Jessica, age 18 has been living a cruel life. With her parents constantly fighting, drinking and doing drugs she's just had enough. There is only one thing keeping her away from leaving her 5 year old sister, Alice. Ever since she was old enough it's been Jessica's job to care for her younger sibling. Having an aunt close by helped at some points but not even she can help with her low income. Just when she couldn't go on anymore she runs into someone who changed her life completely. She was not aware he was a member from teen pop sensation One Direction. What will happen when she meets the love of her life? Will she choose him over her own sister?


13. Unexpected News

Jessica (Jess) P.O.V

  ~two months Later~


  "Shhh, He won't find us just be quiet love," I shushed Alice as she squirmed around the closet. "Where are you girls?" a male voice echoed through the house, his footsteps getting closer. The shadows of his feet stopped in front of the door as he began to turn the knob Alice squeezed closer to me. "Found you!"he shouted as Alice let out a squeal . He threw my over his shoulder and picked Alice up carrying her by his side. "Zayn! Put me down," I giggled as he twirled around and dropped me on his bed. He laid next to me intertwining his hands with mine. He lightly pecked my lips and was going to go for a passionate kiss until Alice pulled him away,"My Kiki,"he pretended to glare at him which turned into giggles. "Arn't we going to go see Sarah today?"she looked up at me. I gave her a simple nod as Zayn let out a frown,"Wish I didn't have to work today." "It's okay, we have tomorrow and the next day and the next-" "And the day after that," he kissed me again.  I felt his lips turn to a smile as he pulled away.   


  "See you later love,"he kissed me one last time, scruffled Alice's hair and disappeared leaving the house.  "C'mon hun," I stood up and pulled Alice beside me. Once we were outside we climbed into Zayn's car. He was always allowing me to use anything his and he didn't mind, which made me feel more lucky to have found someone like him. We buckled up and began our drive to Sarah's house. "We haven't seen her in a long time why?" Alice swayed side to side as the radio quietly played a song. "She's been on a buisness trip and we haven't gotten time when she got back with school and everything," I kept my eyes on the road as the images of me returining back to school after out trip flipped through my head.   


  "Okay now to dropped you off,"Zayn smiled as he rubbed his thumb on the top of my hand. Alice's school disappeared behind us as he drove me to my hell. "I don't want to go," I whined. "Why babe? Getting an education is important,"he smiled. The thoughts of seeing Dion, Mia, and Brianna made me burn inside. We pulled up to the front of the school as many pairs of eyes recognized Zayn's car. I reached for the handle until he pulled be back,"No goodbye kiss?" he frowned. "mmm, I'm sorry babe," I smiled and leaned in for a kiss. I felt his soft lips on mine sending shocks all over my body. Warmth running through me giving me goosebumps. "Better go before your late,"pulled away as he gave me another kiss but this one was just a peck. "I'll pick you up later love, if you need anything just call or text me." she shouted as I shut the door.


 I heard him knock the car window, I turned around and saw him giving me a thumbs up and a wink. I giggled to myself and watched him leave.    I made my way through the halls to Mr. Grey's classroom, with eyes following me everywhere. I let out a sigh and walked in right as the bell echoed throughout the school. "Ahh! Miss. Monroe, we've missed you the past few weeks.Nice to have you back please take your usual seat,"he smiled and turned to the board. I furrowed my eyebrows confused of him actually being happy for once. I walked to my desk and plopped myself on it as I zoned out.   


"Oh My God! Jessica, where have you been?! We've missed you!" the three annoying voices whelmed around me as I felt multiple arms giving me tight hugs. "What the hell is going on,"I mumbled shocked at the strange turn of events."What are you ever talking about silly? We've always been friends,"Mia chirpped oblivious of their past bullying. "If you call bullying me friends..." "We never bullied you!" Dion gasped. At this point I was annoyed. For the rest of the period they non-stop talked to me about is making plans and Zayn. 


  Finally the bell rang,"C'mon J let's go we'll walk you to your second period class,"Bri locked her arms with mine. I struggled it free and pulled away,"No thanks, I can walk on my own I'm a big girl," I mumbled as I left the room and heard three pairs of heels running towards me. They quickly went to my side and began smiling and waving at the other students. "What are you guys doing,"I moaned. "Your one of us now, I mean why wouldn't you your all over the place! "Brianna giggled as she looked around the halls. "It's just not me. I don't date him for fame, I do it because I love him. I'm sticking to my old friends," i quickly ran into my second period class before they said anything. 


  "Kiki!Stop the car! You just passed the house," Alice poked my side making be go back to the real world. I turned around and parked infront of the house. Sarah came running out with her arms open wide as Alice quickly slid out of the door both holding each other tightly. I couldn't help but smile,"Jessica!"she smiled wildly. I walked towards her as she pulled me into a bone crushing hug. "Come in girls! Nice having you around again,"she pushed us into the kitchen table and immediately began getting us drinks


.   "I have a suprise for you Jess,"she looked towards the livingroom. I furrowed my eyebrows and looked at the entrance to the room as I saw Scarlett running in. I let out a squeal and gave her a hug,"How did you get here?!" "We meet while I was on buisness trip and she was on her vacation. We got along very well and we both have news to tell you,"Sarah quickly sat us down. "So scarlett and I made plans, While I was away I scored on a very good and well payed job. Once you three girls finish this year's school were moving to California!"she squealed join by everyone else but me. "Why are you going scar?" I questioned her shocked that she agreed.  


  "I met this super nice guy, he has a good job and hes so perfect<"she said with such a loving voice. "Arn't you excited hun?"Sarah smiled holding my hand.   The three pairs of eyes stared me down eager for my answer,"I...I" 




*Authors Note*


Cliffhanger ^o^ Do you think she'll say yes or no? :o Sorry I didn't update last week. I went to go watch breaking dawn part 2! That movie was beautiful!:) Thanks for reading:D

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