Love at first sight

Nicole and Pearl have just finished their exams , they go to the beach to have some fun. what they don't know is they meet a famous boy band ( one direction ). will they find love? or will things get in the way? can they handle their new lives?
read and find out


57. Back to London


Nicole's P.O.V 

after those last couple of days in NewZealand we were ready to go home. Seeing dad and Pearl's family was good but were all ready. I was getting sick of dads girlfriend coming over everyday.

All our stuff was in the jeep ready to go to the airport. We were planning a camping trip but the weather turned to shit on the day we were going. " Come on lets go " Louis said tooting the horn as we said our good byes. Him Liam and Zayn have been missing the girls so much. 

Everyone piled into the jeep and waved to dad and pearls family as we drove off. Liam and Louis were in the front seats , then Niall me then Zayn in the seats behind the drivers and Pearl and Harry in the back seats. " well the last couple of days were interesting " Zayn said laughing to himself. 

" Are we going to tell your parents when we get back home " I asked Niall looking up into his eyes. " Yeah i think that would be a good idea " he said kissing me on the cheek. 

"Wait you haven't told them yet " Pearl said leaning over the back seat poking her head through the seat. " Um no , we haven't really had the time to " Niall said looking at her " Hahaha good luck with that guys "she said sitting back in the seat.

"Stuff off pearl " i said getting a bit angry at her. Its like shes jealous i'm having a baby and getting married before her. She always use to say she would have a family before me. Back in the day she would get married all the time at kindergarten under the willow trees.


As we arrived at the airport the fans were screaming. They were everywhere. " Okay girls, stay in the middle of us, and we'll stand around you so you don"t get hurt" Liam said opening the door of the jeep. " Ready , be careful babe " Niall said grabbing my hand helping me out. " Oh babe , mind taking the ring off, ill explain to you later " Niall said. 

" Oh sure " i said sounding a little hurt. I took the ring off and out it in my pocket. 

Pearl and i stood between the boys, the fans we crazy. I was getting scared. We didn't have any body guards, So we were on our own. Pearl latched on to my arm holding it tight. I felt her nails digging into my arm, but didn't mind. I could see the fans getting closer and closer. We were surrounded. " N Niall i'm scared " i said grabbing his arm holding him tight . 

We all stopped, we couldn't move anymore. " Niall " i said clinging on to him harder. " I know Nicole i'm scared to " he said pulling me into his chest. All of us were all touching bunched together. Zayn was next to Niall and me, he looked terrified. 

The girls screaming was so overwhelming, i liked at all the boys faces they all looked like that were all about to cry in fear. I looked at pearl with tears in my eyes , she had tears in her eyes as well. I could feel my tummy turning, the tears got thicker and harder. My lump in my throat got bigger and came up , " shit " i said holding my tummy. everyone looked at me and weren't expecting what happened... 



Pearl P.O.V 

everything was so overwhelming, my ears were ringing from the screaming. The boys kept looking around looking terrified. I looked at Nicole and she was pale as. "Shit " i heard her say clutching her belly. And then she spewed, all over the fans. Everyone backed away as she spewed some more. We told this chance to ran inside. Niall held her hand the whole time. 

we made it inside safely. Nicole had finished spewing now and sat on the seat next to Niall as he wiped her face down. she looked so sorry. I think Niall had some on his shoes, his white shoes were now a brownie orangy colour. All the boys sat around all looking shocked. Zayn looked like he was crying for some reason. I sat next to him and rubbed his back, " hey dont be upset, what wrong " i said. When he looked at me my heart melted, his face had streak marks from crying. I felt a tear form in my eye, " Zayn " i said quietly. " What , what happened " i said closing my eyes tight letting my tear escape hitting the airport floor. " Rumors ,,,, i fuckin hate them " he said getting up looking angrily than ever. Then he faced the wall and punched it as hard as he could. " FUUUCCCKKKK " he screamed everyone looked at him and ran over. He keeled on the ground holding his hand in pain. I grabbed the bandage Liam handed me and wrapped his hand up. 

"Sorry " i said as he winced when i pulled it tight. " No im sorry , i shouldn't have done that " he said looking down at me with sadness in his eyes. " We dont have to talk about it now " i said hugging him as i got off the ground. 


Nicole's P.O.V

" flight 38b to London now boarding through gate 9 " we all got up and looked around if we forgot anything. A little bit of sadness hit me when we got on the plane and sat in our seats. We were only flying to NewYork and then we well be saying our goodbyes to the boys. They were going straight back to the tour promoting and then going on tour. 


When the plane took off i looked out the window and seen the last glimpse of NewZealand, i put my hand on the window " bye dad " i whispered as we got into the clouds.




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