Jessica, age 18 has been living a cruel life. With her parents constantly fighting, drinking and doing drugs she's just had enough. There is only one thing keeping her away from leaving her 5 year old sister, Alice. Ever since she was old enough it's been Jessica's job to care for her younger sibling. Having an aunt close by helped at some points but not even she can help with her low income. Just when she couldn't go on anymore she runs into someone who changed her life completely. She was not aware he was a member from teen pop sensation One Direction. What will happen when she meets the love of her life? Will she choose him over her own sister?


12. The Happiest Place on Earth



Jessica (Jess) P.O.V



“Harry as much as I’m enjoying this, the heels you made me wear are killing me,” I groaned. Everyone else was already caught up to him and Ali. We’ve been at the park since it opened, at 8:00am and now it’s 4:30pm. Don’t get me wrong everything is perfect and entertaining. The happy characters running around, the smiles on everyone’s faces, the exhilarating rides, everything. I looked up and saw Zayn running back to me,” Here we can stop if you want the rest of you can go on,” he smiled and held on my arm. Everyone agreed as Niall started raising his eyebrows while flicking his eyes from Zayn to me. I playfully rolled my eyes and turned back to Zayn,” Thank you very much my prince,” I laughed as I looked at his outfit again.  “Anytime, wanna hop on?,” he motioned me to his back. “Oh no thanks… im wearing a dress and yeaa wouldn’t look too good.” “Seeing in how much pain you’re in I won’t take it as an answer!” he huffed as he picked me up and started walking to a building. “Zayn! Put me down,” I giggled as I held into his arms afraid of hitting the ground.



“Oh hush up, we both know you like it,” he looked down and gave me a wink making me laugh even more. “Where are you taking us?” I looked around and realized we were in “New Orland’s Square”. “ We are going to ride the Haunted Mansion it’s one of the coldest rides here, feels good after walking in the heat all day,” He walked straight into the building, being a celebrity I guess you didn’t have to wait. After walking into an elevator and down a hallway with a big group of people and an big amount of “Scary things” we finally got into our carts. A rush of a cool breeze went all around me,” Mmm your right it is cool,” I relaxed and let my weight on the seat. He let out a small chuckle as we sat back in the seat,” you know im glad your back I missed having you around, a lot actually,” I saw his eyes sparkle in the dark room. Butterflys began flittering in my stomach. “JESSICA!” someone shouted in a harsh creepy tone which made me jump into Zayn’s arms. I burried my head in his chest as I heard Niall’s familiar booming laugh close by.



I turned around and realized they were waiting by the station where we get of the carts,” Niall that’s not funny!” I laughed. Zayn lifted my body as I weighed nothing and hopped off the carts. “Sorry babe, but you forgot your phone and we need a way to contact you and forgot yours too,” he smirked and handed head one of us our phones. “Well, we expect you two to join us to eat later well text you when have fun!” he waved and ran off out of the exit.



2 Days Later



“C’mon Jess we didn’t ride this one,” Zayn pulled me into a small line with the entrance saying “Peter Pan’s Flight”. We stopped once we reached the end of the line; I stood there and tilted my head as I admired Zayn standing in front of me. He was wearing a plan white v-neck, and white high tops. His dark hair sat in the same position as always, always looking perfect. I quickly turned away when I noticed him looking back. The park just opened, we came with the rest of the boys and Ali but Niall arranged Zayn and I to have the day to ourselves since we spent the last two with the rest.



“If you’re trying to hide it, I know you we’re staring,” he mumbled holding back a chuckle. I dropped my mouth letting it hang,”Pshh…you must be very conceded to think that Mr. Malik,” I sheepishly smiled. It was hard trying to pull off an angry face when his eyes shined with joy.  “It’s not being called conceded if it’s the truth love,” he gave me a quick wink as we finally got into our seats. The pirate ship lifted up starting the ride, showing us figures from the movie “Peter Pan”. A few seconds later we entered a room filled with twinkling lights and “Neverland” under us. The cart moved around showing us the two passengers in front of us, who were kissing. Zayn has noticed as well and pretended to clear his throat, well this got awkward.



“So…um, we can head off to Tomorrowland and watch Captian EO if you’d like,” he tried his best breaking the awkward situation. “Sure!” I quickly responded. Once we left the exit we were engulfed in the giant crowd of people enjoying their day. It’s been a bit surprising that Zayn hasn’t been noticed much, maybe a few times but not a lot. I felt a shock of tingles up my arm as I felt Zayn’s tingles intertwine with mine. He began swinging out hands in the hair and led the way.


Few Hours Later


“Please feel free to sit and wander around the boat, enjoy your ride on the Mark Twain!” a voice spread throughout the giant boat. We’ve been walking for hours so Zayn decided we should experience a boat ride. We sat at the top deck on a few seats that were laid out. “Well this is nice,” he looked around as the nature scene along with a few mechanical animals. I gave him a simple nod as I pulled my legs on my chair and wrapped my arms around them. My head slowly turned to the loud laughter of children. They were accompanied by a tall man, wearing a bright orange coat, a giant green hat and shoes and a young blonde girl with a blue dress and black headband.



A smile spread across my face seeing the happy children,” Look how happy they are.” Zayn turned his head and followed my gaze,” Yea, I remember being like that as a child, good memories,” he smiled and turned to look at me. My smile disappeared reminding about my so called parents. “Oh…Im sorry I didn’t mean to-“ “No, no it’s fine Zayn it’s not your fault. I’m actually not that hurt about it anymore. Having to go through it personally I’ve promised myself, if there ever is a time where I become a mother I will love them and cherish their company until they need me,” I smiled to myself.  I felt his arms pull me onto his lap and wrap around me, “Good, I’ve been meaning to ask you something.. would you like to be my-“ “Let’s go crazy crazy crazy till we see the sun!” a loud voice shouted. Our heads snapped to the two characters behind us. “Im the Mad Hatter, and this is Alice “be careful she’s scary” ,” he whispered rather loudly making the children around him laugh. Alice made a pouty face and crossed her arms,” awww Boo hoo Alice is sad!” he pretended to cry making the kids laugh once again. Zayn and I let out small giggled ourselves. “Mr. One Direction Sir, we wanted to play musical chairs but we don’t have music would you two mind singing for us?” Alice fluttered her eyes. Zayn quickly stood up gave them a not allowing the kids to run around and gather chairs. He ran over and helped a young girl carry her chair to the circle which made me smile seeing he was so good with kids.



“Jessica, here is going to sing with me,” he smiled and gave me a wink before I could start he began singing the chorus of “I Would” one of the many songs be showed me. He nudged my side to join him and I did. The children giggled as they walked in a circle around the chair with the Mad Hatter and Alice pulling funny stunts. We stopped, making Alice loose her spot. “WE HAVE OUR FIRST UNWINNER!” The Mad Hatter shouted as he raised Alice’s arm. There was a round of cheers around the deck, letting a small giggle escape my mouth.



Niall’s P.O.V



“That was a great ride!” Harry cheered as we got off “Pirates of the Caribbean”. We walked along the railing to the lake to our next ride; we all turned to the giant white boat as it cruised across the water when we heard loud laughter. There stood Zayn and Jess laughing as two characters played with the children. Zayn and Jess began singing as the others walked in a circle around some chairs with Zayn slowly grabbing Jessica’s hand. A smile spread across my face happy that they were getting closer and happier. “Niall don’t forget to tell them not to miss Fantasmic today, we’ve been missing it the past days and it’s one of the biggest attractions,” Harry pat my shoulder as I gave him a nod. “Niall, can we go on Dumbo again?” Ali pulled on my shirt. I picked her up as she wrapped her legs around me,” Of course hun,” I lightly tapped her nose. “Can you make those elephant noises again?” she giggled. “Anything for you my little princess,” she clapped as we made our way back to the Dumbo ride for the fourth time today.



Zayn’s P.O.V



9:00pm. We sat on a balcony in the park that I rented out especially for us. Today was the day I finally got the courage to ask Jessica to be officially mine. The balcony over looked the show “Fantasmic” as we ate our dinner. “This is amazing! I can’t believe you got this for us!” she looked over the balcony amused with the activity down below. The show began as mickey danced around infront of the house on Tom Sawyer’s Island. We both finished our meals as we cuddled up on a couch and blanket I asked to be set out before we got here. She sat there with an amazed look on her face with the water dancing around showing clips of some of the movies. She let out a big gasp as the princesses came out on their floats,”Awww! Look that’s so cute,” she gushed. I let out a chuckle,”Um… Jessica I tried doing this earlier but we got interrupted by the man in the orange coat-““The Mad Hatter? Oh those two were so entertaining!” she laughed lightly to herself. I smiled, seeing her this excited and happy felt relieving. She was finally going back to her oldself,” yea they were great, but I’m going to get straight to the point before I chicken out,” I rubbed the back of my neck. “Well go ahead then,” her face became serious and a bit worried as she turned and faced me.



“Will, will you be mine? Be my girlfriend? I know it may seem  a little early but I’ve fallen for you ever since I pushed you out from in front of the that car. The moment I laid my eyes on you I knew I had to be with you.  No matter how long it would take I committed myself to try and try until I could call you mi-“my rant was interrupted by her soft pink lips against mine, our lips opening allowing our tongues to dance together.  I was eager for more, waiting this long for this moment to happen seemed like forever but I knew it would be taking it too far. We passionately kissed for a few more minutes until we pulled away bot trying to regain our breaths. Our foreheads touching she lightly whispered,” I’d Love to.” tickling my lips. 








*Author's Note*

Hey Hey Hey to all you readers! OKay so obviously I have alot of spelling mistakes but I tend 2 write these at night and towards the end I get to tired to proofread them so im very SOOOOORRRYY! Thank you for reading and Zayn and Jessica are finally together!!! after all the poop they've gone through:) Anyways thank you all for reading again! Please leave a comment on what you think about the story so far OR on what I should work on to make it better OR just random things. Random things are funny and I like to laugh so it's a win win :D Oh and I have this deep loooovee for Disney that is why I added it to the Chapterrrs, If it ruined it im sorry! but bear with me this is the last chapter where they are there:D Will try to update next friday or earlier;) 


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