Love at first sight

Nicole and Pearl have just finished their exams , they go to the beach to have some fun. what they don't know is they meet a famous boy band ( one direction ). will they find love? or will things get in the way? can they handle their new lives?
read and find out


5. Are you ok?


I felt someone shaking me. Um hello , miss are you ok? i heard a Sweet Irish accent , i looked up and saw a blonde hair blue eyed boy. beside him was another boy , green eyes and curly brown hair. I rubbed my eyes , i must be dreaming i thought to myself.  Harry is she ok i heard another boy say. He had light brown hair , slightly straightened , Two more boys came rushing over , I've seen these boys before but i couldn't put my finger on it..  Um hello , the Irish boy said waving his hands in my face. Oh um hello i said nervously. Hello I'm Niall he said. Oh that's where I've seen them before. Hi i'm Liam , That's Harry pointing to him , Zayn and Louis , i smiled and said Hello , they looked at each other before helping me to my feet. I rubbed my head before looking at the motor bike, crap! i said in a slightly worried tone. Whats wrong love Liam said. Well look at my bike , its in a hole and i don't know how i'm going to get it out. We'll help you Niall said with a chirpy voice. They tugged the bike out of the hole. It wasn't badly scratched , so that was good. You live in that house over there don't you Nicole harry asked. Um yeah that's right , how did you know?

Well earlier i was running to get the  ball Louis kicked over there and i saw you and your friend getting out of the taxi and carrying your bags up to the door. Oh so you were spying on us? i said trying not to laugh. Um no , not spying. We all laughed. Well i should be going , Pearl is probably worried sick about me.                 Is that your friend? harry asked , Um yes i said and smiled at him.

They helped me bring the bike back to the house, They all came in side and sat on the couch. Oh come in make your self it home i said in a sarcastic tone , Niall looked at me smiling and turned to face the TV Louis had turned on. 

Yo Slut is that you , i heard Pearl shout from the top of the stairs. Yes Shorty its me, i giggled a bit in till i saw her walking down the stairs wrapped in just a towel. She stopped half way down the stairs and looked at me, her eyes were wide and she had no expression on her face. I was holding back my laughter , she turned around and ran back up the stairs. She stood at the top of that stairs , Um um not at alarm you but One direction are sitting in the living room said whispered loud enough for me to hear her. I smiled and said i know. She just looked at me confused. Ill tell you later you just go get changed while i go entertain our guests.

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