Love at first sight

Nicole and Pearl have just finished their exams , they go to the beach to have some fun. what they don't know is they meet a famous boy band ( one direction ). will they find love? or will things get in the way? can they handle their new lives?
read and find out


65. Back and forth



~ i was sitting on the beach watching Niall playing in the water, i was about 9months pregnant. My belly stuck all the way out, i couldn't seen my feet. I watched as Niall ran up the sand to me. just before he reached me everything went black and Niall was no where to be seen, I looked to the right and left, everything was black "  NIALL " i screamed i ran around screaming his name. I looked down, i was standing in a pool of my own blood~


I woke up in a sweat, my bed was wet. I grabbed my phone and looked at the time, it was only 3a.m. I felt my tummy turn and felt the lump in my throat raise. I jumped off my bed and ran to my bathroom. Everything i ate the day before came up, normally i would only puke twice and then i'd be finished, but this time it kept coming. I knew something was wrong.  I felt a sharp pain in my belly, i need to go to the hospital.


" PEARL " i yelled hoping to wake her, i herd her come running down the hallway. I was still on my knees with my head in the toilet " shit Cole " she said tying my hair back out of my face. " im going to put a coat on and grabbing you a jacket and a bucket and i'm driving you to the hospital" she said running out of the room. 


She came back about 5 minuets later, She handed me the bucket and pulled me off the ground. I was exhausted. I could barley walk. I was dizzy, i couldn't see straight. 


Pearl helped me into the passenger seat and ran to the drivers. I was still trowing up while she drove. I kept slipping back and forth into consciousness, Pearl shook me and kept me talking trying to make me stay awake.Once we arrived at the hospital there were doctor waiting for us. She must have called them while getting her coat. They placed me in a wheelchair and rushed me into the ER.



Niall's P.O.V


i was so excited for the concert tonight, we've been at the venue all day, Paul had brought us all lunch and breakfast. We were all sitting on the end of the stage when i heard my ring, " strange " i said looking at the call ID , " Who is it " Harry said looking at me cursorily " its Pearl " i said accepting the call, " Hello, " i asked " Niall, Nicole is in hospital. Shes really sick " she said sounding rushed. i felt my heart race and my stomach drop " OKay , ill be there soon " i said   putting my phone in my pocket running to the jeep outside. 


once at the airport i rushed over to the counter and booked the next plane to London. I waited in airport or about an hour for my flight. 


Pearl's P.O.D

I was freaking out, Cole was in hospital. She hasn't stopped  spewing up since she yelled my name out. This was really bad. I wasn't allowed to  go into the ER with her, they said it was to serious. I waited in the waiting room for ages. I looked around looking at everyone, some had cuts, some had towels wrapped around hands and feet, there was a little boy who was crying. He looked like he hit his head. poor wee man.


The doctor came out " miss are you pearl " he asked looking at me , " yeah, is Nicole alright " i asked getting off my seat. " yeah she's in recovery now, but her and her baby and in danger " he said looking in my eyes, "oh can i see her " i asked hoping he would say i can. " yeah , room 29D " he said walking off. 

i walked down to Nicole's room, she lay on the room hooked up to a machine and some other thing. She was sleeping so i sat next to her and waited for her to wake up. 


Niall's P.OV


I arrived at the hospital and ran inside, i ran up to the front desk and asked what room she was in. " room 29D sir" the lady said looking at her computer screen. I ran up the corridors looking for her room. I stood at the door of her room and looked at her on the bed, pearl sat in the chair next to the bed. They both looked knackered.


i walked in and sat on the other chair on the other side of the bed. " Hey" pearl said sitting up in her seat. " hey, how is she " i asked sitting on the seat on the other side of the bed.  " not good ,, they're going to keep her here for a few day " pearl said getting up off her chair and walking over to get a drink. Seeing my girl on that hospital bed hurt so much, the last time she was on one she didn't remember any thing. 


The doctor came in with a few nurses, " alright we're ready to wake her up now " he said walking over to her. He put some drug in her arm, we waited for something to happen. Her eyes fluttered open and she looked at us blankly " Nicole " Pearl said standing up, she still didn't say anything. Nicole looked around the room and then back at us, " Niall " she said questionably, " Nicole " i said back worrying " who's Nicole " she said rubbing her head looking blankly at us again,


I looked at pearl who looked at me with a scared look on her face. " Guys , i'm kidding. Babe come here and give me a hug " Nicole said putting her arms out. I was so revealed, i pulled her in tight for a hug and kissed her on the lips. " Babe what happened " i asked sitting back in my seat holding her hand still. " i got really bad morning sickness " she said " i feel so stupid, you flew all this way and im fine " she said smiling trying to act like she was fine. 



Nicole's P.O.V


i knew i was right, i just didn't want Nil to freak out. I was weak and tired. He looked worried. " babe i'm fine, you need to get back to your fans and the boys " i said sitting up in bed. " yeah, they'll be wondering why your not  there " Pearl said smiling. " ill be fine " i said laying back down in bed.  " are you sure " Niall said looking at me holding my hand. " Babe, go " i said laughing  


as soon as we said our bye's and Niall left i fell back in the bed exhausted, Pearl looked at me and seat back down in her chair besides the bed holding my hand. " Its not good is it " i said trying to relax, Pearl just shook her head. " Nicole you need to rest " she said letting go of my hand standing up pulling the blanket up over my shoulders, i slowly closed my eyes and fell a sleep.


When i woke it was late, i looked around but Pearl was know where to be seen. I could hear her in the hallway talking to someone, " not good babe " "no " 'say anything, we don't want him freaking out"  " okay love you lots " "bye " is all i could hear, she must be talking to Harry. 


She came back in followed by the doctor, " Hello Nicole, how are you feeling now " he asking writing things on his clipboard. " im a bit tired but other than that good " i said taking the meds he gave me. " alright , we have to keep you in here for a few days to try control everything, if you keep getting pains and really bad stomach pain we'll have to remove your baby " he said writing everything down on the clipboard. 


I felt the pit of my stomach drop when he said that. " okay " i said laying back on the bed. Pearl looked so upset. " Nicole, everything will be fine and everything will work out " she said taking a sip out of her coffee. " will it " i said turning on my side looking out the window.



A week later ....


" Nicole i've got some good news for you ,your baby is fine we've settled it down and you should get any of those pains again, so we're letting you go home now  " he said walking out of the room. " ooh did you here that Nicole you get to go home " Pearl said getting excited " yay " i said getting out of the bed grabbing my clothes and putting them on my bag. 


i Looked out the window and seen fans " great " i said looking at Pearl, " what " she said coming over to the window looking out. The doctor came in with a wheelchair looking at us. " Wow i wonder why there are girls outside " he said looking at us. " yeah " i said sitting down in the wheelchair.



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