of his bed after. He used me. 

I ran out of the house in the pouring rain in my bra and undies. Pearl had left ages ago. I had no way of getting home. I staring walking home carrying my clothes in my hands. The cold rain hitting my skin made me shiver. Things started going through my mind. I dropped to the ground and started screaming WHY why me , i love him so much and then he had to go cheat o me. I was lost. It was dark and cold. i saw someone walking towards me. Niall it was Niall. I was yelling out to Niall but he didn't say anything back.



The next day i woke up in the hospital wrapped in lots of blankets , Pearl b y my side. I sat up quickly I must of woke pearl up because she sat up and looked at me. Your finely awake pearl said looking less worried. 

um what do you mean Finley awake?

Well you got hypothermia and almost died. you've been asleep for 3days 

Niall where's Niall?

pearl just looked at me starting to get worried ,

I saw him last night he was walking toward me , he saved me.

Nicole, Jamie found you on the road in the rain half naked. He picked you up and put you in his car, you started turning blue. You were minuets away from dying, if it wasn't for Jamie you wouldn't be here today.

I made a bad choice , and i regret it so much. I love Niall not jack.

she grabbed my hand and looked at me with worried eyes , Nicole don't be mad at me 

I was confused , then Harry , Louis Zayn and Liam walking through the door holding flowers in there hands .

Liam: your awake babe ,

Zayn: hey sweetheart , good to see your beautiful smile again.

Louis: good to see you hun

with that they all gave me a big hug. I smiled and hugged them back.

Where was Niall, i was thinking to myself.

Right then a puffy eyed Blonde haired blue eyed boy came in the room and stood at the door. Niall i whispered Pearl and the boys got up and left us to talk. 

Hi i said harshly 

He looked at me like he was going to cry. I'm so sorry Nicole i didn't mean to hurt you , i was just so lonely and felt like i had no one to talk to, i missed you so much. I understand if you never want to see me ever again. 

I sat there looking at him thinking if things to say.

He turned to walk away

How many times i finely got out.


How many times did you sleep with her

He looked at me with tears forming in his eyes. Twice 

A tear rolled down my face , i quickly wiped it away. 

He came running over to me and sat next to me grabbing my hand. I love you so much , i'm never going to let you go it hurts me to see you hurt. He used the L word. He loved me.

I love you too , i said with happy tears in my , he smashed his lips against mine.

Wait i said pulling  back. 

Whats wrong he said looking sad.

I'm so sorry , i didn't mean to i was really drunk and it was the worst mistake i ever made. And i wouldn't be here if i made that bad decision.

Nicole he said pulling a hair from my face and tucking it behind my ear. I already Know. But i don't care, its my fault.

With that everyone came back in the room clapping. I smiled and Kissed Niall again.

Best day of my  life! 






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