Love at first sight

Nicole and Pearl have just finished their exams , they go to the beach to have some fun. what they don't know is they meet a famous boy band ( one direction ). will they find love? or will things get in the way? can they handle their new lives?
read and find out


33. Airport confusion

 I walked into my room where Niall was sleeping on my bed on my side, i grabbed some clothes to sleep in and walked out shutting the door. I took one last look at him before shutting the door smiling. I walked out to the lounge and stood there.

Um , Nialls asleep in my bed would i be able to stay in one of your rooms i asked looking at everyone on the couch.  Everyone looked at me and smiled. 

Louis stood up and put his arm around my shoulder walking me to the door, You can sleep in my my love he said opening his door to his hotel room. 

Thanks i said smiling. 

He took me to his bedroom and pulled the sheets back for me, he went and got me a towel and placed it on the end of the bed.

Here love , you have my bed tonight , here's a towel if you want a shower he said smiling. 

Thanks louis i said placing my things on the bed. 

He made his way out of the bedroom shutting the door behind him. I got changed into my pj's and went out to the kitchen to get a drink of water before going to bed. Louis was on the couch on his laptop talking to someone. 

I really love you Eleanor he said looking into the laptop. i heard her say i love you to my boobear.

I smiled and walked into the kitchen to get a drink. I came back out of the kitchen wth my glass in my hand. I stood in the doorway looking at louis sitting on the couch with a single tear in his eye. 

Are you ok louis i said walking over to him, He looked up at me and smiled. 

Yeah i'm okay , its just hard saying goodbye he said wiping the tear away.

Is she your girlfriend i said sitting down beside him.

Yeah she is he said smiling.

She's really pretty i said 

yeah , i haven't' seen her in a while now , i miss her so much he said with  more tears in his eyes.

Louis you're a pretty amazing guy , and i bet she misses you too. But things will be ok and you'll get to see her soon i promise i said standing up to go to bed.

Thanks love he sat laying down on the couch

Night lou i said shutting the door.




I woke up to louis standing over me trying to wake me up. I grabbed my blanket and pulled it up over my face. Louis im sleeping i yelled. Come On Nicole we gotta get going to the airport  You're going to New Zealand today. Ahhh i dont wanna get up i said running my eyes. Come on love he  said grabbing my arms and legs throwing me over his shoulder taking me to my room. He opened my bedroom door and putting me on the bed.  I fell on a hard lump.

I heard a little moan, i quickly got up and pulled the covers back. Niall was still in my bed, Me and Louis laughed so hard.

Come on Buddy, Nicole needs to get ready he said doing the same thing to Niall as he did to me.

I got ready and made my way out to the lobby where they all were waiting for me. I smiled as we got taken outside by some big man called paul i think. There was girls screaming everywhere. I just ignored it and jumped into the black van.

We arrived at the airport and more screaming girls. I was really confused right now. I looked at pearl who was clinging on to Harry's arm. I got really scared by all the screaming girls trying to grab us and they were yelling things out. One girl yelled out " Harry harry ,  give me some of your gravy"

I looked at the boys who were trying to hold their laughter in, Louis was the closest to me so i grabbed his arm. I felt safer knowing i was closer to Louis. 

The guy paul took us into a blocked off room in the airport. I looked at the boys 

Wow everyone would think you were famous or something i said giggling to myself.

Well we kinda are famous zayn said smiling at me.

Wait what do you mean i said looking even more confused.

Well , you could say they're the biggest boy band pearl said sitting on harry's lap smiling.



We said our goodbyes and boared the plane. 30 hours and 25minets to go pearl said Sitting down next ot me.

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